25 website strategies to charge up your website

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Transcript of 25 website strategies to charge up your website

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  • 1. The marketing messagesWithin a few seconds, need to know:What I doWhat page they are onWhat do they do nextWhy should they take action on this site

    7-9 second scan

  • 2. Tips for good messagingCreate headlines and sub-headsUse a powerful value propositionInclude clear calls to action and next steps

  • 3. Educate & offer valueSpeak directly to the audienceUse you, we speak their languageHelp them solve a problemThis is how we can help youOffer education contentWhite papers, videos, eBooks

  • 4. Offer quality contentUniqueWrite for humans (not search engines)Provide value & educateKeep content freshKnow your audienceInclude facts, numbers, etc.Know your product well

  • 5. Avoid jargonAvoid overused wordsOut-of-the-boxCutting edgeEasy to useMission critical

  • 6. Dont be too cleverTell the truthBe clear, not cleverGet to the pointUse simple wordsBe understoodBe clear what do you want the visitor to do?

  • 7. Share content (be social)Allow others to share your workAdd a sharing widget or plug-inFacebookTwitterLinkedInEtc.

  • 8. Mix up content typeVisualsVideoAudioUtilities

  • 9. Add customer reviews, case studiesGet confirmationTestimonialCustomer reviewsCase studiesAuthentic storiesUse real peoplePhotosTestimonials by topic

  • 10. Blog to complement contentCreates new contentMakes you an authorityDrives traffic and leadsGreat way to talk and engageSource of inbound linksSupports Search Engines

  • Get conversions

  • 11. Use Calls-to-actionDrive the visitor to take an actionKeep it above the fold in clear sightKey to lead generationGood practicesMake them stand outUse striking colorsProvide value (whitepapers, guides, estimate)Make it clickable (button)Keep the offer simple and clearTest (colors, text, placement)


  • Calls-to-action good example

  • 12. Landing pages where action takes placeVisitors complete a transaction and are converted to leadsGet contact informationMake the offer simple and clear no distractionsRemove main navigationPurpose to complete the lead formUse elements from previous pageDont make them think

    (Example next page)

  • Landing page good example

  • 13. Forms that workFewer fields = more conversionsOnly ask for what you needMore valuable the offer, more informationAdd a privacy messageDont use SUBMIT on the buttonDownload whitepaperGet your freeFulfill the request ASAPDownload link on Thanks pageSend auto-responder email with link

  • 14. Email NewslettersOffer a subscription on your websiteGood way to collect email addressesMake it easy to findTell them what theyll get

  • Design

  • 15. Make a good first impressionColorsUse the right colors to draw attention to select elementsAvoid too many colorsPick 2 to 4AnimationAvoid Flash unless it supports contentAvoid Background music

    LayoutClear navigationOrganize in a gridAvoid clutterFontsLegibleEasy to readUse bullet lists, section headers, short paragraphs

  • 16. Be consistent from page to pageSmooth flow from one page to the nextSame navigation throughoutNo more than 3 page layouts per siteHome pageContent pages (sub-pages)Form pages

    Home PageContent Page

  • 17. Use meaningful photographs and visualsReal people outperform stock photosStock images can be irrelevantPlace meaningful images on the siteWhich photo is real?

  • 18. Navigation very importantKey element

    Make it easy to find what I wantThink of different visitorsKnows nothingEducatedCustomerNew visitor, etc.

  • More navigationKeep it simpleRepeat it in the footerUse breadcrumbsInclude a Search boxNo more than 3 levels deep for contentInclude links within the page copy to other pagesAvoid Java and Flash navigation

  • 19. AccessibilityView on all browsersView on all devicesMobile phonesTablet PCs

  • Get found online

  • Components of Googles Ranking Algorithm












    Credibility/Trust/Authority of Host Domain0.25

    Links into page & into domain as a total0.23

    Keywords on page usage and in metatags, descriptions, etc.0.3


    Total traffic + CTR Data0.07

    Social Graph Metrics0.05

    To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range.

  • 20. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Improve content for Search EnginesIdentify customer keywords (Google keyword tool)Think the way your customers might searchUse keywords in:HeadlineSub-headlineBodyImage tagsLinksPick a primary keyword for each page


  • SEO content page example

  • 21. SEO - Behind the content Title, Meta & more in the background of a page

    Page title tag

    Meta description tag

    Keyword tag not as important anymorePage URL

  • 22. SEO Sitemap submissionsHelps search engine crawlers (spiders) search through your pages more efficientlyCreate an .xml or .txt sitemapCreate one for Google, Bing, Yahoo

  • 23. Inbound linksMore inbound links, more important your site is perceivedCreate good contentHigh quality, educational, entertainingOnline directoriesWrite guest posts for other blogsCheck link page authority

  • 24. Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click)

  • Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click)You control keywordsYou target landing page contentYou control budgetYou can prove conversionsYou can target geographicallyGoogle Ad Places

  • Measurements

  • 25. Measurements

  • 25. MeasurementsGoogle Analytics (free)Trends# of visitorsNew/returningMost popular pagesReferring sitesKeywords usedBounce ratesInbound links

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