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Transcript of 262 Series Ultra-tec Cable Railing Kits

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Ultra-tec Cable Railing

262 Series Kits

For Wood Post

Ultra-tec is Manufactured by:

The Cable Connection

Ultra-tecs Pre-Assembled Cable Railing Kits are

manufactured in Carson City, Nevada

International Standards Organization

Made in America

Space the cables with a 3 opening between cables

Support cables vertically every 42

Tension the cables to 300-400 lbs

4 Sphere Code Guidelines

1013.3 Opening limitations.Requiredguardsshall not have openings which allow passage of a sphere 4 inches (102 mm) in diameter from the walking surface to the requiredguardheight.

International Building Code 2009 (Sixth Printing)

Cable Kit Lengths


First 3 digits represent kit series

Next 2 digits represent the length of the cable

The -6 represents 3/16 diameter cable

Each 262 Kit Contains

Kit 262 Series Outside Post to Outside Post

This kit can go through one corner with posts offset on the corner.

Factory Installed Tensioning Hardware

Invisiware Receiver

This Stud is Swaged onto one end of the cable and it threads into the Invisiware Receiver to tension the cable.

Pull-Lock Fixed End

Bare end of the cable.

262 Kit Installation Instructions Part 1

262 Kit Installation Instructions Part 2