24 Awesome Tips for Retail Success

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24 practical tips to inspire you to do more awesome retail. Enhance your store environment, sell smarter, and make customers love you. Your next genius store idea awaits.

Transcript of 24 Awesome Tips for Retail Success

  • www.vendhq.com RETAIL TIPS broughttoyouby 24 awesome
  • www.vendhq.com #1 Bribery works*. ! ! To get customers to follow you on Facebook or Twitter, or to sign up to your mailing list, give them a ! gift or discount. Bam! Instant network.! ! *Please don't use this idea when dealing with law enforcement ofcers.
  • www.vendhq.com #2 Try putting an iPad in store to use as a display tool. Put images, inspiring links and your online store ! on as bookmarks.! ! It'll work out cheaper than printing nice imagery and you'll look like you're from the future.
  • www.vendhq.com #3 Get random with your customers. Next time ! they visit give them a chocolate bar or pot of honey ! or nice soap with no strings attached.! ! Lab rat testing has shown that randomised reward builds greater interest than structured reward.
  • www.vendhq.com #4 Don't forget the rst three rules of retail. ! Location, location, location. ! ! If you're a retail genius you might beat ! a bad location, but a real retail genius ! wouldn't be trying to.
  • www.vendhq.com #5 Get Big Data.! ! Gather intel on your shoppers so you can ! get to know them, predict their behavior,! and enhance their experiences.
  • www.vendhq.com #6 Do you Google? So do your customers. ! ! Put yourself on the Google map by listing! on Google Places for Business. ! Also, make sure they can call you directly ! from looking you up on a mobile device.
  • www.vendhq.com #7 Giving to charity is good.! ! Studies show that 65% of consumers are inuenced by a retailer doing charitable activity. Not that you needed any other reason to give to charity, of course.
  • www.vendhq.com #8 Instead of a discount, give customers small gifts ! with purchase. They will feel more special and it ! will cost you less than losing margin. Have different gifts for different spends.
  • www.vendhq.com #9 Special occasion? Drinks are on you!! ! Throw a party for your customers. Seriously. ! Even if they can't make it they'll know you care. ! Plus you'll get good photos to share.
  • www.vendhq.com #10 Get your product into customers' hands with ! free samples and giveaways. ! If they love it they'll be back for more. ! ! Crack dealers know a thing or two, you know.
  • www.vendhq.com #11 Are you taking mobile payments? Mobile payments will account for $1 trillion in transactions next year. ! ! Try PayPal Beacon.! It's like you're buying something in The Jetsons.
  • www.vendhq.com #12 Make interesting stuff and post it on your ! Facebook/blog/Tumblr/MySnapJellyFace. ! ! Sure. But what stuff?! Here are some good tips.
  • www.vendhq.com #13 Get secret shoppers to visit your store. ! So secret that you don't even know they are there. ! ! In fact, treat every customer like they could be ! a secret shopper.
  • www.vendhq.com #14 Use a loyalty program to keep customers coming ! back by earning dollars to spend by spending.! ! More spending at your store is good, ! we can all agree on that.
  • www.vendhq.com #15 Walk around your store and look at everything ! like you are your worst enemy. ! ! You'll see a lot of stuff you need to do better. ! Then do it better.
  • www.vendhq.com #16 People who leave unhappy tell their friends. ! Punish them ingeniously. ! ! No, just kidding - be really nice to them ! so they won't be angry, silly.
  • www.vendhq.com #17 Roll out the red carpet for everyone who walks into your store. Don't judge on appearances.! ! You never know who is going to be your big sale.
  • www.vendhq.com #18 Do you have a mobile phone? ! Do you check internet sites on it?! Does your site work on mobile? ! No?! Do we see a problem?
  • www.vendhq.com #19 Play music that you can give away.! ! Tell customers that the music you are playing is ! on a Spotify playlist they can check out.
  • www.vendhq.com #20 It is cheaper and easier to keep a current ! customer happy than to nd a new one. ! So be cheap and easy. ! ! No, wait, you know what we mean.
  • www.vendhq.com #21 Check out your competitor stores often and steal ! any good ideas they have. Same goes with staff. ! ! But not products. Trust us on that.
  • www.vendhq.com #22 In the unlikely instance that a customer is being ! very wrong, that is the very best time to ! remember that they are always right.
  • www.vendhq.com #23 Do something cool with your window. ! Like really cool. ! ! It is basically a big free billboard.
  • www.vendhq.com #24 Always be nice to customers. ! ! You never know when you might need one.
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