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5 Well Designed Apps to Help You Keep Your Resolutions in 2014 Learn something new Get Fit Stop Smoking Save Money Lose Weight

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5 well designed apps to help you accomplish your resolutions this year. 1. To get fit 2. To stop smoking 3. To learn something new 4. To lose weight or eat more healthily 5. To get out of debt or save money

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  • 5 Well Designed Apps to Help You Keep Your Resolutions in 2014 Get Fit Stop Smoking Learn something new Save Money Lose Weight
  • 1. Get Fit App Moves Description ! Moves uses your phone to track your activity. It automatically detects if youre walking, running, or cycling, and calculates your calories for you. This beautifully designed and simple app is free, and uses very little battery life compared to other tness tracking apps. Click the app icons in this presentation to go to the apps website Screenshot
  • 2. Quit Smoking App: QuitNow! Description ! ! QuitNow! encourages you to stop smoking. You will see how many days you havent smoked, how much money you have saved, how many cigarettes you havent smoked, how many extra days of life youve gained, as well as unlocking health benets and badges as you go. ! Pro The ads on the free version can be a bit annoying, so go for the Pro version if possible. Screenshot
  • 3. Learn Something New App Memrise Description ! ! Memrise oers a range of user-generated courses languages, history, science skills and more. ! The learning is delivered in Mems - little snippets of user generated imagination and humour that make things easy to remember. Screenshot
  • 4. Eat Healthier App Noom Description Tracking what you eat is one of the surest ways to improve your diet and lose weight. ! Noom not only makes this really easy to do, but encourages and advises you along the way too. Screenshot
  • 5. Get Out of Debt and Save Money App Description Spendee There are many apps to help you keep track of your spending, but few present your data as beautifully as Spendee. Screenshot
  • May your 2014 be amazing! @treeshake