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Vautier Communications incorporated in May of 2004. We are dedicated to the ‘Business Communication Skills’ space. We pride ourselves on cutting edge technology, individualized service, and unique retention tools at a very competitive price. We are easy to work with and value a strong and lasting client relationship over time. Since inception, when a client engages us, 87% of the time they contract for additional coaching. John Vautier is President and founder of Vautier Communications, Inc. He spent the first 20 years of his career in this field with the industry founder, Communispond, Inc. In that role, John sold and delivered communication skills to hundreds of key executives at Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller companies and individuals. Today, clients come from Healthcare/Pharma, Manufacturing, Educational Services, Automotive, Financial Services, Insurance, Telcom, Technology and Utilities. Over his years in the industry John as well as all other Executive Coaches employed by Vautier Communications have accumulated their ’10,000 Hours of Coaching’ as Gladwell describes master competency in Outliers.

Transcript of 2012 SPEAK Presentation | Executive Communications Coaching

  • 1. Organize & Effectively DeliverVautier Communications

2. Why is this important?2 Key Competencies define each of us: Functional competency Ability to communicateVautier Communications 3. 4 Quadrants of Executive CommunicationExecutiveMessagePresence OrganizationQ&A Delivery FacilitationVautier Communications 4. Executive PresenceLookSoundEyesVolumeHands InflectionPosture Pace Non-words Vautier Communications 5. Message Organization Listeners/Audience Purpose (Know/Do) Forms of Influence (SPEAK) Flow & TransitionsVautier Communications 6. Delivery Vautier Communications 7. Q & A / Facilitation Answer questions directly Then develop the answerVautier Communications 8. Agenda Initial Skills Assessment Deliver w/PPT Executive Presence Deliver w/Handouts How you look & sound Deliver a Viewpoint Organize your message: Q&A Listeners Answer directly Purpose Rephrase Format Prepare responses Forms of Influence Deliver w/Notes Vautier Communications 9. Experiential Learning Short Briefings Practice Driven 7 individual videotapings Active coaching 3 media file examples Take-away tools Vautier Communications 10. Active Coaching Coaching in the Moment Feels interruptive Safe & developmental Immediate change Builds skills quicklyTony Dungy Vautier Communications 11. Outcomes Life changing skills Skills you own & use immediately Talent differentiator Drive results more effectivelyVautier Communications 12. Retention Vautier Communications 13. Delivery Options 2 Day Group Session: 10-16 2 Half-Day Sessions: 3/session Individual Coaching Event Driven Vautier Communications 14. Delivery OptionsDay 1Day 2SessionSession 12(3) AM (3) AM 12 12(3) PM (3) PM2 Day 12 People Group(2) Day 6 People SessionsSessionSessionSessio Session 12 n128:00-10:30 8:00-10:3011:00-2:00 11:00-2:003 Hours3 Hours 2:30-5:002:30-5:00 (2) 1:1 Sessions1:1 Executive Coaching 3 PeopleVautier Communications 15. Areas of Expertise Executive Presence & Media SkillsCommunications Press Conference Presentation Skills Crisis Communications Sales Presentations Delivering Testimony Client Centered Selling Delivering Bad News Performance Coaching Speech Coaching Web Presentations TelePrompTer Board Presentations Wall Street GuidanceVautier Communications 16. ClientsVautier Communications 17. Vautier Communications, Inc. Founded in 2004 All Executive Coaches: 10,000 Hrs. Fortune 500 & Global Experience 87% of clients re-engage us Easy to do business with Average NPS Score: 92.2Vautier Communications