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2010 Audi TT-TTS brochure provided by Audi of Nashua located in Nashua, NH. Find the 2010 Audi TT-TTS for sale in New Hampshire; call about our current sales and incentives at 603-595-1700. http://www.audinashua.com/

Transcript of 2010 Audi TT-TTS Audi of Nashua NH

  • Audi of Nashua 170 Main Dunstable Road Nashua, NH 03060-3638 603-595-1700http://www.audinashua.com/

  • It starts with the broad contours and the distinctive front grille. And once the

    unmistakable shape takes hold, it becomes even more apparent: The Audi TT

    is an engineering marvel. Iconic design and unbridled performance fi nd a new

    home in the Audi TT. From a powerful, wide and low stance to its award-winning

    engine, the TT not only delivers on its looks, it surpasses.

    Audi TT Coupe 2.0T Prestige

    One glance is all the a rmation youll need.

  • An interior crafted with passion, for passion.

    Appointed with a spirit for performance, the Audi TT boasts an impeccably

    crafted interior. Stylish trim with Brushed Aluminum inlays accent an

    affi nity for elegance and distinction. And a race-inspired, leather-wrapped,

    multifunction steering wheel brings easy access to shift paddles as well

    as music and voice control systems. The TT also features sport seats with

    available Fine Nappa leather, bringing performance and luxury full circle.

    Audi TT Coupe 2.0T Prestige

  • Looks that stand out on any road, performance that stands out in any situation.

    The Audi TT is the only exclusive all-wheel drive sportscar in its class, calling

    on a proven motorsports heritage and quattro all-wheel drive to help deliver

    exceptional traction and performance in virtually any situation. And in true

    Audi fashion, advanced technology enables the most responsive handling

    possible through the available Audi magnetic ride suspension. In short, it adapts

    instantaneously to prevailing road conditions to optimize handling performance.

    Audi TT Roadster 2.0T Prestige

  • The silhouette of power.

    Simply put, the Audi TT is made for motion. Take the award-winning turbo direct

    injected 2.0 liter TFSI engine, for instance. Delivering an astounding 29 MPG*

    and a 0-60 time of just 5.9 seconds, effi ciency and power hold equal importance.

    An S tronic transmission, capable of 0.2-second gear changes, and Audi launch

    control optimize acceleration while enhancing the overall driving experience.

    * EPA fuel economy estimates for automatic transmission city/highway: 21/29 MPG. Your mileage will vary. TT Coupe.

    Audi TT Coupe 2.0T Prestige

  • Power meets possibility.

    Like any Audi, innovative safety features abound. In addition to the peace of mind quattro

    all-wheel drive off ers, dual-stage airbags, knee airbags and head and thorax side airbags*

    are standard. Plus, the Audi TT features ESP, which helps provide maximum control

    in adverse conditions by employing a number of safety systems, including anti-lock

    braking, Electronic Brake-pressure Distribution [EBD] and traction control. After all,

    power is meaningless if it cant be used safely and eff ectively.

    Audi TT Coupe 2.0T Prestige

    * Airbags are supplemental restraints only and will not deploy under all crash circumstances. Always use safety belts and seat children in the rear, using restraint systems appropriate for their size and age.

    This is a dramatization and does not depict what will happen in an accident. All bags will not infl ate in real world accidents and if multiple bags deploy they will be in various stages of infl ating/defl ating and will never all be infl ated at the same time.

  • Good luck fi nding a synonym.

    Power, innovation and design come together so perfectly, the result

    defi es description. Built with a passion for driving, the Audi TTS

    delivers performance like only an Audi can. The ultra-effi cient

    2.0 liter turbo direct injection TFSI engine delivers an incredible

    29 MPG*. And with 265 hp and an S tronic transmission that delivers

    lightning-fast shifting, the TTS achieves 60 MPH in 4.9 seconds,

    leaving the competition in its wake.

    * EPA fuel economy estimates for automatic transmission city/highway: 21/29 MPG. Your mileage will vary. TTS Coupe.

    Audi TTS Roadster Prestige

  • Is it possible to be both exclusive and inclusive?

    Function meets distinction throughout the fi nely crafted interior of the

    Audi TTS. Brushed Aluminum inlays, Aluminum Optic S tronic shift paddles,

    a unique Audi TTS instrument cluster, available Silk Nappa leather sport

    seats and a number of other specifi c S model elements create an environment

    with a proclivity for performance. Combined with a race-inspired multifunction

    steering wheel and contrast stitching throughout, the Audi TTS interior

    is the perfect setting for a rewarding driving experience.

