2012-2013 Mr. Bensen. Mr. Bensen has been at PCHS since it opened and worked at 2 other schools...

download 2012-2013 Mr. Bensen. Mr. Bensen has been at PCHS since it opened and worked at 2 other schools before that (one was a middle school) This is my 15 th

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Transcript of 2012-2013 Mr. Bensen. Mr. Bensen has been at PCHS since it opened and worked at 2 other schools...

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2012-2013 Mr. Bensen Slide 2 Mr. Bensen has been at PCHS since it opened and worked at 2 other schools before that (one was a middle school) This is my 15 th year of teaching Went to Virginia Tech (Bachelor of Music Ed) and ECU (Master of Music Ed) Married & have 2 kids Like working out, road biking, working on home projects, playing with my awesome dog, Ryleigh, etc. Ryleigh Slide 3 Apologies to those with GOOD musical taste! Slide 4 Hey, I Just Met You Hi! Slide 5 And This IS crazy Slide 6 But Heres My Number: 3.1415926535897932384 Slide 7 And Heres my baby: Slide 8 Slide 9 Slide 10 Chorus is a community a group of people who need each other to be successful; it is an opportunity to make your best friends and requires us to be civil at all times a good attitude, patience, and tremendous effort will be necessary to make this a class you want to come tobut those requirements are WORTH IT!!! Slide 11 This is important please pay attention! Chorus is a class. It is fun, it is fairly stress- free and it may very well be the highlight of your day. BUT, it is a class that has notes to take, concepts to learn, quizzes to complete and occasional homework to turn in. It is not recess and you should take it seriously the grade in this class effects your overall average as much as English or Geometry. Slide 12 Mixed Chorus Womens Ensemble PCHS Chamber Choir Slide 13 The Mixed Chorus will be comprised of a variety of students representing all four grades. This non-auditioned class focuses on basic musicianship and protocol for choral rehearsals and performances. It includes an introduction to music sight-reading and proper singing technique using choral literature for mixed voices (SAB and SATB). Music selected will range from the 16 th century through current day, including a cappella music, historical literature, lighter mainstream arrangements as well as music from various cultures, genres and languages. Students are expected to perform in 2 regularly scheduled chorus concerts (Fall and Winter see calendar near end of document). Some students may be able to audition for a move up into the Womens Ensemble (girls only) or Chamber Choir (boys only), if scheduling allows for the second semester. There are usually a limited number of such spots, but those interested should consider their auditions as starting at the beginning of the year, including class participation, academic success and vocal skill/technique. Slide 14 This year-long group will include girls in grades 10-12. Ladies in this group must already have a fundamental understanding of sight-reading and singing techniques. Music selected is written specifically for 3-4 part female voices and will involves a wide range of styles, cultures, and languages. Students will perform in all regular chorus concerts, at our District Choral Festival and possibly at a couple of other events in the community. Two Honors Credits will apply to Proficient and Advanced level students in this class. See Curriculum and Honors Credit for more information. Slide 15 The premier performing group at PCHS, this year-long auditioned ensemble will represent students in the upper grades at PCHS. This class will require the greatest commitment and involvement of any choral class. Students must be proficient sight-readers and must have a working knowledge of singing technique. This class will sing throughout the year at regular chorus concerts but also in various community events in our area. Two Honors Credits will apply to Proficient and Advanced level students in this class. See Curriculum and Honors Credit for more information. Slide 16 New A Cappella group (collegiate style): Cadenza Ear Candy Auditions next Wednesday and Thursday during SMART lunch and after school Size will determined by quality of auditions Open to all 3 classes (chorus students ONLY) An audition form is online at our website: www.panthercreekchorus.com www.panthercreekchorus.com Slide 17 Every Student Needs: Water bottle Pencils and lined/loose-leaf paper (music manuscript paper will be provided) At least 1 colored pen or pencil (for grading purposes) WE need the following to be donated: Tissues! 9v and AA batteries Hand sanitizer Glass wipes #10 size envelopes Slide 18 All Panther Creek rules apply Cell phones may be used ONLY when instructed. Otherwise, you will get a warning to put it away and then it will be confiscated if it is being used after the fact. Bathroom Pass: 1 student out at a time; nobody allowed during first 10 min of class. Try to limit to twice per week. Slide 19 Tardy policy for school: If you are not in the class when the bell rings, you are tardy. 