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Transcript of 2016-17 Suite · PDF file KFC Yum! Center General Information KFC Yum! Center Ticket Office...

  • Louisville Cardinals at KFC Yum! Center

    2016-17 Suite Menu


  • Making It Better To Be There Since 1929.™




  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the 2016-17 Season! It’s going to be a great year for the Louisville Cardinals here at the KFC Yum! Center

    We are honored to host you and your friends and colleagues this year. To a person, everyone on our team of culinary professionals is striving to make the time that you and your guests spend together here at the KFC Yum! Center more enjoyable, and more valuable. We believe in the power of hospitality to help people connect in meaningful ways, and our mission is simple: Making It Better to Be There®.

    Take a careful look through the new menu. We’re always working to adapt authentic regional dishes inspired by the traditions of the communities where we live, and this year we’ve added some fun and delicious local options. From tried-and-true fan favorites to locally sourced specialties, everything we prepare is fresh, wholesome, and meant to support the entertainment moments that people remember for a lifetime.

    On behalf of my entire hospitality team here at the KFC Yum! Center, we are delighted to help you host a successful event.

    Special requests are never a problem. From cakes to entrees, our Chef will work with you to create perfect special dishes for your celebration. Please call us. We’re 100% dedicated to making it smooth and easy for you to enjoy entertaining your guests.

    Here’s to great times and truly memorable experiences. Welcome and thanks for joining us! Cheers!

    Kimberly Durham Kimberly Durham, Catering Sales Manager Centerplate Catering at The KFC Yum! Center

    O 502.690.9066 F 502.690.9050 C 502.817.8562 [email protected]




  • Making It Better To Be There Since 1929.™

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    Service Directory 5

    2016-17 Cardinals Schedule 7

    Personalized Hospitality 8

    Snacks 9

    Appetizers 10

    Salads-Sides-Fruit-Veggies 11

    From the Grill 12

    Sandwiches 13

    Pizza 14

    Kentucky Kitchen 15

    Bake It Local 16

    Beverages 17-18

    Wine 19-20

    Placing Your Order 21

    Fine Print 22-23



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  • Event Day Menu Look for this Event Day icon for items available until the middle of the 2nd half on event day. (See page 21 for more information.)

    Service Directory

    The Centerplate Suite Catering Department is available during the Cardinals season from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday to assist with your food and beverage needs.

    Please contact Centerplate by 5:00pm, three (3) business days prior to your game to place your order with [email protected], at 502.690.9066 or on line at https://kfcyumcenter.ezplanit.com

    Centerplate Suites & Catering 502.690.9066 Kimberly Durham, Catering Sales Manager [email protected]

    Grant Durham, Centerplate Suites Supervisor 502.690.9089

    Centerplate Suite Services Fax Line 502.690.9050

    On-Line Ordering https://kfcyumcenter.ezplanit.com

    KFC Yum! Center General Information www.kfcyumcenter.com

    KFC Yum! Center Ticket Office 502.690.9090

    KFC Yum! Center Security 502.690.9111

    KFC Yum! Center Lost & Found 502.690.9111

    Half Orders Look for this Half Order icon for smaller portions available.

    Half Orders

    Half Orders

    Kentucky Proud Look for this icon for locally made items.

    Gluten Free Selections These selections are prepared to exclude gluten from the list of ingredients. Please notify us if you have a gluten allergy. Centerplate does not operate a dedicated gluten-free preparation or service space. Dishes made on-site are prepared on shared equipment and may come into contact with other products containing gluten.



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  • Schedules

    11/3/2016 vs Kentucky Wesleyan 7:00 PM 11/7/2016 vs Bellarmine 7:00 PM 11/11/2016 vs Evansville 7:00 PM 11/14/2016 vs William & Mary 7:00 PM 11/17/2016 vs Long Beach State 4:00 PM 11/30/2016 vs Purdue 7:00 PM 12/7/2016 vs Southern Illinois 7:00 PM 12/10/2016 vs Texas Southern 2:00 PM 12/17/2016 vs Eastern Kentucky Noon 12/21/2016 vs Kentucky 7:00 PM 12/28/2016 vs Virginia TBA 1/11/2017 vs Pittsburgh 7:00 PM 1/14/2017 vs Duke Noon 1/19/2017 vs Clemson 9:00 PM 1/29/2017 vs NC State 1:00 PM 2/11/2017 vs Miami TBA 2/18/2017 vs Virginia Tech 1:00 PM 2/26/2017 vs Syracuse 2:00 PM 3/4/2017 vs Notre Dame 2:00 PM

