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University Press of Colorado and the Utah State University Press announce their spring and summer catalog for 2014.

Transcript of 2014 Spring Summer catalog

  • Univers i t y Press of Co lorado Utah S ta te Univers i t y Press

    Spring and Summer 2014

  • Utah State University Press is an imprint of the University Press of Colorado.

    The University Press of Colorado is a cooperative publish-ing enterprise supported, in part, by Adams State University, Colorado State University, Fort Lewis College, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Regis University, University of Colorado, University of Northern Colorado, Utah State University, and Western State Colorado University.

    The University Press of Colorado is a member of the Association of American University Presses.

    Subject IndexArchaeology, Anthropology, 1318Business, 6Colorado, Utah & the West, 2, 3, 9, 11, 12, 26Folklore Studies, 78History, 3, 912, 26Literature, 4Memoir, 1Natural History, 23Poetry, 5, 27Writing Studies, 1925

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    contentSSpring/Summer 2014 Frontlist, 125Order Information, 28

  • 3www.upcolorado.com www.USUPress.org 1.800.621.2736

    September$16.95, paper, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-302-0$13.95, ebookE-ISBN: 978-1-60732-303-7288 pages

    Class Not Dismissed

    Anthony Aveni is Russell Colgate Distinguished University Professor of Astronomy, Anthropology, and Native American Studies at Colgate University, where he has taught since 1963, and one of the founders of cul-tural astronomy. Aveni was voted National Professor of the Year by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education in Washington, DC, and named one of the ten best professors in the United States by Rolling Stone in 1991. At Colgate he has received, among other teaching awards, the Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching (1997), the Balmuth Teaching Award (2011), and the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society's Distinguished Teaching Award voted by the Freshman Class of 1990. In 2013, he was awarded the Fryxell Medal for Interdisciplinary Research by the Society of American Archaeologists.

    un I v e r S I t y pr e S S o F co l o r a d ome m o I r, HI g H e r ed u c at I o n

    In Class Not Dismissed, award-winning profes-sor Anthony Aveni tells the personal story of his six decades in college classrooms and some of the 10,000 students who have filled them. Through anecdotes of his own triumphs and tribulationssome amusing, others heartrendingAveni reveals his teaching story and thoughts on the future of higher education.

    Although in recent years the lecture has come under fire as a pedagogical method, Aveni ardently defends lecturing to students. He shares his secrets on crafting an engaging lecture and creating pro-ductive diologue in class discussions. He lays out his rules on classroom discipline and tells how he promotes the lost art of listening. He is a passion-ate proponent of the liberal arts and core course requirements as well as a believer in sound teaching promoted by active scholarship.

    Aveni is known to his students as a consum-mate storyteller. In Class Not Dismissed he shares real stories about everyday college life that shed light on serious educational issues. The result is a humorous, reflective, inviting, and powerful inquiry into higher education that will be of interest to anyone invested in the current and future state of college and university education.

    Reflections on Undergraduate Education and Teaching

    the Liberal ArtsAnthony Aveni

  • 4 www.upcolorado.com www.USUPress.org 1.800.621.2736

    An outstanding contribution by a widely recognized expert in wildlife biology.

    Life on the Rocks

    may$34.95, cloth, 9 x 12

    ISBN: 978-1-60732-291-7$27.95, ebook

    E-ISBN: 978-1-60732-292-4192 pages

    107 color figures

    Bruce L. Smith is a veteran wildlife manager and scientist with the US Fish

    and Wildlife Service. He is the author of three other books and recipient of the

    2012 Montana Book Award.

    un I v e r S I t y pr e S S o F co l o r a d o

    The American mountain goat is one of the most elusive and least familiar species of hoofed mam-mals in North America. Confined to the remote and rugged mountains of the western United States and Canada, these extraordinary mountaineers are seldom seen or encountered, even by those who patiently study them. Life on the Rocks offers an inti-mate portrayal of this remarkable animal through the eyes and lens of field biologist and photogra-pher Bruce Smith.

    Color photographs and accounts of Smith's personal experiences living in Montana's Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area accompany descriptions of the American mountain goat's natural history. Smith explores their treacherous habitat, which spans the perilous cliffs and crags of the Rocky, Cascade, and Coast mountain ranges. The physical and behavioral adaptations of these alpine athletes enable them to survive a host of dangers, includ-ing six-month-long winters, scarce food sources, thunderous avalanches, social strife, and predators like wolves, bears, lions, wolverines, and eagles. Smith also details the challenges these animals face as their territory is threatened by expanding motor-ized access, industrial activities, and a warming climate.

