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Catálogo de material ATMP/DONIC 2011-2012. Mais informações em material@atmporto.com

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www.donic.comPremium Brand!201213+FriendsJan-Ove Waldner Olympic Champion, 6-times World Champion,11-times European Champion, 7-times Top 12 Winner,Twice World Cup Winner, 9-times Swedish Champion in Mens SinglesJrgen Persson 5-times World Champion, 9-times European Champion, Top 12 Winner, World Cup WinnerDima OvtcharovEurope TOP 12 Winner 2012, Silver Medal at Olympics in Mens Team 2008 Vice World Champion in Men`s team 2010, 20125-times European Champion Mens TeamKirill SkachkovVice Champion Europe TOP 12 2012Patrick BaumVice European Champion Singles 2010, 2011Vice World Champion in Men`s team 2010, 20124-times European Champion Mens TeamLi Ping World Champion in mixed doubles 2009 Singapore Open Vice-Champion 2007Chinese National Team player1 N a t i o n a l T e a m s a n d E u r o p e a n T O P - C l u b sSingapore National Ladies TeamWorld Champion 2010Vice World Champion 2012Silver Medal Olympic Games 2008TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen Vice-Champion European Champions League 2009, Vice-German Champion 2009, 2010, Twice ETTU Cup Winner, many times German Champion, many times German Cup WinnerSingapore National Men TeamQuarterfinal World Championships 2012 TTC Rhnsprudel Fulda-MaberzellFirst German Division, ETTU-Cup Finalist 2010The Austrian National Mens Team Vice-European Champion 2005 Bronze Medal European Championships 2008, 2009, 2011Fifth World Championships 2012AS Pontoise-CergyVice French Team Champion 2009, 2010GAZPROM OrenburgEuropean Champions League Winner 2012Vice-Champion Euopean Champions League 2011Many times Russian Champion and Russian Cup winner.ETTU Cup Winner 2010Werder BremenFirst German DivisionSwiss National Ladies` and Men`s TeamsLuxembourg National Ladies` and Men`s TeamsSV PlderhausenETTU Cup Winner 2002, 2005, 2009. German Cup Winner 2009TTSV Fraulautern First German DivisionAngers VaillanteVice Champion ETTU Cup 2012 ETTU Cup-Winner 2008 Vice French Champion 2008 SPRVGENS BTKMany times Swedish Team ChampionFUSION TTCBritish Premier League Winner 2012 >> AR + OFF +6 10+ AR + OFF +10+ 10++ 5+2The right sponge thickness we recommend DEF 1.0 to 1.5 mm AR 1.5 to 2.0 mmOFF 1.8 to max mmP I M P L E S - I N R U B B E R SThe elastic properties of the top sheet determine the control of the ball and the characteristics of your rubber. We therefore outline the following categories according to the characteristics of the top sheet.tHIGH FRICTION and CONTROLThese rubbers are not fast, but provide high grip. Their control is excellent. Due to the weak elasticity, the grip can only develop its effect on topspin when slow balls are played. Low spin dynamics in fast topspin games.tSTICKYThese rubber sheets offer good control and are very sticky, provi-ding good spin when playing slow balls: i.e. service and first spin.tCONTROL-ELASTICThese rubbers develop spin elasticity even at low speed giving you more control and providing more playing fun. Suitable for control orientated players. tSTICKY-ELASTICSlightly sticky rubbers with very good spin dynamics and ball control when playing at high speed. Very sophisticated technology. tOFFENSIVE-ELASTICFast offensive rubbers. Speed is the predomi-nant characteristic rather than spin. Interes-ting rubbers for fast aggressive players.tSPIN-ELASTICProfessional rubbers for todays top table tennis players. They not only have the speed of the offensive elastic rubbers but also the addition of spin characteristics.The rubber sheet:European players usually play with pimplesin rubber. Pimpled out rubber for speed players and long pimpled and anti spin rubber for defensive players are encoun-tered less frequently.The sponge:Sponges are available in several thicknesses. The thicker the sponge, the more difficult to control, but the more spin for topspin shots and the less spin for chopping.See our points for control, spin and speed in the Compact Description boxes.Sponge hardness:Modern rubbers usually have three differing degrees of sponge hardness.We always indicate these in our Compact Description.t40'5 Soft sponge provides better ball control. The spin remains the same while speed is slightly reduced.t.&%*6. The standard sponge offering a balanced relationship between control, speed and spin.t)"3% These sponges provide more speed but less ball control.The first step is to analyse yourself: what type of player are you? A rough distinction would be the following four categories.