2013 Global Hunger Index Launch Event Concern Worldwide Presentation

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Presentation by Connell Foley, Director of Strategy, Concern Worldwide at 2013 Global Hunger Index Launch event held at IFPRI on October 18, 2013. "The Challenge of Hunger: Building Resilience to Achieve Food And Nutrition Security".

Transcript of 2013 Global Hunger Index Launch Event Concern Worldwide Presentation

  • 1.Applying Lessons Learned on Community Resilience to Chronic Hunger Crises, GHI, 2013Ethiopia 2012: Watershed and Land Regeneration, Walka Melho kebele, Delante woreda, North Wollo.

2. Operational Research: 3 hunger seasons (2010-12) Focused on cash transfers as seasonal safety net, Tahoua Region 1. Cash transfers lead to more frequent meals for children and more legume consumption. A large portion of cash transfers are spent on household food. 2. To improve or maintain nutritional status, cash transfers alone or with CMAM are not enough and should be integrated with other interventions that address the causes of malnutrition and food insecurity. 3. Nutrition and food security indicators such as number of hunger days, dietary diversity scores or global acute malnutrition rate should be monitored to account for cash transfers many uses and to measure the nutritional success of the program. 3. Niger Learning Cash transfers and nutrition treatment programs that focused on seasonal hunger needs were insufficient to create resilience to periodic hunger crises. Longer-term development interventions focused on building absorptive and adaptive coping strategies would be required. 4. Ethiopia: South Wollo Dessie Zuria woreda, South Wollo, Amhara Region, stunting = 54%, (national average = 44%).Woreda chronically food insecure: c. 40% dependent on safety nets.2000 and 2010 annual surveys: GAM reduced only once to