27 social media experts give you their #1 practical tip for managing a Facebook page

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To help you out I have gathered a great list of social media experts who have all experienced success with their Facebook pages. They will reveal their #1 practical tip for managing a Facebook page.

Transcript of 27 social media experts give you their #1 practical tip for managing a Facebook page

  • 27 Social Media Experts give you their #1 practical tip for managing a Facebook Page
  • Is your businessstruggling to see resultson Facebook?
  • Does it feel like not enough people are seeing your content or engaging with your Facebookpage?
  • To help you out I have gathered a great list of social media experts who have all experienced success with their Facebook pages. They will reveal their #1 practical tip for managing a Facebook page.
  • So get your pen and paper ready or open up that blank word document and get ready to be Inspired! *These are all a snapshot of the full quotes. To read the full post click the link at the end of the Slideshare
  • 1. Vanessa Lewis, Social Catapault Get into the minds, and hearts, of your target audience. Put yourself in their shoeswhat do they want and need in terms of relevant information, ideas, inspiration and entertainment? Notice what they respond to and tailor your content accordingly.
  • 2. Andrea Vahl, Andreavahl.com Managing a Facebook page happens best when you participate both on your Page and on the Pages of others. Make sure you are replying to comments or at least acknowledging comments with a Like. Then also watching the Pages of your community members.
  • 3. Mark Schaefer, Businessgrow.com Consider "engagement" strategically. It is not a goal in and of itself but a tactic that leads to awareness, connection and eventually loyalty. Engagement comes at a cost, both in terms of time, attention and content creation resources so consider that engagement needs to support a metric for the business.
  • 4. Emeric Ernoult, Agora Pulse My number 1 tip for managing a Facebook page is to understand that this will require the same amount of time and efforts as it takes to build and nurture a "real life" network: - it will not be great overnight - you'll have to give a lot first before you can expect to receive - you have to invest in maintaining the relationship alive.
  • 5. Scott Ayres, Postplanner My #1 tip for managing a Facebook page is to be human. No one likes to follow a page that never responds or responds with a regurgitated answer over and over. Call people by their first name and give them the respect they deserve.
  • 6. Robert Caruso, Bundle Post If you're not paying to play there's little to manage.
  • 7. Aaron Lee, PostPlanner Sometimes its easy to forget to post daily. The way we do it for our Facebook page is we plan and schedule our content calendar with a variety of content 2-3 weeks in advance. By doing so it helps us to save time, focus on building quality content and most importantly focus on getting social and building an authentic relationship with our fans.
  • 8. Joshua Parkinson, PostPlanner You MUST continue re-posting your evergreen blog content on your Facebook page. Each time you re-post an evergreen article, it's reaching fans who've never seen it before -- and thus sending new traffic to your website. So that's my #1 tip for managing a Facebook community -- to not be afraid of posting the same content multiple times on your page.
  • 9. Christian Karasawitz, Christiankonline.com Building a community on Facebook isnt a one- way street. By taking the time to connect with your audience through discussions on posts or engaging with them to find out why they came to your page and how you can help them.You can start to build a loyal following and strong community presence on Facebook.
  • 10.Francisco Roles, SocialMouths Use Audience Insights to learn more about your own community I think the best way to manage a Facebook page is to start by learning more about who its members are. I mean, beyond the demographic data. This might sound a little basic but youd be surprised to see how many community managers fail to take the necessary time to understand who theyre talking to.
  • 11. Mike Gingerich, Tabsite You can't be all "selly sell" (Chris Brogan speak) on Facebook. Users are on Facebook mostly to be entertained. So to connect with them you must entertain. The more you connect, the more they engage, the more they will see your other posts that click through to your website and apps, and the more likely they will be to click through and go! Do NOT overlook the need to connect and entertain on Facebook. It's the gateway!
  • 12. Ian Cleary, Razor Social Pay for advertising on Facebook. We pay our email marketing tool provider to email our email subscribers; we pay Google if we don't rank organically for content so we should pay Facebook for increased reach of our posts.
