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  • December 2016Tiger Pride

  • Miss Kelly Miele


    Golden Apple Award Winner

    December 21st,2016


    William Glasser, an American Psychiatrist, once stated "the mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, and the great teacher inspires." To say

    that Miss Kelly Miele of Fairview High School is a great teacher would be an understatement.Miss Miele approaches every single day and every single lesson with a

    passion and enthusiasm for teaching that is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Using lessons in English as her medium, Miss Miele strives every day to make a difference in the lives of her students, and no teacher has ever been more successful. Through her passionfor English, Miss Miele has inspired a strong curiosity regarding literature and rhetoricwithin me, as well as providing me with the opportunity to ignite my own passion for

    critical thinking and analysis. By encouraging differing opinions and classroom discussion, Miss Miele has aided me in developing a sense of individualism, as well as dramatically

    increasing my self-confidence and drive to succeed. As I think about my future, I know that Miss Miele's teachings will forever guide me because she has been so successful in

    encouraging personal growth by means of academic achievement Miss Miele consistently radiates a positive enthusiasm towards English and teaching in general, allowing her to have

    a strong impact on me, both within the English subject area and far beyond. For all thesereasons and more, Miss Kelly Miele is an ideal candidate to receive the Golden Apple Award.

    Ashleigh Varner









  • Holiday Break – December 23rd – January 2nd (return to school January 3rd) PATS Meeting – January 11th MLK Day/ no school – January 16th

    Finals – January 18th and January 19th (January 19th is the of end of the 2nd quarter) In-Service/ no school – January 20th SAT Testing – January 21st

  • Congratulations November Students of the Month

    Ally Urban Junior

    Travis Chorney Senior

    Jonah Hanlon Sophomore

    Taylor Hudson Freshman

  • Congratulations to Lilly Shallenberger, a student at Erie County Technical School in Art and Design for Business, for her excellent work as a Co-

    op Intern with G&S Safety Products. G&SSafety Products did not have a graphic artist and charged Lilly with creating an online catalogue. They were so happy with her work that she was officially hired as an employee to create product photos and flyers. This co-op experience led to a referral from the company to another opportunity for Lily. Lily designed a logo for Eden Run Farms -a horse boarding farm. We are proud of Lilly!!

  • The Great Gatsby English III

    "No—Gatsby turned out all right in the end; it is what preyed on Gatsby, what foul dust floated in the wake of his dreams that temporarily closed out my interest in the abortive sorrows and short-winded elations of men."

    Students in Mr. Meighen's English classes are exploring the story of the great Jay Gatsby and his pursuit of an almost unobtainable future. As a class, everyone discusses the elaborateness of Gatsby's parties and what he's trying to achieve throughout the novel. After reading, all students will examine their own dreams and decide what their futures might look like somewhere down the road after their time here at Fairview High School.

    Follow our journey @mr_meighen

  • Seniors Practice Teamwork, Modeling Principles of the Last


    The senior students in Mrs. Nies's English class recently had the opportunity to put into action some of the feedback provided by Randy Pausch in his book, The Last Lecture. Randy encourages the students to "have something to bring to the table," to "be a team player" and to "realize your strengths and weaknesses." The students reflected on these ideas as they participated in three teamwork-based activities. The activities required communication, listening, creativity and attention to detail; all components of what Randy says make the complete team player.

  • Freshmen Social Studies Classes Research the Roaring 20s

    Mrs. Nies's freshmen social studies classes recently took on the role of "teacher" as they became experts on different topics from the 1920s. Groups in each class researched the new

    technologies, expanding roles of women, prohibition legislation, organized crime, and the Harlem Renaissance of

    the 1920s. The groups presented a power point presentation to the class, complete with a set of student notes for their

    audience, a bibliography and a mini-quiz on their topic. The students enjoyed learning about the all the things that made

    the 1920s "roar."

  • SAT Prep English

    SAT Prep English students have focused on several grammar skills and reading strategies in the past two weeks. Students have practiced identifying the following grammar errors: subject-verb agreement, particularly with collective nouns and indefinite pronouns; pronoun-antecedent agreement, again looking closely at indefinite pronouns as antecedents; correlative conjunctions and antecedents; and pronoun reference errors.

    Reading strategies have included SQ3R, RIP-RAP, and other general approaches to reading the SAT test passages.

  • Students in Honors English II participated in a panel discussion about Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism as well as Egoism, Individualism, and Collectivism.

    Students also completed a character analysis and created a storyboard, script, and 60 second iMovie of a character trait.

    Honors English II

  • Honors Chemistry Independent Projects Students researched, designed, and conducted their own experimental research.Here are some of the more creative title pages and titles.

