2017 Impact Report - Impact ¢  2001 Norton-Saint Gobain Industrial Ceramics Milford 2000...

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Transcript of 2017 Impact Report - Impact ¢  2001 Norton-Saint Gobain Industrial Ceramics Milford 2000...

  • NHIRC Highlights 680 jobs created or retained

    18:1 total leverage for state funds

    $32.5MM SBIR awards for NHIRC projects

    $44MM to NH in research infrastructure awards through EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research - NSF)

    Awardees have raised over $900MM in additional funding creating many marketed products

    The NHIRC Oversight Committee 2017 These positions are legislated or appointed by the NH Governor.

    The NHIRC matches businesses in New Hampshire with dollars to support translational research efforts that further growth and development of New Hampshire businesses, increasing job growth, opportunities, and revenues. The NHIRC was legislated in 1991, Title 15 Chapter 187A.




    11 9



    14 19

    23 24

    22 13





    $870,346 $3,986,535




    $106,592 $2,469,360















    Questions? Contact Ellen Christo,

    NHIRC Program Manager at nhirc.info@unh.edu;


    NH Senate Martha Fuller Clark, Senator

    NH House of Representatives *Open

    NH Dept. of Economic Development Christopher Way, Deputy Director, Division of Economic Development

    NH School of Law, UNH *Open

    Large Business Robert Gyurik, Pharmaceutical Consultant

    Small Business Terry Anderton, CEO, Wagz

    Small Business Jake Reder, CEO, Celdara Medical, LLC

    Dartmouth Technology Transfer Office Jamie Coughlin, Director of Entrepreneurship

    Senior Vice Provost for Research, UNH Jan Nisbet, Senior Vice Provost for Research

    College of Engineering and Physical Science, UNH Glenn Shwaery, Associate Dean for Research

    New Hampshire Innovation Research Center Marc Sedam, Executive Director


    7 $322,696




    20 16


    New Hampshire Innovation Research Center

    2017 Impact Report High Leverage. Strong Impact.

  • NHIRC Proposal Dollars

    District 1 Senator Jeff Woodburn $394,407 2001 Presby Environmental Inc. Sugar Hill 1997 Crown Vantage Berlin 1995 NE Electric Wire Lisbon

    District 2 Senator Bob Guida $39,999 1995 L.W. Packard Ashland

    District 3 Senator Jeb Bradley $112,776 2006 MBP, Bioenergy, LLC North Conway 1995 Morrell Corp. Glen

    District 6 Senator James Gray $870,346 2010 Albany Engineered Composites, Inc. Rochester 2009 Albany Engineered Composites, Inc. Rochester 2008 Newport Computer Services Rochester 2002 Lydall, Inc. Rochester 2001 Albany Techniweave, Inc. Rochester (now Albany Engineered Composites) 1999 Albany Techniweave, Inc. Rochester (now Albany Engineered Composites 1999 Zero Emissions New Durham 1994 Cleary Cleaners Rochester

    District 7 Senator Harold French $570,126 2002 AavidThermalloy, LLC Laconia 2001 AFL (Noyes Fiber Systems) Belmont 2001 AFL (Noyes Fiber Systems) Belmont 1995 Aavid Engineering Laconia (now AavidThermalloy, LLC) 1993 Allan-Rogers Ltd. Laconia 1993 Mills Industries Laconia

    AavidThermalloy, Laconia, NH (‘95, ’02) “We entered the new market area of heat pipes through a NHIRC grant by working with UNH chemical engineering professor to study the corrosion and aging to improve the reliability of these heat pipes. UNH had equipment not available at Aavid and the expertise needed to develop a predictive aging model. Aavid officials estimated this market to produce between $500,000 and $1 million within the following year, and add about eight new jobs.”

    ~ Craig Wood, CEO

    Albany Engineered Composites, Inc., Rochester, NH (‘99, ’01, ‘09, ‘10)

    “According to AEC, the company can now employ the computational approach developed and validated in the project to determine whether new fiber architectures will lead to microcracking with certain resin types. This virtual prototyping approach helps reducing cost and design turnaround time”

    ~ Igor Tsukrov, Principal Investigator

    Districts 1, 2, 3, 6, 7

    Did you know…

    Albany Engineered Composites (‘99, ’01, ‘09, ‘10) Almost 20% of the salaried employees at AEC’s Rochester, NH facility are UNH graduates and a majority of them hold engineering degrees.

    Presby Environmental (‘01) is an innovative environmental organization that engineers new technology to change the way the world approaches wastewater treatment. Today the company is working at the cutting edge of water pollution control to help protect and preserve our most precious natural resources.