  • 13. Michael Todd, xeeme.com/michaelqtodd Talk regularly on the pages of other businesses in your niche and/or locality. This will put your brand in front of the people you want to connect with and be seen by and you will only be a click away from getting new business. Be fun, friendly and educational and you will have great success with this strategy.
  • 14. Hugh Briss, Social Identities The power of social media is not in selling directly but in inspiring and motivating others to do it for you. That doesn't mean you only need to post content your fans and followers will share but first and foremost, you need a quality product they can believe in and a solid brand behind it.
  • 15. Jenny Brennan, Virtual office Worx Running a Facebook page is a full time job. Like any other community you need a strong leader who understands the needs of the fans. Define a vision for your community and you will find it easier to create and curate amazing content that people will want to engage with and find value in!
  • 16. Pam Moore, Marketing Nutz Always focus on the needs of your community. It is what happens "after the like" that matters most. Inspire them to connect with you with a goal of helping them achieve their goals.
  • 17. Kim Garst, Boom Social The #1 tip for managing my Facebook page starts with a solid content plan. The key to a content plan is to develop a list of types of content that you think your ideal customer will relate to.
  • 18. Dennis Yu, BlitzMetrics Change your setting to be fully open in terms of letting people comment, tag, reply, and so forth. Unless you are absolutely vilified, you're opening yourself to a lot more growth and positive feedback.
  • 19. Blake Jamieson, Pool Supply World Facebook changes so often - and the changes are entirely out of the page manager's control. It's important to stay up-to-date with platform changes, but even more important to diversify your points of contact with your fans.
  • 20. Brian Carter, Briancartergroup.com My number one tip would be to really get to know who your audience by keeping track of the engagement rate you get when you post to them. Divide the likes by the reach. You should get at least 1%, then try for 3-5%
  • 21. Liz Azyan, Liz Azyan's guide to engagement online & research The main common thread that runs through any successful Facebook community is their ability to create unique and memorable experiences for their members. Understanding their connection is not only with you, but with each other and the wider Facebook community.
  • 22. Juan Felix, Felix Relationship Marketing My number one tip for managing a Facebook page would be to spend some time to use the right visuals for your content. You know, as social visual communication is becoming more important, you need to search for high quality content and visuals at the same time. So spend enough time to find the appropriate visual before you share an update on your Page.
  • 23. Zsusa Kecsmar, Antavo Promotion Builder We see that our customers use contests and sweepstakes successfully to build a vibrant community on Facebook. They deeply involve fans with a photo contest, or run a light-hearted sweepstakes where fans can enter with a single click. A good Facebook contest has multiple, lower value prizes (so the chance of winning is higher), allows public voting (so those people who dont upload their own entry can participate), and promoted well
  • 24. Alex Houg, BlitzMetrics Let the community do the work for you. Promote trusted members to admin, share their statuses, and elevate them. Public praise and encouragement shows you have a true two-way community.
  • 25. Rosh Khan, SocialRankMedia.com You need to be STRATEGIC about the TYPE of content that gets promoted (either through "Boosts "and/ or Page Post Engagement ads). For us, the trick is to determine if your content falls under one of two categories -- it's either ENGAGING or it's for BRAND AWARENESS.
  • 26. Jon Loomer, JonLoomer.com Experiment with publishing at non-peak times! Im finding that I get the most reach and (most importantly) engagement from posts that are published in the middle of the night my time. My theory is that due to less competition, my content is less likely to get filtered out, resulting in reaching more people.
  • 27. Keri Jaheing, Idea Girl Media Focus On Your Target Market This may sound so simple. We all imagine our ideal customer reading our posts and loving (liking) what we send out into their Facebook news feed. For the small to medium sized brand, it is a bit more difficult. And even harder still for the start up and solo entrepreneur. It takes investment of time and money to attract your ideal target market to your Facebook Page!
  • Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the social media experts that shared their practical tips for managing a Facebook page. Wow! Now thats a lot of value crammed into one post. To read the full article www.RaviShukle.com