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  • Winter & Spring 2015

    made with love

  • My husband Corky has been a great supporter of my Tupperware success.

  • I love the sense of independence, of being able to do it myself, and of inspiring others that Tupperware brings.


    THERES NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT TO US than celebrating the success of our incredible Tupperware business owners who truly love what they do. Learn how Samantha Maschari, a Star Director in Norwalk, Ohio, follows her passion to create the life she wants.

    I decided to make Tupperware my career when my mom became very sick, and I had to take care of her. I knew I couldnt leave her, and I had to be able to work from home. I also needed to be able to make a signicant amount of money.

    Tupperware has taught me condence, it has taken away my depression and anxiety, and it has provided all the income weve needed for the last four years. Weve been able to do things we otherwise couldnt like supporting my mom throughout her illness, and my husband and I have fostered a teenage girl.

    I love the sense of independence, of being able to do it myself, and of inspiring others that Tupperware brings. People look at me and see that if I can reach this level of success without a college degree and with my other obstacles, then anyone can.

    Tupperware allows me to follow my passion by being true to myself and loving what I do. I bring my unique energy to every party and realize that Hosts are not just dating parties to get free Tupperware products; theyre dating parties with me because they want to have the experience. I love what I do, and people can feel that.

    LOVE my team: Team Spirit!

    Three days after becoming a Director, I visited the Friendship Fountain at Tupperwares Home Office.

  • 4the joy of everyday delicious


  • 5table of contents6 microwave cooking12 microwave reheating16 prepare38 cutlery40 bakeware 44 cookware46 organize 54 refrigerate 58 freeze 60 entertain 64 on the go70 kids 72 host76 fundraiser 78 opportunityBack special offer

    Visit tupperware.com to learn more about the products, hosting a party and becoming a Consultant.

    We dont want to help you merely survive the everyday mealswe want you to love making them. And its easy to love dinner again with high-tech, money-saving, yum-inspiring solutions from Tupperware like the new Microwave Pressure Cooker.

    When you see this logo, its your cue to party. Throughout this catalog, its pictured alongside the fast and delicious meals, snacks and treats you and your Consultant can make when you date and host your next party.

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    a MandolineThis handy, high-grade kitchen tool quickly and easily cuts fruits and vegetables into eight different shapes: slices, sticks, diamonds, wafes, cubes, julienne, crinkle slices and crinkle sticks. Make super-fast salads and slaws, plentiful potato dishes and so much more. Legs fold for compact storage and blades store safely in included blade case. Q1230 Black/Chili/Snow White $75.00

    Prep with precision. Easily cut into eight different shapes. Prep ith pre isi


  • 17


    hey home slice

    Looking forward to those rst sweet sips of spring? Date your Consultant now and get ready to create the Classic Red Sangria using the Mandoline at your next party.

  • aa Fusion Master Easy-to-use, turn-handle mincer helps you prepare healthier food while fusing it with unique, fresh avors such as herbs, veggies and fruit. Also includes sausage insert for creating customized sausage, lling pastas and stufng veggies. Q1231 Black/Chili/Snow White $99.00

    Tupperware didnt just provide income for my family, but provided a lifestyle I never would have thought possible. Tupperware truly has changed my life, nancially and through personal growth.JoAnn Wallace,Legacy Executive Director, St. Albert, Alberta

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    turn up the avor

    Burgers on a date are totally acceptable, especially when they have a little extra pizzazz. Date a party and learn to make the Feta & Red Pepper Turkey Burgers using the Fusion Master.

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    Power Chef SystemQuickly and easily prepare recipes with a seriously up-to-date culinary solution. Our most efficient food processor blends, mixes, emulsies and chops with the easy pull of a cord. It also cleverly integrates with the Chop N Prep Chef and the Power Chef Whip Accessory.

