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  • The Olympic games are multidisciplinarysporting events involving athletes fromaround the world, in ancient Greece theywere dedicated to the god Zeus. There aretwo types of Olympics: Summer Olympics andWinter Olympics each taking place everyfour years. The organization responsible forconducting them is the International OlympicCommittee (for short, IOC).
  • The Olympic symbol consists of five rings that represent the five continents of the world: Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. They are intertwined to symbolize friendship between all countries.
  • WENLOCK: Its name is inspiredby Much Wenlock in Shropshire,England. Wenlock has 5 braceletson his wrist. Each is the color ofeach of the rings Olympic. It hasthree points on its headrepresenting the 3 places on thepodium. The pattern in his body isthe logo of the games, everyonestands for London in 2012. Hisface is the shape of the roof ofOlympic Stadium.
  • Its name comes from StokeMandeville Hospital in Aylesbury,Buckinhamshire, England hostedthe Stoke Mandeville Games,which were inspiration for theParalympic Games. Mandevilleuses a stopwatch on his wristpink, which reads 0:20:12. Hishead which looks like a helmet,has three points in blue, red andgreen, representing theParalympic symbol.
  • The 2012 Olympics will be covering twenty-six tothirty-nine disciplines. With respect to the previousedition, there will be two sports removed (baseballand softball). However, there will be some newsports: womens boxing, in cycling track and tenniswill be added in the mixed doubles competition..Also the number of competitions for each gendershall be five, unlike in the last Olympics where it wasfive for men and three for women,
  • CYCLING: The road race usually takes place from spring to autumn in the northern hemisphere.
  • This sport is played on natural grass or artificial (synthetic lawn with water or sand) without skates of any kind, with a stick, which has a flat face and a curve with a solid plastic ball and penalty cards: green , yellow and red
  • It is a team sportplayed between twoteams of 11 players eachand four refereesdealing with the rulesthat are properlyfollowed. It is widelyconsidered the worldsmost popular sportbecause it involved some270 million people
  • By: Alejo Rogovsky, Franco Coronel, JuanCruz Gaita and Santiago Bodetto
  • TheOlympicGames,areamajorinternationaleventfeaturing summerandwintersports,inwhichthousandsofathletes participateinavarietyofcompetitions.TheOlympicGamesare consideredtobetheworldsforemostsportscompetitionand morethan200nationsparticipate.
  • TheOlympic Gamesbeganover2,700yearsagoinOlympia,in southwestGreece.TheGameswerepartofareligiousfestival. TheGreekOlympics,thoughttohavebegunin776BC, inspiredthemodernOlympicGames(begunin1896)The GameswereheldinhonorofZeus,kingofthegods,andwere stagedeveryfouryearsatOlympia,avalleynearacitycalled Elis.PeoplefromallovertheGreekworldcametowatchand takepart.
  • Footballisagamethattwoteamsof11playershavetoscorea goal.Youcanttouchtheballwithyourhands. Tennisisagamethattwoplayershavetousearacketandaball toscoreapoint. Basketballisagamethattwoteamsof5playershavetoscorea pointwithaballmakingabasquetintothebasketandyoucan onlyuseyourhands.
  • Archery,Athletics,Badminton,Basketball,BeachVolleyball, Boxing,CanoeSlalom,CanoeSprint,CyclingBMX,Cycling MountainBike,CyclingRoad,CyclingTrack,Diving,Equestrian, Fencing,Football,GymnasticArtistic,GymnasticsRhythmic, Handball,Hockey,Judo,ModernPentathlon,Rowing,Sailing, Shooting,Swimming,SynchronizedSwimming,TableTennis, Taekwondo,Tennis,Trampoline,Triathlon,Volleyball,WaterPolo, WeightliftingandWrestling.
  • TheyonlyhaveonepairofeyesbetweenthemandlooklikeSonic theHedgehogcrossedwithacharacterfromtheDisneyfilm MonstersInc. Butyouhadbettergetusedtothesestrangeblob-likecreatures becauseWenlockandMandeville,astheyareknown,arethe mascotsforthe2012OlympicsandParalympicsrespectively,and willbealloverBritainforthenexttwoyears. Followingtheridiculeoverthe400,000Olympiclogo,their creatorswillbehopingthatWenlockandMandevillegetamore favourablereception-eventhoughtheytoocarrythemuch- mocked2012image.
