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Handouts from Lynne Copp\'s 2009 Keynote on the Future of Work. To book Lynne for your event, contact The Worklife Company on +44 1672 811170, admin@theworklifecompany.com

Transcript of 2009 Keynote Handouts

  • 1. 3/30/2009The Future of WorkPresented By Lynne Copp, Managing Director Performance Culture However Business case has not achieved goals Competition for talent is rife and the issue is growing Stress, increased workload and workplace addiction has driven down business results and increased costs1

2. 3/30/2009 Too much stress Stress Related Dysfunction Engaging Culture 2 3. 3/30/2009 Five Dimensions of Focus InfrastructureEmployeesManagementLeadershipCultureFlexibility and Choice Reasons Seasons ReducedRearrangedReduced or Rearranged Reduced Re-Arranged Part time Compressed working Job shareyear/month/fortnight/ Annualised hours week Term time working Flexi-time Zero hours contracts Staggered hours V-timeV time working Shift working S og Interim & portfolio Self rosteringworking Teleworking Flex force working Flexi-place Sabbaticals Working from home/ Career breaksHome-based workingThink Phased return and Ergo-hours Goldfish leave Career breaks Company share Time Sovereignty3 4. 3/30/2009Your call to Action PeoplePlace Process Demographics Mobility Waste Diversity Time Identification Engagement Space Improvement Innovation Environment Benchmarking There is no such thing as bad g weather, just inappropriate clothing! Billy Connolly To end OrganisationalLearning & DevelopmentDevelopment Culture Change BespokeInnovation Bite-sized OrganisationCoaching maturityWorklife &Action LearningWellbeing Focus GroupsSeminarsConsultingE-learningwww.theworklifecompany.com 01672 811170 admin@theworklifecompany.com Communication Measurement 4