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This is the Runnin' Bulldog Soccer Acacemy's Elite Camp Catatlog

Transcript of 2012 Elite Camp Brochre

  • My son had the best soccer experience. He worked hard and learned a lot. He told me he touched

    the ball non-stop! .. Eddie Sale, parent.

    Elite TrainingElite Training

    For Teams and IndividualsFor Teams and Individuals

    July 22 to July 26



    Click here for OnClick here for OnClick here for On---line Registrationline Registrationline Registration

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  • Training Method

    The objective is to challenge each player to their fullest potential.

    We use a mix of techniques and ideals that focus on the guide-

    lines of the United States Soccer Federation. We have an out-

    standing curriculum that includes technical and tactical training,

    a demanding schedule of intense training, and the final element

    of competition. Players will be continually challenged to per-

    form in a competitive training and game environment. The

    staff will test and evaluate each player, physically and men-

    tally, to offer ways to maximize a players potential.

    Goalkeeper Training

    Goalkeeping is a specialized art and they will receive highly specific training to meet their technical, tactical,

    metal, and functional demands.


    Excellent Staff of Highly Qualified Coaches.

    Competitive Environment

    Quality Training:

    Technical Skills

    Tactical Ideals

    Mental Skills

    Goalkeeper Training

    College Recruiting Session

    Competitive Matches

    Excellent Facilities

    Written Evaluations

    Certified Athletic Trainer

    Air Conditioned Dorms

    Each Camper Will Receive a Water Bottle, and

    Gym Sack

    Daily Schedule


    2-4 PM Registration

    4-5 PM Meeting

    5-6 PM Dinner

    6:00 Session & Matches


    6:30 Skills Session

    7:45 Breakfast

    9:00 Team Training SessionTechnical

    (Commuters arrive)

    10:30 Tournament of Champions

    12:00 Lunch

    2:00 Team Training Session-Tactical

    3:30 Skill Session or Match

    5:00 Dinner

    6:30 Evening Matches

    8:30 Cool Down and Stretch

    11:00 Lights Out


    6:30 Skill Session

    7:45 Breakfast

    9:30 Championship Matches

    12-1 Check-out

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  • Directors Tony SetzerHead CoachDirector

    26 years at the college level.

    24 years at Gardner-Webb

    USSF A License

    3 Times Coach of the year.

    25 years at the collegiate level

    Tyler Kettering: Associate Head CoachCo-

    DirectorFormer MLS PlayerAll Conference

    Bradley Morrison: DOC GCCSA Cobras and for-

    mer GWU assistant CoachDirector of Junior

    Elite Academy

    Jason Osborne: FCCAs DOC Former GWU As-

    sociate Head Coach and current UNCC Assis-

    tantMember of the Great Brittan National Fut-

    sal Team (12 Caps)

    Dennis Puckerin: Gardner-Webb Assistant CoachFormer Member of the Trinidad and Tobago National Team

    (over 30 caps)GWU Hall of fame.

    Dave Robb: Gardner-Webb Assistant CoachFormer Player for Mars Hill

    We only employ college caliber coaches to work with teams.

    GWU Coaching Staff from Left to Right:

    Dennis Puckerin, Dave Robb, Tyler Kettering, and Tony Seter

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  • Fees:

    Individual Resident Players: $330 Per Player

    For Resident Teams: 10 or More $295

    For Commuter Individual: $195 per player

    For Commuter Teams: 10 or more $185 per player

    You can choose to go to a big name

    soccer camp, pay more and get so much

    less. The RBSA is a tremendous value

    for the price!

    . Joe RussickParent

    Our team gets a great experience.

    Great training and competitive

    matches, we get a lot out of the experi-


    John DauthSmokey Mountain High


    Weve been back five years in a row,

    and you cant beat the experience.

    Ronnie Todd, Whiteville High School

    Current and former teams that

    have attended the RBSA.

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  • Additional Information

    What to Bring:

    SOCCER BALL, pillow, sheets,

    pillowcase, blanket, towels, soap, toiletry articles, tennis shoes, alarm clock, t-shirts, soccer

    shorts, swim suit, sunscreen, soccer shoes, cleats, and shin guards. (NOTE: Soccer footwear

    should be broken in prior to campnew shoes will cause blisters).



    Board (Dinner Sunday to Breakfast Thursday)

    T 'shirt

    Water Bottle

    Gym Sack

    How To get to Gardner-Webb University


    Gardner-Webb University is located

    in Boiling Springs, NC 28017.

    Get the map Click Here

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  • 2011 Elite Team and Individual Week Application

    Name _________________________________________Age:__________


    City, State:___________________________________ ZIP:____________

    Home Phone __________________Work Phone_____________________

    Email Address:________________________________________________

    Individual______ or Team: ______________________

    _____Residential Camper TEAM__________________

    _____Residential Camper Individual $325

    ROOM Mate Request: __________________________

    _____Commuter Camper TEAM : __________________

    _____Commuter Camper Individual $195$185 (TEAM)

    _____Field Player ______Goalkeeper

    T-shirt size: YM YLSMLXL



    BIRD DISCOUNT and Pay the

    team Rate!

    A $50 Non Refundable Applica-

    tion Fee must accompany this




    Waiver Statement

    All campers must have their own medical coverage. The

    camp provides only excess coverage (does not cover de-

    ductibles) after your insurance policy has been utilized.

    Campers will not be allowed to play unless the following

    information is submitted and the form signed by the par-

    ent or guardian of the camper.


    Campers Insurance Company


    Policy Holder Policy Number

    I give my written permission for my child to be treated by

    a doctor if necessary. He/she is physically fit according to

    our family doctor.


    Signature of Parent or Guardian and date.


    Individual Resident Players: $330 Per Player

    For Resident Teams: 10 or More $295

    For Commuter Individual: $195 per player

    For Commuter Teams: 10 or more $185 per player Medical Information


    Fathers Name


    Work Phone Home Phone


    Mothers Name


    Work Phone Home Phone


    Emergency Contact Phone


    Campers Physician Phone


    Date of last Tetanus Toxoid

    Return Application to:

    The Runnin Bulldog Soccer Academy

    105 Carters Grove Road

    Boiling Springs, NC 28017

    Click here for OnClick here for OnClick here for On---line Registrationline Registrationline Registration

    Click here for OnClick here for OnClick here for On---line Registrationline Registrationline Registration

  • Team Registration Worksheet

    Name first and


    Age Address City Zip Phone # email Shirt



    Coaches here is a work sheet to use for your team. To complete registration, the player

    will have to bring a completed application and medical form from the previous page. But

    you can send this form to us so that we may get them entered into the system.

  • Resident and Full Day Camp

    July 22 to July 26

    Registration at Hamrick Field House on

    Sunday, July 22 from 2:00 to 4:00