  • TheOlympicsoriginallystartedasaseriesofcompetitions betweenrepresentativesfromcitiesinAncientGreece.Theevents weremainlyathletic,butalsoincludedcombatandchariotracing. InthiseratheOlympicswereoffundamentalreligiousimportance astheeventswereheldinparallelwithritualstohonorZeusand Pelops,mythicalkingsofOlympia-thelocationoftheoriginal Olympicstadium.TheOlympicswereheldeveryfouryearsand thisperiod,knownasOlympiad,wasusedbytheancientGreeks asawayoftimemeasurement.Winninganeventwasofgreat valueandrecognitionasthewinnerswereidolisedbytheGreeks onanationallevel.Thewinnerswerealsoimmortalizedthrough thewritingofpoemsandconstructionofstatues.Manywinners aredocumentedinancientGreekmythsandlegends,storiesstill beingtoldtothisday.
  • By: Luana and Antonella
  • The Olimpics Games are multidisciplinary sporting events involving athletes from around the world, in ancient Greece the games were dedicated to the god Zeus. There are two types of Olympics: Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics, each taking place every 4 years. The organization responsible for conducting them is the International Olympic Committee (for short, IOC).
  • The current Olympic Games were inspired in the eighth century BC when the ancient Greeks organized games in the city of Olympia. Then in the nineteenth century, the idea of making some events similar to those organized in Ancient Greece, were mentally materialize thanks to the efforts of the French nobleman Pierre Fredy, Baron de Coubertin. The first edition of the so- called Olympics of the modern era was held in Athens, capital of Greece.
  • Athletics:badminton, basketball, handball, boxing. Cycling: BMX, mountain, track route. Water sports: swimming, synchronized Swimming, jumping, water polo, riding, fencing, football. Gymnastics:artistic gymnastics, rhythmic Gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics, weightlifting, Field Hockey, judo. Wrestling:wrestling, canoeing, Slalom canoeing, calm waters, modern, Pentathlon, rowing, Taekwondo, tennis, Table tennis, Archery Olympic shooting, Triathlon, candle, volleyball and beach volleyball.
  • Basketballis ateam sport, the objective being toshootaball through a basket horizontally positioned to score points while following a set ofrules. Usually, two teams of five players play on a marked rectangularcourtwith a basket at each width end. Basketball is one of the worlds most popular and widely viewed sports.
  • Water polo, or Water ball, is a team water sport. The playing team consists of six field players and onegoalkeeeper. The winner of the game is the team that scores the most goals. Game play involves swimming, treading water. players pass the ball while being defended by opponents, and score by throwing the ball into a net defended by a goalie.
  • Acrobatic gymnastics is a competitive partner sport combining the strength, flexibility and technical precision of gymnastics with the grace and musicality of dance as well as the trust and camaraderie of a dedicated partnership. All acrobats perform in pairs or groups and must specify a level or be within the above age categories. The events that acrobats perform in are: womens pairs (two females); mens pairs (two males); mixed pairs (a male base and a female top); womens groups (three females); mens groups/quad (four males).
  • Wenlock has 5 friendship bracelets on his wrist. Each color is one of the Olympic rings. It has three points on its head representing the 3 places on the podium. The logo of the games in his body symbolizes the world moving towards London in 2012. His face is the shape of the roof of Olympic Stadium.The name of Mandeville, meanwhile, refers to Stoke Mandeville in Buckinghamshire. There, in the year 1948-the same day the Olympic Games opened in London, Dr. Ludwig Guttmann organized a competition for veterans of World War II who suffered spinal cord injuries, which laid the foundation for Paralympic Games.
  • The Olympic Games are important to us because the countries join in peace and anyone can compete. However they can not join if they are discapacitate or injuried in any way, thats why the Parolimpic Games were invented.
  • TheOlympicGames,area majorinternation