    Life on the Rocks showcases the elegance and charm of this little-known creature, thriving in some of North America's harshest wilderness. Smith's volume will appeal to wildlife enthusiasts, wildland travelers, and conservationists interested in the future of the American mountain goat.

    Life on the Rocks expertly weaves together the ecology and magic of North America's most unique mountain dweller. With prose as vivid and inspiring as the dramatic photos of mountain goats in their stark, tilted world, Bruce Smith shares his love and knowledge of an animal few will ever see in the wild.

    cHrIS SmItH, Western Field Representative, Wildlife

    Management Institute

    A Portrait of the American Mountain GoatBruce L. Smith

    mIke tHompSon, Wildlife Manager, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

    nat u r a l HI S to ry

  • 5www.upcolorado.com www.USUPress.org 1.800.621.2736

    may$29.95, cloth, 8 x 10 ISBN: 978-1-60732-304-4$23.95, ebookE-ISBN: 978-1-60732-305-1352 pages315 figures

    Wyoming Revisited

    Michael A. Amundson is professor of history at Northern Arizona University, the author of Yellowcake Towns and Passage to Wonderland, and the co-editor of Atomic Culture.

    un I v e r S I t y pr e S S o F co l o r a d oHI S to ry

    In Wyoming Revisited, Michael A. Amundson uses the power of rephotography to show how land-scapes across the state have endured over the last century. Three sets of photographsthe origi-nal black-and-white photographs taken by famed Wyoming photographer Joseph E. Stimson more than a century ago, repeat black-and-white images taken by Amundson in the 1980s, and a third view taken by the author in 20072008are accompanied by captions explaining the history and importance of each site as well as information on the process of repeat photographic fieldwork.

    The 117 locations feature street views of Wyoming towns and cities, as well as views from the state's famous natural landmarks like Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Devil's Tower National Monument, Hot Springs State Park, and Big Horn and Shoshone National Forests. In addition, Amundson provides six in-depth essays that explore the life of Joseph E. Stimson, the rephotographic process and how it has evolved, and how repeat photography can be used to understand history, landscape, historic preserva-tion, and globalization.

    Wyoming Revisited highlights the historic evo-lution of the American West over the past cen-tury and showcases the significant changes that have occurred over the past twenty-five years. This book will appeal to photographers, histori-ans of the American West, and anyone interested in Wyoming's history or landscape.

    Rephotographing the Scenes of Joseph E. StimsonMichael A. Amundson

    This book demonstrates the value of repeat-photogra-phy as a useful method in furthering our understand-ing of the historic evolution of place.

    jeremy m. joHnSton, Buffalo Bill Historical Center

  • 6 www.upcolorado.com www.USUPress.org 1.800.621.2736

    Man in the Moon

    june$19.95, paperback, 5 x 8

    ISBN: 978-1-885635-35-8$15.95, ebook

    E-ISBN: 978-1-885635-36-5256 pages

    dan beacHy-QuIckrobIn blackbIll capoSSeremattHew Ferrencecarole FIrStmangIna Frangellodebra gwartneyjIm kennedyneIl matHISon

    rIcHard mccanndInty mooredonna george

    StoreydeboraH tHompSonjerald walkertHomaS wHItebrendan wolFe

    Stephanie G'Schwind is the editor of Colorado Review and the director of the Center for Literary Publishing at Colorado State University. She is the

    series editor for the Colorado Prize for Poetry and co-editor, with Donald Revell,

    of the Mountain West Poetry Series. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

    ce n t e r F o r lI t e r a ry pu b l I S H I n g

    Selected from the country's leading literary jour-nals and publicationsCrazyhorse, Colorado Review, The Nervous Breakdown, Creative Nonfiction, Georgia Review, Gulf Coast, The Missouri Review, The Normal School, and othersMan in the Moon brings together essays in which sons, daughters, and fathers explore the elusive nature of this intimate relation-ship and find unique ways to frame and under-stand it: through astronomy, arachnology, storytell-ing, map-reading, television, puzzles, DNA, and so on. In the collection's title essay, Bill Capossere considers the inextricable link between his love of astronomy and memories of his father: The man in the moon is no stranger to me, he writes. I have seen his face before, and it is my father's, and his father's, and my own. Other essays include Dinty Moore's Son of Mr. Green Jeans: A Meditation on Missing Fathers, in whi