2012 Audi TT For Sale MI | Audi Dealer Near Detroit

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2012 Audi TT brochure provided by Fred Lavery Audi located in Birmingham, MI. Find the 2012 Audi TT for sale near Detroit. Call us about our current sales and incentives at (248) 686-2312. http://www.fredlaverycompany.com

Transcript of 2012 Audi TT For Sale MI | Audi Dealer Near Detroit

  • Audi TT Coupe | TT RoadsterAudi TTS Coupe | TTS RoadsterAudi TT RS Coupe

    TT Fred Lavery Audi34602 Woodward AvenueBirmingham, MI 48009(248) 686-2312http://www.fredlaverycompany.com

  • The secret to making a bold entrance.

    .01 Audi quattro / 060 mph in 5.3 seconds 1,2

    Thirty-plus years of quattro technology has brought you this all-wheel drive with a focus on superior handling. Experience confidence-inspiring performance like youve never felt before.

    Youre not the type who has to go looking for extra attentionit finds you anyway. Thats why youre drawn to the TT. If the iconic design draws envious looks, so be it. You have better things to think about. Like the way your TT intimately connects you to the road or the way it makes your pulse race every time you carve through the apex of a mountain road.1

  • And when you consider the attention to detail like brushed aluminum decorative inlays and perfectly placed bolsters on the luxurious standard leather and Alcantara seating surfaces, it all becomes even more irresistible. Add to all of that a collection of inno vative technologies designed to keep you on top of your game, and youll surely think the TT was tailor-made for you.

    1 Always obey local speed and traffic laws. 2 TT Coupe: 060 mph in 5.3 seconds. TT Roadster: 060 mph in 5.6 seconds.

    .02 ASF Aluminium Space Frame

    Using a combination of aluminum and steel cuts down significantly on weight, while helping maintain strength and increasing rigidity. Lighter body weight works with TT performance systems to help give you quicker acceleration, improved braking and exceptional handling.

  • Doesnt ask for looks. Steals them.

    Stir the senses. Go beyond sheet metal and find soul. Thats what your TT was born to do. And nothing is more electrifying than one look at the TT. Every line comes at you with purpose. The dramatic profile is unmistakable, and the high-gloss black Audi Sin-gleframe grille, pronounced wheel arches and air inlets work in concert to highlight the highly assertive design. And with distinctive LED daytime running light technology announcing your arrival, there will be no doubt who is showing up.

  • The first thing youll notice is an interior design like no other. As you look around youll also discover how it closely follows the distinctive design ethos of Audi. A driver-oriented cockpit welcomes you as you enter. Luxurious standard leather and Alcantara seating surfaces offer bolstering in all the right places. While metallic inlays give it a modern, clean feel, and a multifunction sport steering wheel helps keep you in full command. This is luxury with more than enough character.

    .03 Xenon Plus Headlights with LED Daytime Running Light Technology

    Look sharp, with standard xenon plus headlights com plemented by 24 LED clusters, one for each hour of Audi domination at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

    .04 Aluminum-trimmed Pedals

    A solid look, and grippy to the touch, aluminum-trimmed pedals call attention to the vehicles performance roots while adding a little more style for your feet to appreciate.

    .05 Flat-bottom, Aluminum- trimmed Steering Wheel

    Further expressing its sports car DNA is a steering wheel designed for spirited driving.

    .06 Aluminum Trim Accents

    Adding to the overall sophistica-tion of the interior are aluminum trim accents and brushed aluminum decorative inlays.

  • Remove obstacles to your happiness.

  • Just as arresting as the exterior styling, the TT Roadster interior offers sophistication with more than a dollop of sports car panache and luxury. The available high-touch baseball optic leather seating surfaces offer superior support, and el-evate the cabins distinctiveness.

    .07 Retractable Acoustic Soft Top

    Designed with special noise dampening properties, the TT Roadster offers a top constructed of canvas, lightweight alumi-num, and steel. It opens with a simple push of a button and can be closed at speeds under 31 MPH.

    Sometimes you want to think in terms of SPF as much as RPM. Top down, with the sun flooding the cabin, you find the easy charms of the TT Roadster with the touch of a button. Better yet, you dont have to worry about the RPMs either, because the sports car heritage of the TT Roadster delivers them too. Take on the open road with joyful abandon. Because in here, you can always act on your impulses. Rain or shine.

  • 1 Always obey local speed and traffic laws. 2 See wheels page of this brochure for important safety information regarding summer performance tires.

