2011 September

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Transcript of 2011 September

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    Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association (931) 490-0400 (931) 490-0488 fax 1

    SAPATodayAdvancing the free paper industry by providing resources for success and venues for sharing ideas.

    Board of DirectorsThe leadership of SAPA is in good hands. The board of directors, director, and assistant are listed with contact information.Page 3

    Hows YourPeripheral Vision?John Foust helps see more than is right in front of us. Look around to see a total marketing approach.Page 3

    Conference ScheduleWe just had an amazing conference in Birmingham, Alabama. Now, prepare to join us in New Orleans, LA September 2012.Page 8

    Graphics Series Ellen Hanrahan shows how Glyphs can add some fun and excitement to an ad, without a lot of work.Page 5

    USPS UpdateIf you dont know what an Exigent Rate Remand Case means then read this article to understand this complex subject.Page 6

    6 Steps to Effective AdvertisingTake your readers to the buy by using these six time-tested steps.Page 9

    by Bob Berting

    It usually takes me twice as long to read the average publication because Im constantly stopping to admire the subtle nuances of a well-crafted ad. What is the ad trying to say? How does the ad make me feel about the quality of the product or service? How does the ad match up with the surrounding ads on the page? The same thing hap-pens when I see other forms of printed advertising - brochures, mailing piec-es, yers - you name it. In short, over the years, I have become an advertis-ing junkie.

    Why I Love FreePaper Advertising

    This obsession with printed forms of advertising, and how it works, leads to a greater appreciation of creativity in successful advertising campaigns. If we want to catchand hold the attention of your readers, here are 3 things to think about when designing and writing copy for your ads:

    1. KEEP IT FRESH:Consumers are bored quickly. Surprise them with intelligent advertising. Sell benets, not features. Show and tell them quickly how the advertising can make them feel good about the prod-uct or service. Most current TV com-

    mercials are not clear about the prod-uct or service until the last 5 seconds of the spot.

    2. KEEP IT SIMPLE:Most display ads are too full of graphics and copy. Thats why the ads go gray to the reader and consequently lack good response for your customer. If you have a complicated story to tell, boil it down to your main selling points and convert them into a provocative head-ing for each ad. These headline points can also be seen as reasons to buy. If you give the consumer enough reasons

    Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association


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    Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association (931) 490-0400 (931) 490-0488 fax 2

    by Brian Gay

    The Campaign Committee is busy working on the design for the 3 new pop-up banners. Only one banner will have to be changed as the information changes. We were spending more on shipping than what the new banners will cost. The big benet is that the new pop-up banners will ship for a fraction of the cost of the old display.

    The Member Relations Committee reports that Dan Holmes is working on the Link N- Learn book project and that Janelle Anderson and Elaine Buckley are working on a new project call Link N- Earn. The purpose is to provide information to publishers that can create new revenue.

    The Technology Committee is work-ing on blogs posted on the PaperChain website. The committee reported that Ohio has approved legals for distribu-tion in free papers. This was done in part with the help of paid newspapers because they did not want the legals going to the Internet. The committee is working on plans to get the Paper-Chain blogs to more members by us-ing social networks and using state and regional social media presence, email links, and newsletters.

    The Charitable Committee is work-ing on a replacement for Make- A- Wish. As you may recall, Make-A-Wish decided to go in a different direction. One suggestion is to check with the Ad Council and see if there is a project that would t what free pa-pers have to offer. The thought is that we could get a lot of exposure to our industry by working with this group. Their board is like the Whos Who of numerous ad agencies.

    The Administration Committee will be working this month with David Crawford from SRDS in preparation for the next 2-year contract with Stan-dard Rate and Data. Many in the in-dustry believe this is the best and most important benet that is provided by PaperChain.

    Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.

    Ray Kroc

    In good times, people want to advertise; in bad times, they have to.

    Bruce Barton

    Partners in Printing Since 1900

    David C. ZehPrint Sales Consultant

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    to buy, they will be far more receptive to the advertising campaign.

    3. KEEP IT SMART:Most copy written today is mundane and most copywriters are in a comfort-able rut. Think bigger. Think smarter. Look at what the competition is doing, then aim higher with sharper, more descriptive headlines and copy. Use a Thesaurus, which is both a dictionary of synonyms and a treasury of related words. I now ask you to shake things up. Create advertising that cant be ig-nored.

    Free PapersWorking For You

    Does your advertising leave you feeling this way?Advertising can be pretty complex. You may not know which way to turn. Th ere is a sign you can rely on ours. Call us today so that our professionals can make the most of your advertising investment.

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    Another sign were working for you.

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    Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association (931) 490-0400 (931) 490-0488 fax 3


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    QuattlebaumSoutheast Sun

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    Douglas FrySAPA Headquarters

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    ip Integrity is the most valuable and respected quality of leadership. Always keep your word.

    Brian Tracy

    By John Foust, Raleigh, NC

    I was talking to Gloria, an advertiser who is always looking for ways to get the most from her promotional budget. There are more marketing choices now than ever before, she said. And

    is designed to make all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing work together as a unified force, rather than permitting each to work in isolation.

    There are a lot of media sales people who dont acknowledge other marketing vehicles, Gloria said. That approach doesnt work with businesses like mine. I want to deal with people who have peripheral vision people who see more than whats directly in front of them.

    Hows YourPeripheral Vision?

    continued on page 4

    one of the most important factors is that things can be connected. Some people call it integrated marketing. I can place an ad in my local paper which drives people to my web site, which in turn provides more details about the product in the print ad.

    The web site About.com defines Integrated Marketing Communication as, a management concept that

  • V I S I T U S A T W W W . S A P A T O D A Y . C O M

    Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association (931) 490-0400 (931) 490-0488 fax 4

    A lot of advertisers agree with Glorias point of view. They want cohesiveness in the way their products and services are marketed. Wed better take them seriously.

    Here are some key steps in the process:

    1. Study your prospects marketing. Im impressed when sales people demonstrate they know something about my marketing history, Gloria said. That puts our discussions on

    a higher level. Right off the bat, we can analyze results and talk about my marketing objectives for the future.

    I remember one sales person who put together an album of some ads and promotions that I had run, she explained. That was a smart strategy, because it provided us with some specifics to discuss.

    Gloria is right. Its important for sales people to look beyond todays ads.

    What kinds of