2013 Christmas Greetings

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Christmas Greetings

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Christmas stories, poems and art work from children in Okanogan and Ferry counties.

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Christmas Greetings

What would you do if yougot to visit the North Pole?

Serenity Bertholf, second-grade, North Omak Elementary

“When I went for a walk, the blizzard picked me up. It picked me up and brought me to the North Pole.”

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Gene's Harvest Foods22 W. Apple • Downtown Omak • 509-826-0212

Peyton Jenkins, first-grade, North Omak Elementary

At the North Pole, ice skating is apopular thing to do.

North Pole? It’s great for ice skating

Angelita Valdovinos, second-grade, Bridgeport Elementary

Santa Claus and a snowman greet visitors to the North Pole.

Let it snow — thenmake a snowman

Santa would get some help making the toys

The reindeer get food during visit

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Kamieki Pakootas, first-grade, Virginia Grainger Elementary

“I would ask Santa Claus if I can ride a reindeer.”

Ridin’ reindeer: It’s thething to do at the North Pole

The North Pole’s all about playing

Ahh, the list ... and all those toys

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Happy Holidays

MerryChristmas!Puttin’ On

the Ritz

Hangin’ out with Santa is the thing to do

Iliyah Barajas-Arroya, kindergarten,Virginia Grainger Elementary

“I would visit Santa.”

Arctic animals, other pursuits are popular

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MerryChristmasand HappyNew Year!

Brewster Ace HardwareAg Supply Co.

Aiyana Gunn, second-grade, North Omak Elementary

A star quarterback would make an acceptable Christmas present.

All I want for Christmas is a Seahawk

Happy like a pig in the mud

Brielle Terrazas, second-grade, Bridgeport Elementary School

Christmas trees and candy canes await North Pole visitors.

Trip includes a visit to the treat shop

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Okanogan • 509-422-2658#LEEDDE970K8

Merry Christmasand Happy

New Year to All!

Aspen Todd, fourth-grade, East Omak Elementary

When I woke up the next morning, I was in the North Pole.

My incredible journeyto the North Pole

Evan falls in a hole,helps out with sleigh

Oh, no! A reindeer islost on the South Pole

Lynda Dietrich, fourth-grade, East Omak Elementary

The reindeer, with cookies, was waiting for Santa to come and find him.

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212 N. Hwy. 97, Tonasket


There are seals and polar bears

Liliana Tixta, third-grade, Virginia Grainger Elementary

All the mountains have snow and the seals go underwater to swim.

Salarka Sanches, kindergarten, Virginia Grainger Elementary

I was flying to the North Pole, looking for answers to its magical mysteries.

Mysteries of the North

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our customers.

We appreciate you!

Happy Holidays from all ofus at North Cascades Bank!

Macie Zacherle, second-grade, North Omak Elementary

Oh dear! We hit Santa with the airplane on the way to see him at the North Pole.

My trip to see Santa

When Ivisited theNorth Pole

A plea to Santafor special gifts

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Cocoa, pie and a big battle with kidnappers

Hattie Buchert, third-grade, Tonasket Elementary School

Santa Claus leads an army to save the day at the North Pole.

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Ella and Stellapilot the sleigh

Elf: ‘I am big trouble’

Steele Rico, first-grade, Virginia Grainger Elementary

The penalty for breaking Mrs. Claus’ glass? Make a million toys by Christmas.

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Remember the real reason for

Christmas:It’s Jesus’s birthday!

Sandman gives kidsChristmas dreams

My epic journey to the Arctic

Aidon Garcia, second-grade, Bridgeport Elementary

Sandman helps restore Santa’s health. The fun time at the North Pole

Diana Aguilar, second-grade, Bridgeport Elementary

A visit to the North Pole includes mountain climbing, sledding and fishing.

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A poem about Santa’s hometown

Virgil Carson, fourth-grade, East Omak Elementary

I’d tell Santa about my busy life.

Santa catches the reindeer thief

Teagan Brady, fourth-grade, Virginia Grainger Elementary

Santa heard a ruckus close to his reindeer barn — then they flew away!

What would happen if I went to see Santa

If I went tothe North Pole

Bailey Canales, fourth-grade, East Omak Elementary

Santa put me on his big sleigh.

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101 N. Main St.Omak


Best wishes for a veryMerry Christmas!

Omak Senior Center

Thank You

An avalanche hits Santa’s workshop

Jaqueline de la Cruz Lopez, second-grade, Brewster

All was well until an avalanche hit.

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Regency at OmakValleyLanes

Seasons Greetings from all of us at

Valley Lanes

A meeting with the reindeer keeper

That pesky Grinch is at it, again

Athena Bennett, fourth-grade, East Omak Elementary

They went down through the chimney and found all the presents.

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Welcome Home

A special trip to the North Pole

Kendra Castrejon, third-grade, Tonasket Elementary

A magic hole let visitors travel to see Santa and his hundreds of elves.

Elizabeth Bohorquez, second-grade, Brewster Elementary

North Pole gallery

Ezequiel A. Carrillo, second-grade,Virginia Grainger Elementary

Miranda Escalera, second-grade,North Omak Elementary

Ryder McIntosh, first-grade,Virginia Grainger Elementary

Jesse Lopes, second-grade,Bridgeport Elementary

Pepper Peterson, kindergartenVirginia Grainger Elementary

Lessly Apricio, second-grade,Brewster Elementary

And to all, a good night!