2.03 Resolve conflicts with/for customers to encourage repeat business

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2.03 Resolve conflicts with/for customers to encourage repeat business. Warm-up. The sales presentation of a salesperson who has spent time learning about the business's products and its customers will probably be a(n) __________ communication. Spontaneous Canned Planned Impersonal. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of 2.03 Resolve conflicts with/for customers to encourage repeat business

  • Customer ServiceMarketing

  • Customer Service TermsCustomer Service as a Function: A department or function of an organization that responds to inquiries or complaints from customers of that organization. Customers may communicate in person or via written correspondence, & toll telephone.

    Customer Service as a Process:Governing philosophy that oversees the business as a wholeExample: Customers Always Right

  • Top Ten Customer Service Companies *MSN Money

    CompanyApproval RatingAmazonExcellent Rating: 57.3%MarriotExcellent Rating: 42.6%Hilton Excellent Rating: 41.8%UPSExcellent Rating: 41.3%FedExExcellent Rating: 40.6%GoogleExcellent Rating: 39.5%State FarmExcellent Rating: 37.9%SamsungExcellent Rating: 36.5Traders JoeExcellent Rating: 36.2%Lowes Excellent Rating: 35.9%

  • Worst Ten Customer Service Companies *MSN Money

    CompanyApproval RatingBank of AmericaPoor Rating: 23.4%ComcastPoor Rating: 21.2%Dish NetowrkPoor Rating: 19%CitigroupPoor Rating: 15.4%Wells FargoPoor Rating: 16.8%AT&TPoor Rating: 14.6%DiscoverPoor Rating: 14.4%DirectvPoor Rating: 14.4%Time Warner CablePoor Rating: 14.3%American Express Poor Rating: 14%

  • Situations where customers become difficultCustomers want something against company policies.

    Problems with merchandiseBroken or damagedLack of need-giftWrong sizeChanged mind

    Problems with companyAccount errors-date entry errorsRude treatment by an employee

    Illegal activityStealing from store

  • Reasons for handling difficult customersCustomers that have had an issue resolved efficiently and professionally are more loyal.

    It is important to build a strong clientele.

    Even difficult customers generate revenueWord of mouth about handling situations well will spread.It impacts the companys image.It can aid in the development of a competitive advantage.All of the above contributes to profits.

  • Handling Customer ComplaintsComplaints are a not necessarily a bad thing!

    Complaints give the business an opportunity to learn something that might improve service and stop the problem from reoccurring

    Only 4-8% of customers share their concern non-complainers are a problem because the business never has a chance to address the issue

  • General guidelines for handling difficult customers

    Customer TypeHow to HandleArgumentativeAsk simple, polite questionsImpatientAgree on common pointsLeave me aloneBe patientIrritable / MoodyBe positiveInsulting Be neutralComplainRespect their thoughtsDomineering / SuperiorLet them have their saySuspiciousExplain and demonstrate good serviceSlow / MethodicalDont overwhelm themDishonestDont jump to conclusions

  • Procedures for Handling Difficult CustomersListen completely and openlyTake the customer aside to ease tensionRestate to show you understandGet help if needed, from a supervisor

    Establish a plan Agree on a plan of action and follow through

  • Customer Service Assignment #1 (Individual)Customer Service Acronym or ACROSTIC Students will create an acronym for customer service that depicts qualities or descriptions of customer service. ORCreate an Acrostic for CUSTOMER SERVICE that depicts qualities or descriptions of customer service (Can use one word or be a continuous Statement)

  • Customer Service Assignment #2 (Individual)Using Construction Paper; create a Top Ten List for Keys to Customer ServiceTitle Your Top Ten with Your NameMs. Shaffers Customer Service Commandments

    Order your list from least to most important10 1

    Include at least one picture to support your list

    Neatness counts.

  • Assignment #3 (1 -3 students)Students will have the option to either create a role-play demonstrating the correct way to handle customer service, create a song or rap, or create a comic strip demonstrating customer service.

    See handout for group dynamics and requirements

  • Assignment

    http://money.msn.com/investing/2013-customer-service-hall-of-fame *http://money.msn.com/investing/2013-customer-service-hall-of-fame *http://southwest.nc.och.schoolinsites.com/?PageName=%27TeacherPage%27&Page=%27Assignments%27&StaffID=%2770474%27&Archive=%27yes%27 *