%&'You are a defensive player who prefers to slice the ball. ARYou are an all round player who uses all TT tech-niques: chop, block, spin, and smash.You prefer tactical play and exact placement of balls or a speedier game.OFF Focal point SPINYou are a strategic player who uses reversed pim-pled rubber. The main characteristic of your game is topspin. Playing close to the table or only from a short distance, you try to win your points with spin strategies. OFF Focal point SMASHYou prefer speed to spin. The main characte-ristics of your game are hard blocked balls and smashes with exact placement. You usually play with pimples out rubber on the backhand. ELASTICITYControl of the ball is effected when the ball makes contact with the bat. The elastic properties of a blade make you feel this contact. It is down to the individu-al which type of elasticity is preferred. We outline the five categories of elasticity. If you take these catego-ries into consideration it will help determine your blade choice.t&MBTUJDYou can really feel the contact between ball and blade, often with a vibration. A good example is the defensive blade Donic DEFPLAY CLASSIC SENSO, which has excellent control.t$POUSPMFMBTUJDBalanced, distinct contact between blade and ball with no disturbing vibration. Perfect control for all-round strategies, and when combined with spin elastic rubber also for offensive strategies.Example: DONIC APPELGREN ALLPLAY SENSO.straightconcaveanatomicH a n d l e s The choice of handle is purely personal. In our com-pact description you can see the available handle shapes for each blade. There is no best handle, everyone should choose the handle they find most comfortable. Straight handles are usually held more loosely, while concave and anatomic handles are held relatively firmly. Handles, which have not been lacquered, naturally absorb sweat better.OUR CLASSI FI CATI ONS FOR BLADES AND RUBBERSEvery table tennis player has his own individual style of play as has every blade and rubber.It is now possible to obtain a distinctive match between the two. It has become very easy for a player to find the perfect match of blade and rubbers. Few pl ayer s have onl y one way of pl ayi ng. Ther e i s a di s t i nc t bas i s of pl ay but wi t h ot her el ement s . For exampl e, al l - r ound pl ayer s wi l l t ake t he oppor t uni t y t o wi n t he poi nt by at t ac ki ng when pos s i bl e but at t ac ki ng pl ayer s ar e al s o s omet i mes f or c ed i nt o bl oc ki ng or pas s i ve pl ay dur i ng c er t ai n s i t uat i ons .Si mi l ar l y t he per f or manc e of bl ades and r ubber i s not onl y one- di mens i onal . Ther e i s al ways a wi de r ange of per f or manc e, whi c h we c an now i l l us t r at e.Fr om DEF ( def ens i ve) - and + gr aduat i ng t hr ough AR ( al l - r ound) t o OFF ( of f ens i ve) .t4QFFEFMBTUJDYou still clearly feel the contact between the ela-stic blade and the ball, but this blade is obviously stiffer and faster than a control elastic blade. Example: DONIC WALDNER SENSO.t/FBSMZTUJGGThe vibration has been reduced to a minimum. You still have good ball contact. These blades are usually very fast. Example: DONIC PERSSON POWERPLAY SENSO.t4UJGGThe predominant characteristic is speed. Not always easy to control, but a good example for a solution to this problem is the DONIC BURN OFF.COMPACT DESCRI PTI ONBL ADESRubber Sheets Al l det ai l s i n a s mal l boxOur compact description will inform you which rubber is suitable for each player type. Having considered all the additional information, specifically the elasticity of the top sheet, the hardness of the sponge, and the control, spin and speed values, you will be able to make the ultimate decision.Our Compact Description will tell you which blade is suitable for which player type. Having considered the additional information particularly elasticity, and the speed and control values, you will be in a position to make an informed choice.SPEED CONTROLstiffELASTICITYmedium +SPONGE HARDNESS SPIN SPEED CONTROLBoth sides of a tt-bat must be in different colours, i.e. forehand rubber red, backhand rubber black. AR + DEF + OFF + AR + DEF + OFF + Trouble Effect Alligator DEF* 000 245 47 long pimples without sponge/0.5/1.0 Medium 9 7 3 2 9+ Akkadi L2* 000 236 47 long pimples without sponge/0.6/1.0 Medium 8 + 7 3 2 9+ Piranja Formula TEC* 000 242 47 long pimples without sponge/1.2 Medium 8 7 3 2 9+ Akkadi L1* 000 237 47 long pimples without sponge/0.6/1.0 Medium 8 7 3 2 9+ Twister LB 000 272 46 med long pimples 1.2/1.5/2.0 Medium 6 8 5 + 2 7+ * Rating of these rubbers based on version with sponge! Baxster F1-A 000 249 46 short pimples 1.8/2.0 Medium 6 + 5 9 + Baxster LB 000 247 46 short pimples 1.5/1.8/2.0 Medium 5 + 8 7 All blade and rubber ratings have been determined during various tests in co-operation with, and constant feedback from many top players. The figures are from 0-10 (10++ being the highest score). These ratings should help you to make your decision. Please do not consider just the maximum rating but also your playing style when choosing your equipment. Blade-Ratings Art.-N