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Bstads digitala vlfrdsdag 2015-10-06

Study Trip to Japan with reflectionsSwedish-Japanese Parliamentary AssociationMarch 26 April 3, 2016 Anette kesson, Member of the Swedish ParliamentStand-in for Head of Delegation Lena Asplund



ProgrammeVery varied members of 10 (of 15) parliamentary committeesMeeting students of Meiji University and touring Nakano BroadwayJR Control RoomSwedish Embassy: Current Japanes affairs and meeting with Swedish business peopleMeeting members of House of Representatives and Japan-Sweden Parliamentary Friendship LeagueAppreciated: not completely full schedule in Tokyo time to see a little Hokkaido ShinkansenBotanical Garden and Mayor of HakodateMayor of Tobetsu, Zenkyuji Temple childrens activities, Swedish Center Foundation in Swedish Hill

Programme, continuedSapporo Tram picnic Dr Suzukis Clinic, private home for dement people and an elderly centerMayor of SapporoProton Beam Therapy and tour of Hokkaido University HospitalCultural receptionHokkaido Government CouncilDiscussions on Japanese Defense and Security Policy Marukoma Onsen Spa

Media?In Tokyo: no (obviously)In Hokkaido: a lot of attention

Hokkaido ShimbunShin-Hakodate Stationwith corresponding report on NHKTV

The Nikkei

Mayor of Sappoross blogg

ReflectionsVery friendly people despite some language challenges

Extremely well organised impressive (waiting in line is no problem!)Great food (and drinks)What can Sweden learn from Japan?Focus on challenges of aging population, declining population and urbanisation everywhere awareness among population Shinkansen work on gradual improvements, focus on technical stability and safety, exact door positions and linesMetro in Tokyo and Sapporo information system for exitSpecial equipmentWill I go back? Yes, definitely