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24x7 Service Support. Tony Cass LCG GDB, 24 th November 2009. 24x7 Service Support. Two levels of support for critical services Guaranteed Support — Piquet Service Where level and/or risk of service incidents is high and where the support team is large enough. Best Efforts Support - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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24x7 Service SupportTony CassLCG GDB, 24th November 2009

CERN IT DepartmentCH-1211 Genve 23Switzerlandwww.cern.ch/itCERN IT DepartmentCH-1211 Genve 23Switzerlandwww.cern.ch/it

24x7 Service SupportTwo levels of support for critical servicesGuaranteed Support Piquet ServiceWhere level and/or risk of service incidents is highand where the support team is large enough.Best Efforts SupportAll other cases.Services often offer mechanisms to protect users from hardware or software failure.But these should be used: e.g. connect to database identifier (cluster TNS entry), not specific host name24x7 Service Support - 2CERN IT DepartmentCH-1211 Genve 23Switzerlandwww.cern.ch/it

Calling SupportOperators will call supportFollowing documented procedures in case of alarmsIn response toa GGUS alarm ticketa mail to the -operator-alarm email listGGUS alarm tickets are routed here directly as well as to GGUS for tracking.a phone call to 75011 from a member of the-operator-alarm listshould be as follow-up to email, however, not as sole contact method.Emails should be phrased to help the operator to identify the problematic service quickly and easily24x7 Service Support - 3CERN IT DepartmentCH-1211 Genve 23Switzerlandwww.cern.ch/it

CERN IT DepartmentCH-1211 Genve 23Switzerlandwww.cern.ch/it