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2017 SVECC Photo show

March 5, 20172017 SVECC Photo show


Trail Surprise Lloyd Dahlberg

Cougar Napping Rob Bleckinger

Phoenix Zoo Baboon Two Arlene Oisten

Mule Deer Doe Norma Walsh

Hello! Rob Bleckinger

Phoenix Zoo Baboon Arlene Oisten

Nap Time Gary VanValkenburg

Howdy Down There Mike Dailey

Arent I Handsome? Nora Becker

Successful Hunt Norma Walsh

Which Way to the Beauty Contest? Nora Becker

Curious Squirrel Mark Thurn

Early Morning Bath Norma Walsh


Family Portrait Lloyd Dahlberg

Native Pride Mary Kay May

Beautiful Moments Arlene Oisten

Oakley, I Am 3 Months Old

Boat Ride with Papa Mark Thurn

How Many May I Have? Mike Dailey

Awesome Nora Becker

This Ones For Dad Nora Becker


Just Another Orchid Lloyd Dahlberg

Argentina Giant Pat Bleckinger

Cactus Flower Mike Dailey

Logan Pass Sparklers Mark Thurn

Saguaro Hombre Sally Lee

Tangled Gary VanValkenburg

Dark Eyes Fuchia Bonnie Catton

Anybody Home? Virginia VanValkenburg

Zippy Zinnia Mike Dailey

Bearded Purple Iris Myrt Murray

White Cactus Bloom Norma Walsh

Winter Crocus Bonnie Catton

Full Bloom Bob Lee

Preview of Coming Attractions Norma Walsh

Iris Sharon DuBois

Scenic with Water

Bridge Over Troubled Waters Lloyd Dahlberg

Sunset in Paradise Rob Bleckinger

Red Rock Reflections Pat Bleckinger

Serenity John Fawcett

Sunset Bonnie Catton

Bridal Veil Falls Pat Bleckinger

Lake McDonald Vista Mark Thurn

San Juan Light House Bonnie Catton

Rocky Stream Virginia VanValkenburg

Surf on Laupahoehoe Cost Myrt Murray

Red Rock Reflections Mary Kay May

Cabo San Lucas Bonnie Catton

Falls Gary VanValkenburg

Costal Fog Nora Becker

Oregon Coast #2 Nora Becker

High Falls Sharon DuBois

Oregon Coast #1 Nora Becker

Scenic without Water

Light in the Forest Lloyd Dahlberg

Antelope Canyon Pat Bleckinger

Looming Large John Fawcett

Full Moon Mike Dailey

Snowy Mountain Pat Bleckinger

Natures Painting John Fawcett

Fire in the Sky Mark Thurn

Bryce Arch Arlene Oisten

Sunset Bob Lee

Path in the Woods Gary VanValkenburg

Mountain View Virginia VanValkenburg

Merry Christmas Sunset Myrt Murray

Bryce Canyon Arlene Oisten

Yosemite Valley Pat Bleckinger

Among the Clouds Nora Becker


Acadia Stone Bridge Lloyd Dahlberg

Lookout Studio Pat Bleckinger

Fairy Tale Castle Mark Thurn

Cinque Terra Pat Bleckinger

General Store Gary VanValenburg

1933 Payette River Bridge Myrt Murray

Library 1895 Virginia VanValkenburg

Sedona Serenity Mary Kay May

Animals with wings

Laying Low Rob Bleckinger

Butterfly Delight Pat Bleckinger

Hummmer Mike Dailey

What Are You Looking At? Rob Bleckinger

Ducklings Pat Bleckinger

Couple of Cuties Mike Dailey

Time Out Bob Lee

Bonding Over Breakfast Norma Walsh

Crane Virginia VanValkenburg

Humming Bird in an Orange Tree Myrt Murray

Stilt Embrace Norma Walsh

Jonathan Mary Kay May

Very Enthusiastic Reception Norma Walsh

Sweet Treat Mark Thurn

The Flock Mike Dailey

Rubber Ducks Sally Lee

Super Bee Bonnie McMartin

Gold Crowns Arlene Oisten

Screacher Arlene Oisten


Rusty Workhorse Rob Bleckinger

Chihuly Glass Bonnie Catton

Abstract Forest Rob Bleckinger

Row, Row, Row, Your Boat Mary Kay May

Leopard! Rob Bleckinger

Windmill Virginia VanValkenburg

Kilauea Crater Hawaii Myrt Murray

Stained Glass Gary VanValkenburg

Up, Up, And Away! Mary Kay May

Cosmic Swirl Mark Thurn

End of Purple Reign Mary Kay May

Storm at Sunset Mike Dailey

Black & White

Lakeside Sentinel Norma Walsh

Devils Tower Rob Bleckinger

After the Storm Gary VanValkenburg

Reichstag Dome Mark Thurn

Dilapidated Rob Bleckinger

Desert Chicory Virginia VanValkenburg

Spectacular Spider Web Mary Kay May

Waters Edge Gary VanValkenburg

Saint Joseph Lighthouse Norma Walsh

Horse and Rider Lloyd Dahlberg