    Add to your Power Chef System for a total of $99.




    a Power Chef Whip Accessorywith FREE Chocolate Dessert BlendEasy-to-use, turn-handle whipping tool secures onto the Power Chef base to help you create mousses, creams, batters and more. Its faster and easier to control than an electric mixer Q. While supplies last, it also includes one FREE 8-oz./227 g package Chocolate Dessert Blend G. 1569 Salt Water Taffy/Sugar $30.00

    b Simple Prep Recipe Booklet Includes 16 recipes for breakfast, snacks, meals and desserts demonstrating the awesome ways the Power Chef System makes life easier and tastier. Recipes in English and Spanish. G1210 $5.00

    c Power Chef System Large-capacity, super-efcient prep. Includes pull-cord cover, adaptor ring with soft cap for funnel insertion, three curved blades, paddle whisk, funnel with measurements, 5-cup/1.35 L base with anti-skid ring, blade protector and liquid-tight seal. Q 1238 Salt Water Taffy/Sugar $69.00

    SPECIAL VALUEd Power Chef Premium SystemTwo great prep products work together to create years of delicious meals and treats. Includes Power Chef 5-cup/1.35 L base with anti-skid ring, Chop N Prep 1-cup/300 mL anti-skid base, pull-cord cover, adaptor ring, three curved blades, three straight blades, paddle whisk, funnel with measurements, two blade protectors and two liquid-tight seals. Q $93 value. 1233 Salt Water Taffy/Sugar $75.00

    e Chop N Prep ChefOur popular, smaller chopper integrates with the Power Chef System. Ideal for chopping herbs, nuts, garlic and small veggies. Includes pull-cord cover, three straight blades, 1-cup/300 mL anti-skid base, blade protector and liquid-tight seal. Q 1240 Salt Water Taffy/Sugar $39.00



    FreeChocolate Blend with Power Chef TM Whip Accessory (while supplies last).

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    Fresh, fast and just the right amount of fancy. Simple ingredients amount to a decadent snack in the Nutty Goat Cheese Spread made using the Chop N Prep Chef. Date your Consultant and make this at your next party.

    Efficient pull-cord cover helps you process ultra-fast.


  • 22

    a Amazing Appetizers Recipe BookTry 24 recipes for dips, spreads, small bites, atbread and more using the Quick Chef Pro System. Recipes in English, Spanish and French. G 1248 $10.00

    b Zest N Press GadgetZest and press citrus to extract maximum avor and goodness. Chamber holds up to cup/60 mL. Q1297 Raindrop/Salt Water Taffy $35.00


    a b

    c Grate N Measure GraterGrate cheeses, chocolate, vegetables and more. Features 2-cup/600 mL sheer measuring bin and stainless steel blade Q.1259 Snow White $19.00

    d Universal PeelerWith straight blade for harder fruits and veggies and serrated blade for softer foods. Q 1292 Berry Bliss $15.00


    With potato eye remover.

    Break free from everyday snacking (and the need to plug in to beautifully process your food). Take a break to create the Pineapple Salsa using the Quick Chef Pro System at your next Tupperware party.

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    break free

    e Quick Chef Pro SystemVersatile, turn-handle food processor makes it easy to create salsas, ice cream, chopped salads and more. Includes three straight blades for chopping, paddle whisk, funnel with measurements, small basket for quick drying veggies and herbs, cover with handle, 5-cup/1.3 L base with anti-skid ring and liquid-tight seal. Q1249 Raindrop/Sugar $69.00


    Turn handle easily controls speed of processing.

  • a Can Opener Leaves no sharp edges. Q 1291 Black/Snow White $35.00

    b New color! Ice Cream Scoop Cuts through the hardest ice cream. Q 1298 Radiant Orchid/Snow White $29.00

    c CorkscrewEasily draws any cork every time without breakage. Q1255 Black/Snow White $29.00

    d Wine StoppersWith extras, you can preserve the pinot while saving the sauvignon. Set of two. Q1256 Black/Snow White $12.00

    e Wine Accessories SetAfter a hard day, opening, pouring and storing your wine should be easy. Q

    Set includes Foil Cutter: Stainless steel blade for safe and easy removal of wine seals.

    Wine Pourer: Aerates while pouring for a gentle, controlled ow of wine.

    Wine Pump and Stopper: Creates an airtight seal to preserve avor and for easy transport. 1296 Black/Snow White $39.00


    Large, easy-turn handle.

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  • 25



    f New! Slice N WedgePerfect little tool for perfect little slices. Two different wire inserts cut fruit, veggies and hardboiled eggs, into slices or wedges. All pieces conveniently store together. Q1228 Berry Bliss $35.00

    Ingenious design first cuts then lifts slices.


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    Need a sweet little reason to get together? Gather the girls and try the Lemon Cake Bites, made with the Snack Press, at your next Tupperware party.

    a New! Snack PressIts time to get deliciously creative. Make super-easy desserts, big batches of cookies, gnocchi, croque