    .08 Sport Seats with Silk Nappa Leather Seat-ing Surfaces

    Luxurious and substantial, they feature contrasting stitching and prominent side bolsters.

    The aggressive side of TT. You didnt get a TTS to play nice. So play hard with a potent 265-horse-power 2.0 TFSI engine, featuring a strong stance and dramatic curves to showcase a performance profile that backs down to no one. Add a bold S model Audi Singleframe grille with aluminum optic double-blade crossbars, and a rapid-fire Audi S tronic dual-clutch transmis-sion with launch control to define its muscularity. The exclamation point comes when you make the run from 0 to 60 mph in a blister-ing 4.9 seconds.1 Just to rub it in.

  • Let the sun in. Then let it all hang out.

    .09 19" 5-segment-spoke Design Alloy Wheels

    The high-performance design is complemented by summer performance tires2 that help deliver enhanced handling.

    .10 TTS Steering Wheel

    Ergonomically designed with shift paddles for spirited driving, the TTS steering wheel features unique contrast stitching and emblems.

  • Specially tuned for even more dynamic handling, Audi S magnetic ride offers a chassis lowered by 10mm along with firmer spring rate. The added control comes from the direct and precise contact with the road and anti-roll bars for additional sup-port. Both help reduce body roll during hard cor-nering and enhance overall performance, inviting you to drive your TTS the way it was meant to be driven. Activate Audi magnetic ride by engaging sport mode, and along with enhanced handling, youll also get a more amplified exhaust note.

    Keep it together even when conditions fall apart. Shaping power as it tames the conditions, legendary Audi quattro all-wheel drive is more than a security blanket for your TTits a performance feature. Funneling power through Audi quattro helps provide solid traction, of course, but also crisper handling in nearly all kinds of driving conditions. Optimally balanced, Audi quattro adapts as conditions change, which means better cornering and surer grip, helping you concentrate more on the joy of driving your TT and less on what Mother Nature has up her sleeve.

    .11 Center Differential

    To help give you optimal traction in practically every situation, the center differential can distribute power to the front and rear wheels individually. During normal driving conditions, it directs 85 percent of the torque to the front wheels, but in extreme circumstances, it can transfer up to 100 percent of the torque to one of the two axles.

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    magnetorheological fluid in non-magnetic state

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    magnetorheological fluid in magnetic state

    .12 Audi Magnetic Ride

    Take control of the handling characteristics with a push of a button. The available magnetic struts are filled with a special fluid that can change its viscosity instantly by introducing an electromag-netic charge, helping give you the right dampen-ing forces for nearly every situation.

  • 1st gear 2nd gear 4th gear 5th gear 6th gear3rd gear

    Perfect equilibrium from zero to forever.

    Audi S tronic transmissionThe concept behind one of the worlds most advanced trans-missions is simple: provide near-constant power. This is accomplished by having two clutches, two input shafts and two independent gear clusters giving you confidence that youll be in the gear you select the instant you select it. And that translates into big performance numbers.

    .13 Dual Clutch

    Using two clutches that operate independently, gear shifts take place in a mere 0.2 seconds. One clutch controls the odd gears (first, third, fifth and reverse), while the other one controls the even gears (second, fourth and sixth). This helps one to always be ready to engage power and delivers seemingly lightning-quick gear changes.

    clutch 02clutch 01

    0 60 mph : 5.3 seconds 3

    .14 Launch Control

    Get off the line even quicker with the help of Audi launch control. Working in concert with the dual clutch S tronic, it optimizes launch rev speed and tire slippage, so you can expect faster off-the-line acceleration.1

  • 6th gear

    Just as in nature, the balance of power in your TT is in constant flux. Good thing the engine and transmission find perfect harmony, add-ing up to an altogether exhilarating experience. The perfectly tuned TFSI engine helps provide a flawless yin to the advanced S tronic transmissions yang, achieving a remarkable level of performance, almost indefinitely.

    2.0 TFSI engine TTLight, agile and powerful, the 2.0 TFSI engine puts out 211 hp and combines Audi valvelift system, variable valve timing, FSI direct injection and turbocharging to prove performance doesnt have to lack efficiency.2

    2.0 TFSI engine TTSNo matter if youre pass-ing on the highway or accelerating off the line, the 2.0 TFSI engine delivers an experience thats never less than engaged. Forged internal components are designed to support the 17.4 lbs of boost that the turbo-charger provides. The result is a purposeful 265