1-2 tardies= warning; 3 tardies = Lunch Detention (in 1600 hall); 4 tardies= office referral for after school detention, etc. All absences must be followed by bringing in a note to the attendance before 7:25am the day you return. 2 days grace; after = office referral. Slide 20 2 per quarter;-- Oct. 25 and Dec 20 at 7pm. These are mandatory events. Sickness is usually the only excused absence, which must be made up by completing an essay on a given topic. See handbook for specific guidelines. Admission is charged = $5. Concert PunchCard is available-- $35 for 10 uses/tickets. Also bypass the ticket booth! For those with financial needs, a free concert pass is available from me on the day of the concert Slide 21 What we gonna wear??? Mixed Chorus: Girls: -White dress shirt w/ribbon belt ordered in class $30.00 -SOLID black ankle or floor length skirt OR slacks -SOLID BLACK DRESS shoes (closed toe) Guys: -Black dress pants with visible black belt (shirt should be tucked in) -Black dress shoes and BLACK socks -White long-sleeve dress shirt with traditional collar. -Black tie (provided by chorus dept. to be returned immediately after the concert). Slide 22 What we gonna wear??? Womens Ensemble: -Black polysatin dress Cost: $68.00 -Black closed toe dress shoe with heel 2 or less (purchase on own) -Pearl necklace and earrings $10.00 TOTAL: $78.00 Slide 23 What we gonna wear??? PCHS Chamber Choir Guys: -Black tuxedo outfit (from Savvi formalwear) consisting of: -white mandarin-collar tuxedo shirt w/ black studs and top button -black tuxedo adjustable-waist pants -black 1-button tuxedo coat -solid black dress shoes and black socks (purchase on own) -Black vest (borrow from choral boosters and TURN IN at end of year!) TOTAL: $135.00; includes alterations for present and future! Note: Outfits will be ordered slightly larger to accommodate some future growth. Girls: -Black velvet/crepe back satin dress: Cost: $85.00 -Closed-toe black DRESS SHOE with heel 2 or less (purchase on own) - Necklace, earrings and optional hair pins: $10.00 TOTAL: $95.00 Slide 24 I have 2 major goals for you this year: 1) How to be a better singer with expressive ability, strong music reading skills and sensitivity to ensemble needs 2) How to be a gangsta, yo. For shizzle. Slide 25 Chorus classes will all focus on the following objectives: Singing Technique Development of literacy skills (reading and writing music): new system being implemented this semester Takadimi Evaluative skills relating to ensemble performance Cultural aspects of musical repertoire Slide 26 No not really. However, what will be new is that throughout the semester you will be evaluated on a variety of elements, such as: Technical ability Knowledge Artistic process and contributions These elements will be assessed on a scale of Beginning, Intermediate, Proficient and Advanced criteria and you will receive an overall rating for the semester. This rating will be the major guiding principle to determine class placement for the future. Slide 27 Also new this year (as determined by the Dept. of Instruction), all those enrolled at the Proficient and Advanced levels will AUTOMATICALLY receive honors credit A new Honors Credit assignment will be used to justify this credit, but it is much less work than previous semesters A copy of the new Honors Credit guidelines is already available on our website Slide 28 The purpose of the class is to teach musical literacy (reading/writing music skills), and to develop both ensemble and technical singing skills. Music selection is based on these objectives chosen to help you learn these things Music selection is not about entertainment or giving everybody an opportunity to sing a solo! Repertoire includes music from the 1500s to today. Emphasis is on historical style and learning music you DONT know! Slide 29 Grades will be determined as follows: Classwork and infrequent homework = 20% Concert involvement = 20% Quizzes (include singing quizzes) = 30% Class Participation = 30% Class Participation Slide 30 SMART Lunch sessions are required for all classes. Each class offers at least 2 days per week where activities/make-up, etc. are available. Expectation is attendance at 4 sessions, per class, per 9 weeks MUST SIGN-IN when attending. Chorus includes several sectional rehearsals (required) plus Listening Lab activities Slide 31 Listening Labs are activities that require you to listen to a given choir/singer and answer questions about what you heard. Take place EVERY THURSDSAY during the 1 st half of lunch (A). Friday B is the other day for make-up work, extra help, Graded assignment, but can also be completed at home (posted on Blackboard approx. 1 week before the due date, which is always 2 days before the end of a quarter). Easiest way to fulfill this grade is to come and complete on Thursdays Slide 32 Because we have many financial needs beyond that which the school instructional monies can support, we collect a FairShare fee $36 Mixed Chorus (Pd. 2) $61 Womens Ensemble and Chamber Choir (3/4 Pd.) Can be fundraised, obtained through a community donor, or paid outright by check or cash Slide 33 Read Chorus Handbook and return signature page Check out our website: www.panthercreekchorus.com www.panthercreekchorus.com Ret