  • Districts 4, 16, 17, 18


    Turbocam International, Dover, NH (‘00,‘06,’14,’16) “We purchased a rotating beam tester as part of the project. The instrument is used for teaching one on my classes, has produced results for three journal papers, and educated several students. Additionally, Turbocam donated a vibratory polisher for sample preparation to us. We were very grateful for that. It is currently at the University Instrumentation Center (UIC).

    ~ Marko Knezevic, Principal Investigator

    2KR Systems, LLC Barrington, NH (’14) “The grant allowed us to make progress on a major innovation that we were unlikely to otherwise achieve.”

    ~ Chris Dundorf, President

    16 4


    NHIRC Proposal Dollars

    District 4 Senator David H. Watters $1,131,085 2016 Turbocam, Inc. Dover 2014 Turbocam, Inc. Barrington 2014 2KR Systems, LLC Barrington 2006 Turbocam, Inc. Barrington 2005 Prometheus Group Dover 2001 Textron Automotive Co. Dover 2000 Turbocam, Inc. Barrington 1997 Conproco Dover 1996 Eastern Air Devices Dover (now Electrocraft) 1994 Energy Reclaimation Inc. Rollinsford 1994 GFS Magnetics Dover 1993 Eastern Air Devices Dover

    District 16 Senator Scott McGilvray $20,059 2007 Omega Smart, Inc. Candia

    District 17 Senator John Reagan $322,696 2005 Sentry BioScience Inc. Nottingham 2004 Pleasant View Gardens Loudon 2002 Pleasant View Gardens Loudon 1998 Poly Roll Loudon 1998 Great Crates Strafford

    District 18 Senator Donna M. Soucy $790,956 2011 Velcro Group Corporation Manchester 2009 Velcro Group Corporation Manchester 2008 Velcro Group Corporation Manchester 2001 Poly Vac Inc. Manchester 1999 Insight Biomedical, Inc. Manchester 1997 Hubscrub Manchester 1994 KRL/Bantry Manchester

    Did you know...

    Turbocam International (‘00,‘06,’14,’16) is collaborating with UNH to evaluate the possibility of replacing the traditional technology of casting by a novel additive manufacturing. Introducing this new cutting edge technology, called direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), requires making sure that the performance of the parts they make for their aerospace, industrial, and automotive customers continues to satisfy all performance and certification criteria.

  • NHIRC Proposal Dollars

    District 5 Senator Martha Hennessey $3,986,535

    2016 Rytek Lebanon 2016 CairnSurgical Lebanon 2014 Peroxyium Lebanon 2011 M2S, Inc. West Lebanon 2011 AxiSol Lebanon 2010 Celdara Medical, LLC Lebanon 2009 Hypertherm, Inc. Hanover 2009 ImmuRx Inc. Lebanon 2009 M2S, Inc. West Lebanon 2009 Ray-Tech Infrared Corporation Charlestown 2008 Woomera Therapeutics Lebanon 2008 Celdara Medical, LLC Lebanon 2007 ImmuRx Inc. Lebanon 2007 AAC International Lebanon 2004 Medical Media Systems West Lebanon 2003 ThermalVision Inc. Hanover 2003 GlycoFi, Inc. (now Merck) Lebanon 2001 AAC International Lebanon 1999 Aurora Optics Lebanon 1998 Audit Security Bags West Lebanon 1998 Fluent, Inc. Lebanon 1996 Materials Innovations Lebanon 1992 Medical Media Systems West Lebanon

    District 5

    Did you know...

    RyTek’s (17) is designing a marketable impedance-sensing device that can be used in the intensive care unit (ICU) to monitor patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and provide clinicians with early enough warning to adequately treat evolving injury. Bioimpedance sensing is a method by which intracranial pathology can be safely and continuously monitored in patients with TBI.


    Peroxyium, Lebanon, NH (’14) “Having this money to develop a drug that actually achieved its intended function in animals was immensely beneficial. We are ready to begin the process of toxicological testing and therefore, much closer to applying for an IDE from the FDA.”

    ~ James Leiter, Principal Investigator

    CairnSurgical, Lebanon, NH (’16) “CairnSurgical is developing an MRI-derived surgical guidance device, the Breast Cancer Locator (BCL), to improve the accuracy of Breast Conserving Surgery, and with Dartmouth researchers will develop and optimize MRI imaging parameters across multiple MRI scanners and in multi-site settings.”

    ~ Venkataramanan Krishnaswamy, CTO

  • Districts 8, 9, 10, 15, 20


    Roy Matheson and Associates, Keene, NH (‘09) “This research project developed a bridge between the Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Occupation Therapy Departments at UNH and created student interest by applying their knowledge to evaluate and enhance the equipment used to perform functional capacity evaluations (FCE) for Hear