2018-2019 call college IMPACT digital... Lee & Marilyn Enz Edward & Sandra Erick Geoffery...

2018-2019 call college IMPACT digital... Lee & Marilyn Enz Edward & Sandra Erick Geoffery Eriksen Rebekah
2018-2019 call college IMPACT digital... Lee & Marilyn Enz Edward & Sandra Erick Geoffery Eriksen Rebekah
2018-2019 call college IMPACT digital... Lee & Marilyn Enz Edward & Sandra Erick Geoffery Eriksen Rebekah
2018-2019 call college IMPACT digital... Lee & Marilyn Enz Edward & Sandra Erick Geoffery Eriksen Rebekah
download 2018-2019 call college IMPACT digital... Lee & Marilyn Enz Edward & Sandra Erick Geoffery Eriksen Rebekah

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Transcript of 2018-2019 call college IMPACT digital... Lee & Marilyn Enz Edward & Sandra Erick Geoffery...



    access to success

    a call to college

    28 years of making an impact 1991-2019

    last dollar grants

    $350,000 awarded in total


    ACT 9 juniors registered

    to take the ACT

    2007volunteers Donated 2,632 service hours since founding


    A Call to College founded by

    Jane McConnell and Lou Mitchell


    1991-1995 1996-2001 2002-2007 2008-2013 2014-2019

    Last Dollar Grant increased award

    to $1,000


    last dollar grants

    $3,500,000 awarded in total


    ACT 204 juniors registered

    to take the ACT

    2016 First annual College

    Application Blitz

    2015volunteers Donated 12,303 service

    hours since founding


    Providing Early Awareness Knowledge

    PEAK was fully implemented serving 1,945 2nd, 4th, 6th

    and 8th graders


  • Our high school English teachers help us launch every school year by encouraging students to participate in our programming. More than 300 JUNIOR WILDCATS PARTICIPATED in events to better prepare them for their future education beyond high school.

    ACT Lunch & Learn ACT Practice Test ACT Turbo Camp ACT Boosters campus visits Kiwanis College Fair


    prepare11th 8th ENGAGE

    Over the years, A Call to College has been fortunate to recruit many retired Newark City School teachers to become valued and passionate volunteers. Retired Newark City School teacher and 11 year volunteer advisor, Shari Fronkel, was joined by 14 additional A Call to College advisors this year to support and empower students to plan for their future.

    All 8th graders participate in College, Careers & Cash curriculum as well as the Reality Store which drives home the value of the PEAK phrase “THE MORE YOU LEARN, THE MORE YOU EARN!” as many struggle to not go broke as they role play living as a 28 year old for a month. Our 8th grade partner teachers are integral to the success of this program.



    For 28 years Newark City Schools has shared the vision and mission of A Call to College founders, Jane McConnell and Lou Mitchell.

    This year’s annual report highlights the continued collaboration and invaluable support that is the foundation of all A Call to College does. We value greatly

    the relationships that have been developed with our Newark City Schools friends; The Board, faculty, staff and administration. In 2018-19 alone,

    154 dedicated Newark City School partners gave 1,582 hours to ensure the success of A Call to College programming

    for 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders.

    our partnership reaches:

    1,318 Hours of 1 : 1 Advising

    564 Juniors and Seniors Advised

    + 1 College Application Blitz Event + 23 smiling & enthusiastic High School staff Volunteers + 17 Community Volunteers + 126 Graduating Seniors

    = 248 Completed College Applications!

    A Call to College partners with 22 Newark High School teachers to educate approximately 400 freshman about the importance of starting their high school story off on a positive note. Over the course of seven lessons, students learn about the importance of grades and GPA, getting involved, good attendance and more. Fair County Campus Visits

    3,500 students

    11 Newark City School buildings

    159 unique classrooms

    in and

  • a call to college


    Governing Board


    Mission To assure every qualified Newark

    High School graduate the opportunity to pursue higher education.

    acalltocollege.org PO Box 4145 Newark, Ohio 43058-4145 740.670.7424

    A non-profit college access organization proudly serving students and families in the eleven buildings that comprise the Newark City School District.

    Follow us.


    2018 income:



    37% Contributions

    52% Investment Income

    Newark City Schools


    2018 Expenses:

    57% Services to Students



    Last Dollar Grants

    Administrative Costs

    Executive Director Tara Houdeshell

    Directors Jen Anthony Sue Kent Angelique Sharp Brett Underhill

    Associate Directors Shannon Chiacchira Patty Myers

    Julie Uible

    College Intern Brittany Butler

    Diane S. DeLawder President A Call to College, retired

    Sarah R. Wallace Past President First Federal Savings & Loan

    Douglas C. Ute First Vice President Newark City Schools

    Thomas M. Cummiskey Second Vice President Park National Bank

    William W. Weidaw Treasurer Wilson, Shannon & Snow

    Paul M. Thompson Secretary First Federal Savings & Loan

    Randall C. Anstine Ernst & Young, LLC, retired

    Tom Ash State Farm Insurance

    Judith A. Franklin Park National Bank, retired

    Prescott J. Koebel Newark High School

    Granger McKinney Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, retired

    Cynthia M. Menzer White Oak Partners, LLC

    Faith M. Phillips Ohio State Newark & COTC

    Robin E. Somers Ohio State Newark, retired

    Lynn O. Straker A Call to College, retired

    Gary R. Walters Clerk of Courts, Licking County

    William T. McConnell, emeritus Park National Corporation, retired

    After students learn how their interests, talents and skills can be turned into a career and what steps to take to become college ready, 45 dedicated Newark City middle school teachers and 481 6th graders visited college campuses.

    ASPIRE6th learn4th College exploration Fun Facts are learned each week after teachers and students select a college to explore during our College & Money Savvy Wildcats curriculum.



    From a planning pioneer to a veteran volunteer, retired Newark City School teacher, Jane Krueger is the Head Conductor for the day as she takes students into the world of “The Little Engine that Could” at Reading Rocks where 180 2nd graders got their very own library card.

    0% before our program

    59% after our program


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    Julie Hawkinberry Matt Hazelton Lee & Sally Heckman Susan Henry-Mounts Paula Hesselgesser Hetuck Chapter DAR Loren & Donna Hewitt Ann Hickman Sharon Hively Home Instead Senior Care Robert & Kathy Hoover Cherisse Hopper Sue Horn Richard Newman & Tara Houdeshell Clarissa Ann Howard Ralph Howard Norman & Laurie Huber John & Deborah Hughes Janet Ignatius Molly Ingold Jerry & Selma Markowitz Fund of the Licking County Foundation David & Theresa Johnson Gordon Johnson Donald & Patsy Jones Stephen & Joanne Jones Vic & Barbara Joyner Gerald Juniper Amber Keene Pamela Kemmenoe Joe & Irene Kennedy Kenny & Donetta Kirk Jim & Sue Kent Bruce & Cathy Kibler Rod & JoAnne Kiefus Roger Kime James & Carolyn Kingsbury John & Anne Klauder

    Scott Koebel Marti Kolb Joseph & Nancy Kraft Paddy Kutz Douglas Lamb Steve &