2012 Toronto Liferay Roadshow - Mobilizing Your Enterprise

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Raul Vieira of Intelliware's Mobile Centre of Excellence discusses best practices for mobilizing your enterprise using Liferay. For more information on the 2013 Toronto Liferay Roadshow, visit:

Transcript of 2012 Toronto Liferay Roadshow - Mobilizing Your Enterprise

  • 1.Sponsored by: Intelliware Development Inc.

2. Custom software, products and mobile applications 23 years | 120 people | Toronto based | Privately held Leading in Agile development practices Ensure the delivery of timely, high quality solutions Best and brightest people Attract and retain top calibre people Advanced technical capability Invest through R&D efforts and prototyping Long term relationships and partnerships A core value to mutual success Intelliware a Liferay Gold Partner Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 3. Mobilizing your Enterprise with Liferay Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 Raul Vieira Intelliware Mobile Centre of Excellence 4. Goals Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 Liferay is also a mobile platform Liferay makes your mobile applications accessible 5. Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 Liferay is also a Mobile Platform 6. Modular Design SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Content Management System Web Publishing and Shared Workspaces Enterprise Collaboration Unified Applications and Identity Management All-In-One Package Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 7. Liferay Anywhere Beyond the desktop browser is critical Mobile web usage is doubling year after year* Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 http://www.engadget.com/2012/02/07/statcounter-mobile-web-usage-doubling-every-year-nokia-leads-t/ 8. Native Apps with Liferay Access to hardware Distribution to the app stores Liferays SOA makes this possible Supporting multiple codebases Specialized skill set Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 9. Amazing Mobile Web Experiences Liferay leverages the power of standards Native look and feel Builds on existing skill sets Single code base No app store approval process Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 10. Powerful Liferay Theming Framework Look and feel completely customizable Uses the technologies web programmers know Deployed to Liferay like any other application Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 11. Faster Time to Market New features faster Bug fixes faster All customers on the same version Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 12. Responsive Design One-size fits all Liferay Theme The same theme to all devices Transformed on the fly by the browser Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 13. Device Specific Themes Liferay Mobile Device Rules - whos calling? Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 14. Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 Liferay makes your mobile applications accessible 15. Accessible Web Applications Applications without limitation One in seven of us have a disability Population expected to increase in 20 years Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 http://webaim.org/projects/screenreadersurvey3/#mobileusagehttp://ckeditor.com/ 16. Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Customer Service January 12, 2012 Employment Information and Communication Transportation Build Environment (in progress) Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 http://www.mcss.gov.on.ca/en/mcss/programs/accessibility/understanding_accessibility/aoda.aspx 17. Visual Impairments Screen Readers read web pages to users Screen Readers are used on mobile devices Web page semantics are key Web 2.0 poses some challenges Liferay content editing is fully accessible Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 18. Not All Pages are Created Equally Screen Readers need help identifying elements Use the right semantics - HTML5 helps Dynamically updated content cant be missed Liferays Theming framework provides you with full control of implementing accessibility across pages Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 19. Final Thoughts Mobile is not an island Treat mobile as a channel, not a marketing tactic Liferays features, tools and architecture take mobile beyond the desktop Dont just test how pages render, test how they read Intelliware Development Inc. 2012 20. Thank you.