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Are Leaders Made?

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Are Leaders Made?

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Or Are They Born!?

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“You were always our star and now one by your own right. Nothing could or can ever stop you from achieving

the successes you’ve had and continue to attain."

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Congratulations our dearest Moriel! For everything you stand for:• Motivated• Outstanding • Responsible• Incomparable• Energetic• LovingWe are so very proud. Your loving parents, grandparents, sisters and extended family.

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Congratulations on your induction!  We’re very proud of you!  You’ve amazed us over the past four years with your many accomplishments.  Today’s the pinnacle of your efforts.  We love you!

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Watching you receive this honor we see your adventurous, independent, self-motivated spirit. You are ready to take the next steps in life.  Always remember who you are. We love you.

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When you first walked we saw your direction. When you first talked we heard your aspiration. When you first listened we sensed your expectations. WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU!

Love, mom & dad

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Jazmyn: To us you have always been a star among the stars and now the UMD community knows it too! Congratulations on being invited into the ODK National Leadership Honor Society.  Love you,Dad, Mom, Brandon and Chez

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"Dear Matthew: Our heartiest congratulations on your induction into ODK. Wishing you all the best as you embark on your career after graduation” – With love, Mom, Dad, Andrew, Sarah, Hannah & Leah!

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We are so very proud of you and all of your accomplishments.  We love you!

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Sarah, you amaze us and we are very proud of the woman you’ve become. You will always be our little girl. Appreciate your achievements and enjoy the moment while looking forward.

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Zoe, You’ve made us both so extremely proud of all the magnificent work you have done so far. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

Love,Mom and Dad

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Congratulations Alex

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We never doubted that we'd be celebrating your accomplishments! We are inspired by your kindness, integrity, and achievements every single day. Thank you for making us look like awesome parents!

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It is an honor to share this important moment in your life.  Your many achievements are no surprise.We are so proud of you and know how hard you work!  

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Congratulations Renuka! We are and always will be proud of your countless endeavors and everything you strive to do every day, and this accomplishment is the first of many more.

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Chris, We are delighted to celebrate this honor with you and so proud of all of your accomplishments. We look forward to all that lies ahead.

Love,Mom and Dad

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Congratulations Ellen! Although we can't be there today we want you to know that we're so proud of all your hard work. Love, Mom and Dad

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ConGRADulations on your induction into ODK.  You keep achieving and we'll keep applauding!   -All Our Love, Mom, Dad, Erica & Peanut

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Congratulations, Jocelyn!You have been a joy and a blessing, respected and liked by all. We are so proud of you.

Love, Mom &


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Congratulations Rachel on your membership in ODK and all of your hard work!

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Congratulations Ehson

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Congratulations Itay! We are so proud of you! You are such an active and successful student, and a great human being who cares about other people. You are always willing to go the extra mile and do what needs to be done. We love you and wish you happiness and success for the rest of your life. Mom, Dad, and Ido

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Congratulations Sofia

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To our angel girl Sami,Your accomplishments are endless. Our family has so much history at UMD. To have your name forever inscribed at the school is beyond amazing. So proud! We love you.

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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Wonderful things await you, Sophie! Go forth and claim them!

-All our love, Mom, Dad, and Max

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Our Dear Sarah, Congratulations on your induction into ODK today! Watching your dedication to everything you believe in and everyone you care about is an inspiration to us.  You are our hero! Love, Mom and Dad

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It is a moment of joy that we convey our heartiest congratulations on this glorious achievement. Your hard work and passion for excellence is admirable. You have made us very proud. Congratulations PRINCESS. Love you sweetheart. Mom and Dad.

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Ian we are so proud of everything you have accomplished at UMD.  You have been the bright light in our lives for the last 24 years.

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Benjy, we are so proud that you are being inducted into the ODK Honor Society. Your academic achievements never cease to amaze us, but above all, it is the fact that you use your talents to do good for other people that is most impressive.Love Mom & Dad

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Congratulations Raja

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Congratulations Davian

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Congratulations Ashley

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Congratulations Adam

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Congratulations Spring 2014 Inductees!!!