    "PSI of Footballs in Various Conditions""Is the Five Second Rule Real?""Comparing Whitening Toothpastes""Sock Warmth""Impact of Sound on Popularity""The Properties of Stickiness""Bone and Tissue Decomposition""Taking it in Stride: An Evaluation of How Leg Length Affects Running Performance""The Luminescent Chemistry of Glow Sticks""Too Late: Cell Phones and Reaction Time""Alternatives to Water in Plants""Different Quantities of Microplastics at Various Beaches""The Effect of Temperature on Ball Bounce""Fertilizer: To Use or Not to Use?""The Motives of Fruit Flies""Effect of Time on the Concentration of Vitamin C in Oranges"

  • Spanish II students completed a unit about their childhood. The

    vocabulary was introduced withhigh school photos of their

    teachers and descriptions in Spanish and practice included

    guessing the baby photos (facultyleft, Students below). Oral

    presentations in which students describe themselves as children

    completed the unit.

    Spanish II

  • Spanish IVRecently finished a unit on art, using their Spanish to discuss styles, artists and specific works. Ask them about the works above!

    Spanish club &

    Spanish IV

    Spanish club had its annual Christmas party, with traditional Spanish lottery. Our grand prize, "el gordo" was a $25 gift card to Moe's, won by Erik Konwinski,

    pictured above. Mia George and Allison Caughey won $10 gift cards.


    Gender Unit and The Researched Argument

    The AP English Language and Composition students recently completed their study of gender roles as portrayed in society through the media and selected articles. The students engaged in spirited discussions about the constructs of gender today, providing insightful analysis on the topic. Additionally, the students participated in a "Book Draft Day," selecting a nonfiction book that makes an argument to read for an independent project. The students are currently sharing their rhetorical analysis essays with the class as a capstone project to the course.


    The Help and The Last Lecture

    The Applied English IV/ Keystone Project students recently completed a study of Kathryn Stockett's novel The Help. They analyzed the impact of racial discrimination in the 1960s as told through the point of view of the hired help. The students completed various projects and engaged in thoughtful discussions throughout the unit. Currently, the students are reading Randy Pausch's famous Last Lecture in preparation for giving their own last lectures as the culmination of their high school careers.

  • Studio ArtThe students are working on their

    independent theme projects in a variety of

    chosen media.

  • dec


    er 2


    Mrs. Lawlor’s


    For their most recent hand-building project, Ceramics 1 students have been working on a tray with plates. No art-ist is identified here in case this is a gift.


  • FHS 2016 Holiday Concert


    On December 14th the Fairview High School music program performed the 2016 Holiday Concert. The concert featured performances by the Jazz Ensemble, Chorus, Concert Band and concluded with an Irving Berlin tribute performed by the combined chorus and band. It was an outstanding performance by all of our music students that helped to get everyone in attendance into the holiday spirit. Congratulations to everyone involved.

  • From School Counseling Department Emily Crawford and Kimberly Jensen, School Counselors

    The Fairview Foundation provided funds for our Grade 9 students and for our Grade 11 students to take career exploration field trips to two of our local universities. Grade 9 students visited Penn State Behrend. The students learned about the different fields of engineering by listening to presentations and participating in hands-on activities

  • Prior to the Grade 9 trip to Penn State, Erie, The Behrend College, Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Jensen met with the entire Grade 9 class to talk about important terms for their futures: transcripts and Grade Point Averages (GPA). We provided the students with a “mock” transcript to explain what a transcript is and how grades earned during the Grade 9 year will impact grade point averages. We also explained how GPA are determined using our weighted point system. We encouraged all students to make an appointment with us prior to scheduling for next year if they would like to discuss class selections and how those selections impact GPA. As part of the scheduling process, the counselors will meet with every student. However, those meetings are brief.

  • The Grade 11 students enjoyed a career exploration field trip to Mercyhurst University on December 12, 2016. The students learned about several different fields of study and about the college application process. They were given a fantastic student-lead tour of the campus, and ate lunch in the school cafeteria.

  • Prior to the trip to Mercyhurst University, Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Jensen met with the entire Junior

    Class to begin the college/career planning process!!! The Guidance Office has been working on many

    important items to help students begin this process. Here are some updates and reminders for

    parents of juniors.

    1.) PSAT Scores Are Back. On October 19th, your junior took the College Board PSAT exam. This

    exam gives great insight into future SAT scores. It helps show your child their strengths and

    weaknesses and gives them items to focus on for SAT prep. All score reports will be returned

    to juniors between December 13-16. Please ask your child about their report. We will be

  • linking student’s PSAT scores with Khan Academy for personalize SAT Prep. All students

    should use the free Khan Academy website to prepare for the SAT.

    2.) The SAT at Fairview High School. If your junior is currently taking our SAT Prep/Post

    Secondary Planning course and has completed Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry, they may

    want to sign up for the January 21st SAT at Fairview High School. THE DEADLINE TO REGISTER

    FOR THIS EXAM IS DECEMBER 21st. Students can register for a SAT exam by visiting

    Collegeboard.org and signing into their College Board account. Many juniors will not be ready

    to take the January SAT and will chose to take their first SAT exam in May or June of 2017. We

    do recommend all college bound students sit for at least one SAT by the end of their junior


    3.) Naviance Portal. All juniors were given access and login information to our college/career

    management portal called Naviance. We encourage all juniors to be actively using this portal

    for college and career planning. Naviance includes tools such as college search, strengths

    explorer, career research, and other additional planning tools.

