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  1. 1. COMPANY OVERVIEW March, 2015
  2. 2. By 2016, 35% of IT operations organizations will have 75% of IT service desk contacts from the business resolved by virtual assistants. By year-end 2017, voice-based, user-initiated contacts to the IT service desk will decrease 40% from 2013 levels. By 2017 we will see a Fortune 500 company completely replace its phone based 1st line IT Service Desk with peer to peer support and self-service. By 2018 30% of IT Service Desks will have at least half of their budget reallocated from 1st level incident support to end-user training activities. The IT Department isn't engaging enough with users: IT support should be mobile, social, automated. THE ITSM MARKET IS CHANGING
  4. 4. IT CANT SERVE EMPLOYEES ANYMORE Only 6% of enterprises are able to produce the Apps they need. The big part of them are unable to manage the backlog. Independent research company - Opinion Matters surveyed 228 Application Development Directors/Managers in the US and UK during August and September 2014. The split between UK and US respondents was about equal, with around 50% from each territory (111 UK versus 117 US). Results were also segmented by industry sector, role and company size.
  6. 6. Information is no longer locked inside a company Applications are in the cloud, or hybrid and employees are bringing their own Search has changed everything in terms of how we find information Networks are now wireless, and soon to be software defined (SDN) Devices are fluid and becoming more purpose built BYOD and IoT Since IT is everywhere, the demand for service management is too! HR service management: on- and off- boarding of new employees Facilities service management: work orders and requests Customer Care management: customers, students, patients, hotel guests Service users are tech savvy, and expect a consumer-like experience Applications should be easy to use, with a clean interface and very few clicks Services should be personalized, based on my role I shouldnt have to call/email anyone self service is now the norm CHANGING LANDSCAPE OF CIOS CHARTER
  7. 7. EASYVISTA CORE VALUE PROPOSITION At EasyVista, we help modern CIOs bring consumerized services to market quickly, allowing them to embrace the social, shifting, flattening and emergent realities of todays digital enterprise. We allow them to become the Chief Service Provider that modern organizations require, reducing time-to-market and driving efficiencies across the entire enterprise.
  8. 8. EASYVISTA INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS EasyVista solutions empower end-users while allowing IT to maintain necessary controls. With EasyVista, lines of business are now building their own applications, leaving IT to ensure that availability, security, interoperability and compliance requirements are enforced and maintained. Its EasyVista's ability to generate customized service applications without any coding (e.g JavaScript, Jelly and AJAX) that allows for this organizational agility, and sets us apart from the vendors that require armies of programmers to keep up with change.
  10. 10. Active Directory Reporting Monitoring Inventory Discovery Software Distribution Remote Control In-House Applications Other IT Applications EASYVISTA IT SERVICE MANAGER SAAS OR ON-PREMISE CONNECTORS DB, Web services, email, files, ITSM 15 ITIL processes ITAM Asset & CMDB ITFM Budget, Contracts, CODELESS BUILDER IT SERVICE STORE CLICK2GET Software Self Distribution CONFIDENTIAL
  11. 11. ITSM EasyVista & Other Other Applications Legal, Marketing , ERP SAP, Oracle, HR PeopleSoft, Workday, CRM Saleforce, FACILITIES Legacy Softwares MEDIA Twitter, YouTube, EASYVISTA SERVICE APPSTORE SAAS (Neo Cloud) WORKFLOW Business Process Management DATABASE Catalogs, roles & domains SECURITY Integrity & confidentiality CODELESS APPS BUILDER SERVICE APPS GALLERY IT, HR, Customer Care, Facilities Management, Reporting, SERVICE APPS COMMUNITY Share Service Apps, CONNECTORS CRM, ERP, HR, Social Media, Legacy, ITSM CONFIDENTIAL
  12. 12. Its not just IT anymore Build it like what you use at home