    Audi TTS Roadster Prestige

  • The face of performance.

    Driving the Audi TTS with its race-bred heritage, its easy to trace its inspiration.

    It begins with the 265 hp 2.0 liter TFSI engine, which has been exclusively

    re-engineered to suit the TTS. An enhanced air intake and exhaust system, coupled

    with a performance-optimized turbocharger allows the TTS to tap the full potential

    of turbo FSI technology. The result is an astonishing 258 lb-ft. of torque from

    2500-5000 rpm. The TTS also utilizes Audi launch control, which adds to its instinct

    of speed by optimizing acceleration from a standstill. Just more proof that the

    Audi TTS delivers on its promise of performance.

    Audi TTS Coupe Prestige

  • Power is just the beginning.

    Audi TTS performance extends far beyond the drivetrain. After all, the Audi TTS

    is the only sportscar in its class to off er the latest generation of quattro all-wheel

    drive and ASF, the exclusive Audi Space Frame. On top of those systems, Audi

    magnetic ride further enhances handling by continuously adjusting suspension

    components for ideal damping in any driving situation. Plus, with Audi magnetic

    ride, drivers have the option to control the driving experience with the push of a

    button by selecting between Normal and Sport modes.

    Audi TTS Coupe Prestige

  • Its so rewarding because were so demanding.

    Innovation isnt taken lightly on any Audi, especially the Audi TTS. Starting with

    the lightweight aluminum and steel Audi Space Frame [ASF], the TTS boasts improved

    load distribution, added strength and safety. The Electronic Stabilization Program,

    also known as ESP, bolsters confi dence and handling control by integrating a number

    of systems, including anti-lock brakes, Electronic Diff erential Lock [EDL] and traction

    control. When adverse driving conditions are encountered, these systems automatically

    activate in a fraction of a second, helping you avoid many dangerous driving scenarios.

    Audi TTS Coupe Prestige

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    TT Premium TT Premium

    1. Leather/Alcantara sport seats | The superior quality of leather and impeccable craftsmanship of the seat design are complemented by

    Black stitching and race-bred Alcantara inserts, which were developed

    to provide a high level of grip for drivers and passengers.

    2. Leather-wrapped, fl at-bottom, multifunction sport steering wheel with shift paddles | The race-inspired, lightweight, magnesium, three-spoke, leather-wrapped design has a performance look and feel, and features

    shift paddles for quick gear changes. The multifunction steering wheel

    provides easy access to MMI-inspired control logic for CD, radio, navigation

    and voice control functions.

    3. Audi concert radio with SIRIUS Satellite Radio | Audi concert radio features the Audi Sound System with 140 watts of power with MP3 CD

    capability. It also off ers a CD player and auxiliary input for easy access

    to a variety of music devices. The Radio Data System [RDS] on the screen

    displays several types of FM radio information, as well as SIRIUS

    Satellite Radio information.

    4. Storage Package with load-through | The Storage Package adds a number of convenient features to the TT interior, including compartments

    under the drivers and front passengers seats, a net in the front passengers

    footwell, nets on the back of the drivers and front passengers seats

    and load-securing net in the luggage compartment. The Roadster also

    includes a load-through facility with ski bag.

    + Audi hill hold assist | Audi hill hold assist combines convenience and safety by helping to prevent the car from briefl y rolling back when

    performing a hill start.

    + homeLink and Bluetooth | HomeLink is integrated into the overhead controls and uses a simple three-button system that can control garage

    doors, gates and even lights in the home. The Bluetooth hands-free

    phone interface allows you to pair a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone

    with your Audi and access your phonebook within the driver information

    display in your instrument panel. For specifi c compatibility and operation,

    refer to audiusa.com/bluetooth or contact your local Audi dealer for the

    latest listing of compatible phones.

    + Power-folding top | The power-folding soft top is constructed of lightweight aluminum and steel. The top opens and closes in twelve

    seconds at speeds under 31 MPH for added convenience. [Roadster only]

    + Retractable rear spoiler | The retractable rear spoiler automatically extends at 75 MPH and retracts at 50 MPH. This performance and

    aerodynamics-enhancing feature can also be operated manually.

    + FEAtURE not Shown

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