    11/13/2016 vs Belmont 2:00 PM 11/19/2016 vs Bowling Green 4:30 PM 11/20/2016 vs Lafayette 4:30 PM 11/21/2016 vs Chattanooga 7:30 PM 12/1/2016 vs Maryland TBA 2/4/2016 vs Kentucky 2:00 PM 12/11/2016 vs Western Kentucky 2:00 PM 12/14/2016 vs South Dakota State 7:00 PM 12/16/2016 vs College of Charleston 7:00 PM 12/18/2016 vs Evansville 2:00 PM 12/29/2016 vs Syracuse 7:00 PM 1/8/2017 vs Pittsburgh 4:00 PM 1/15/2017 vs Miami (Fla.) 1:30 PM 1/18/2017 vs Georgia Tech 7:00 PM 2/2/2017 vs NC State 7:00 PM 2/12/2017 vs Boston College 3:00 PM 2/19/2017 vs North Carolina 12:00 PM 2/23/2017 vs Virginia 7:00 PM

    Men’s Basketball 2016-17 Home Games Women’s Basketball 2016-17 Home Games



  • Personalized Hospitality

    Custom Value Packages For your convenience, we have created the following packages which are sure to please you and your guests

    Serves approximately 16 guests

    The Full Court $845 Choose any: 3 Snacks, 1 Appetizer, 2 Salads-Sides-Fruit-Vegetables, 2 Grill or Sandwich choices, 2 Pizzas, 2 Sweet Selections

    The Three Point Shot $630 Choose any: 3 Snacks, 2 Appetizers, 1 Grill or Sandwich choice, 1 Pizza, 1 Sweet Selection

    The Free Throw $550 Choose any: 3 Snacks, 1 Appetizer, 1 Salad-Sides-Fruit-Vegetables, 1 Grill or Sandwich choice, 1 Sweet Selection

    The Half Court $475 Choose any: 2 Snacks, 1 Appetizer, 1 Grill or Sandwich choice, 1 Sweet Selection

    Louisville Cardinals at KFC Yum! Center | Suite Menu 2016-17 A 21% service charge and applicable sales taxes will be added to all food and beverage orders8


  • Half Orders

    Half Orders


    Serves approximately 16 guests

    Freshly Popped Preferred Popcorn $25 Bottomless bucket, nicely seasoned

    German Roasted Pecans and Almonds $75 Glazed with cinnamon, sugar and vanilla and roasted in a copper kettle

    Kettle Chips with Ranch Dip $35 Thick and hearty potato chips served with our signature dip

    L’ville Chips and Salsa $48 Spicy roasted tomato, pico de gallo and mild green chili-avocado salsas served with crisp tortilla chips

    Soft Pretzel Sticks and Dips $60 Served with Zatarain’s® Creole mustard, jalapeño-bacon ranch dip and cinnamon butter cream

    Flat Breads and Dips $85 Roasted tomato artichoke dip, red pepper hummus and Boursin cheese spread served with garlic toast and herb flat bread

    Individual 7-Layer Dip $105 Our version of this traditional favorite…refried beans, shredded cheddar cheese, salsa fresca, guacamole, sour cream, ripe olives, green onions, served with crisp tortilla chips in conservation-friendly, individual cups. Served family style upon request

    Skinny Skins $115 Our signature house-made potato chips served with your choice of smoked bacon cheese sauce, taco sauce or jalapeño cheddar sauce, and toppings to include: bacon, tomatoes, scallions, jalapeños, guacamole and sour cream Top your skinny skins with your choice of:

    • Seasoned beef brisket • Shredded spiced chicken • Chili-garlic chorizo

    Louisville Cardinals at KFC Yum! Center | Suite Menu 2016-17 A 21% service charge and applicable sales taxes will be added to all food and beverage orders 9


  • Half Orders

    Half Orders

    Half Orders

    Half Orders

    Half Orders

    Half Orders

    Half Orders

    Half Orders


    Serves approximately 16 guests

    All-Natural Chicken Tenders $125 Buttermilk battered and served with cool ranch, honey mustard, and barbeque dipping sauces

    Crispy Chicken Wings Trio $115 Classic Buffalo, Jamaican jerk and bourbon-barbeque sauces served with ranch dressing and celery sticks

    All-Beef Meatballs $105 Grilled and tossed in Evan Williams bourbon-barbeque sauce with caramelized pearl onions

    Fried Raviolis $85 Lightly battered and fried raviolis stuffed with mozzarella cheese, topped with shaved Parmesan and served with a side of smoky marinara sauce

    Queso Fundido $60 Melted Chihuahua cheese with roasted poblano chilies and chorizo sausage, served with crisp tri-color tortilla chips and roasted tomato salsa

    Boar’s Head® Cheese Board $140 An assortment of fine cheeses with a selection of dried and fresh seasonal fruits. Served with specialty crackers

    Boar’s Head Antipasto and Charcuterie $145 Boar’s Head® pepperoni, smoky chorizo, beef salami, mortadella, Bianco D’Oro®, Boar’s Head® Marbleu™, Italian herb mozzarella and roasted vegetables. Served with jams, deli mustard and sliced French baguette