2013 BMW 1 Series Coupe Brochure TN | Tennessee BMW Dealer

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Check out the 2013 BMW 1 Series Coupe brochure provided by Grayson BMW in Knoxville, TN. Find the 2013 BMW 1 Series Coupe for sale in Tennessee. To learn more about our current sales and incentives give us a call at (800) 513-9882. http://www.graysonbmw.com/index.htm

Transcript of 2013 BMW 1 Series Coupe Brochure TN | Tennessee BMW Dealer

  • BMW Series Coupe i i The Ultimate is Driving MachineTHE BMW SERIES COUPE. MAKE THE CITYS HEART BEAT FASTER. Grayson BMWBMW EfficientDynamics 10671 Parkside DriveLess emissions. More driving pleasure. Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone: (800) 513-9882 http://www.graysonbmw.com/
  • FROM REVOLUTIONARYBEGINNINGS, RIGHT TOYOUR DRIVEWAY. Once upon a time, BMW had to prove ourselves to America. We introduced a vehicle that would deliver a driving experience that was not only uniquely exhilarating, but revolutionary: the ti. Today, the BMW Series Coupe brings back that same formula, but updated for modern times and modern drivers. Instantly identifiable while full of surprises, the Series Coupe puts the thrills of the road back in the hands of those behind the wheel, with a host of innovative driving technologies and conveniences. Yet for all its advances, at heart the Series Coupe is a pure, simple and supremely satisfying vehicle that perfectly captures the best of BMW. bmwusa.com/ coupe
  • Editorial LOOKING FORWARD TO DRIVING THRILLS. There is free-spirited adventure this is the exhilaration of the unknown. Then there is calculated performance a combination of extensive research, time-tested principles and applied technology. Somewhere in between, youll nd the BMW Series Coupe: the distillation of emotion and engineering in one exceptional vehicle. The Series Coupe displays features to complement the eye as well as provide innovative technology. Two noteworthy examples: the Air Curtain that enhances the aerodynamics of the i; and the distinctive white interior trim option that sets off the upholstery colors and vibrant exterior paints. And now, the is High Performance model offers increased horsepower and torque to stir greater heights of drivingBMW Series Coupe Technology Equipment Overview excitement. As with all BMWs, the Series Coupes development is based on Ef cientDynamics technology. This accounts for everything fromCOMPACT DESIGN. INNOVATION MEETS AS INDIVIDUAL THE VERSATILE the suspensions lightweight construction to the engines ef cient performance. Its driving pleasure with environmental responsibility.LIMITLESS FUN. INSPIRATION. AS YOU ARE. BMW SERIES COUPE. Its not a reinvention; its not a reinterpretation. Its what BMW has always been: a blend of the classic with the advancements of today. Highlights BMW Ef cientDynamics Combination examples Build Your Own Get behind the wheel of the Series Coupe and discover how the Sporty, responsive, desirable. Technology that reduces fuel consumption high spirits of this BMWs agile handling and thrilling power compel and enhances performance. is High Performance Technical data you to unlock the pleasure of every mile. Exterior Coupe contours, BMW attitude. Engines Exterior colors BMW Services Maximum horsepower and torque from Exclusive offers for BMW customers. bmwusa.com/ coupe Performance minimum fuel consumption. Upholstery materials and colors Inspiring performance. bmwusa.com Chassis and safety Interior trims The BMW i Coupe Responsive handling and Sets the pace. safety innovations. Recommended color combinations BMW ConnectedDrive BMW ConnectedDrive Equipment features and options Stay connected. Intelligent network for better convenience, infotainment and safety. M Sport Package Lighting design Brilliant from front to back. A test drive on the Nrburgring Original BMW Accessories The BMW Series Coupe gets Multifaceted and individual. BMW Ef cientDynamics the ultimate workout. Exclusively you. Always thinking ahead. bmwusa.com/ coupe bmwusa.com/byo The winds of change The BMW i Coupe with the Air Curtain. BMW i Coupe shown with the following equipment: Interior Luxury, comfort and space.