    4.) Junior Schoology Page. The Fairview Guidance Office actively posts announcements,

    reminders, and important information on a junior schoology page. Parents can gain access to

    this information by joining this Schoology group. We strongly encourage this so parents can

    help support their child. The access code to this group is: BKHM3-PRGTH. When logged into your parent Schoology account, click groups in the top tabs. Within the pulldown menu, you can click join and enter the access code listed above. We post messages to your student at least 2-3 times a week.

    5.) Junior Presentation. On December 12th, we presented a college planning presentation to your student before our college visit to Mercyhurst University. We discussed the top 10 items juniors should be working on for college planning. All junior students have a copy of this document.

  • FHS WINTER SPORTSFHS Boys' Basketball

    The boys are 4-0 so far this season as of December 17 after an amazing win against Girard.

    FHS Girls' Basketball

    The Lady Tigers have a record of 0-3 as of December 16 after a tough loss to Northwestern. Keep up the hard work!

  • FHS Swimming/Diving

    The swimming and diving season started with wins. The girls defeated the Lady Braves 133-34, while the boys' posted a 148-25 decision.

    Both teams are 1-0 overall and in Region 2.

    FHS Cheerleading

    The FHS cheer team has officially started their competition season. You can also come out to any of the boys' basketball games to watch the girls cheer!

  • Have you ever wanted to earn scholarship money

    through a hobby? Well, the FIRST Team 156 RPM,

    Robotics Plus Mayhem makes this a reality. With the

    scholarship benefits, there are many other advantages

    to joining. We don’t consider ourselves to be solely

    focused on building and programming; in reality, we’re

    actually extremely inclusive. Many of our members

    prefer to think creatively, using out-of-the-box thinking. STEAM stands for Science,

    Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, which is a play on the commonly known

    acronym STEM. Creativity is an extremely important component to building a robot and

    allows for a stronger team. Both of these hone a well-rounded personality. We brainstorm

    together to make our robot the best it can be!

    Along with the amazing experiences and

    teamwork skills you acquire from robotics, First

    Inspires offers many scholarships to the students.

    For example, the 2017 Bart Kamen Memorial FIRST

    Scholarship offers funding to undergraduate students

    pursuing biomedical, engineering, or pre-medical

    degrees. Not interested? That’s fine. 35% of

    scholarships can be used for any course of study, but most are only to the specific provider

    college. Depending on the amount, the scholarship can be worth up to a full tuition. The

    amount of scholarship money has moved from $17 million to $30 million growing by $13

    million dollars in a year. For each student, there is over a 25% chance of obtaining a

    scholarship. Just to name a few students from Fairview: Anthony Bacik, Charlie Barber,

    Mia Sitzler, and Ty Sornberger benefitted from such scholarships. This program allows for

    many college opportunities and is just one reason why robotics is an exceptional learning

    experience. There are many other positive attributes to robotics, many that can only be

    described if you join us.

  • Sketchbook Winner of the WeekStudio Art

    Sketchbook Winner of the Week

    Student artist: Brooke DaeschnerAssignment title: "Open Assignment"

    Nov 16

  • FUNDAMENTALS OF ARTSketchbook Winner of the Week

    Student Artist: Abbey Palmer

    Assignment Title: Strange Combinations

    DEC 14

  • FUNDAMENTALS OF ARTSketchbook Winner of the Week

    Student Artist: Mia George

    Assignment Title: Stencil

    DEC 22


    Student Artist: Hannah Murphy

    Assignment: Bully Ball

    NOV 23

    Sketchbook Winner of the Week

  • Sketchbook Winner of the WeekFundamentals of Art

    Sketchbook Winner of the Week

    Student artist: Jordan ZiesenheimAssignment title: Stencil

    Dec 22

  • Sketchbook Winner of the WeekFundamentals of Art

    Sketchbook Winner of the Week

    Student artist: Caroline KrausAssignment title: Layered Value Drawing

    Dec 7


    Student Artist: Matt Niland

    Assignment: Strange Combinations

    DEC 14

    Sketchbook Winner of the Week

  • Sketchbook Winner of the WeekStudio Art

    Sketchbook Winner of the Week

    Student artist: Kathryn BacikAssignment title: "Open Assignment"

    Dec 14

  • Sketchbook Winner of the WeekSketchbook Winner of the WeekStudio Art

    Student artist: Shannon HulingsAssignment title: "Open Assignment"

    Dec 14

  • Sketchbook Winner of the WeekStudio Art

    Sketchbook Winner of the Week

    Student artist: Allison Reisenauer Assignment title: "Open Assignment"

    Dec 22

  • Sketchbook Winner of the WeekStudio Art

    Sketchbook Winner of the Week

    Student artist: Kathryn BacikAssignment title: "Open Assignment"

    Dec 7