2009 August Newsletter - Creighton Cragun who had a baby girl, Zoe, on July 29, 2009....

download 2009 August Newsletter - Creighton Cragun who had a baby girl, Zoe, on July 29, 2009. Congratulations to Crystal Huynhcao who had a baby girl nam e d Madison. Congratulations to Harriot

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Transcript of 2009 August Newsletter - Creighton Cragun who had a baby girl, Zoe, on July 29, 2009....

  • Hoots and Salutes

    August 2009

    Student Support Services


    Congratulations to Jami l lah H i n s o n o f Central High S c h o o l f o r winning the

    Facebook give-away from COBA.

    Congratulations to Michael Beverly who has a new d a u g h t e r M i l a E s s y n c e B e v e r l y born on March 23, 2009 at 8:56am. Michael says, Her name stands for "Miracle" in Portuguese Spanish. She is a very good baby, very active, and she loves to smile and laugh.

    Congratulations to Antownette Hobbs for being

    Congratulations to Samson Chik o n h i s acceptance into P h a r m a c y School.

    Congratulations to Adrian Sandoval for earning the Indian Health S e r v i c e s Scholarship for pre-Dentistry.

    Congratulations t o S h e l l e y Wounded Shield who received the Reaching Your Potential

    S c h o l a r s h i p f r o m EducationQuest.

    Congratulations to Emina Becirovic for r e c e i v i n g a scholarship and being featured in t h e O m a h a

    featured in the Creighton University Magazine.

    Jonathan Nguyen recently took a position with Sodexo as the M a n a g e r o f Env i ronmenta l Services at the Nebraska Medical Center. He oversees 23 individuals from a variety of departments.

    Congratulations to Kim Cragun who had a baby girl, Zoe, on July 29, 2009.

    Congratulations t o C r y s t a l Huynhcao who had a baby girl n a m e d Madison.

    Congratulations to Harriot Mullin her daughter Mary was recently married.

    Spring 2009

    4.0 GPA Jordane Choquette

    Stephanie Christensen Kathy Daotay

    Chadi El-Khoury Cheree Hatfield Harriet Mullin

    David Plutschack Lori Schnepf

    MeLitta Wilson Deans List

    Anthony Allee Richard Ho

    Randell Haduca Emmanuel de Jesus

    Lan Uyen Tran Francis Waln

    Amy Xie Herman Ing

    Angela Schroeder Teresa Vu

    Chester Ashong Jordane Choquette Steele Valenzuela

    Tai Do Erin Dailey

    Song Zheng Gorden Pang Braxton Black

    Son Nam Nguyen Amber Bennett

    Maria Tran Jian Hao Cai

    Jordan Nelson Amy Lan Anh Dao Jonathan Nguyen

    Rocio Mujica Tiffanesha Williams

    Acenith Garvey Teela Allen Phuong Le

    Lizette Orihuela Ha Pham

    Alumnae Hoots and Salutes Congratulations t o M e L i t t a Wilson who will be teaching at Wa lnut H i l l E l e m e n t a r y School this fall.

    Congratulations to Sarah Cooke who is s t a r t i n g l a w s c h o o l a t C r e i g h t o n University this fall.

    Congratulations to Keshia Bradford who will begin her Masters in Public A d m i n i s t r a t i o n Program at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

    Congratulations to Joshuah Marshall who completed his tour in the Peace Corps and will begin his Master in Public Administration Program at Seattle University this fall.

    Congratulations to Lyndsey Ladao who is beginning in Cre ighton Un ivers i t y s Nursing Ph.D. program.

    Congratulations to Kyle Ladao who is beginning in the Masters in Information Technology Program at Creighton.

    Congratulations to Sandra Chee who will begin P h a r m ac y S c ho o l a t Creighton this fall.

  • Page 2 Student Support Services Spotlight on Josh Phelps by Steven Buffalohead

    so far is graduating from Creighton Prep and being accepted into Creighton University. Joshs perfect professor would be someone funny, helpful and, most importantly, bald.

    Josh is an excellent magician and plays a mean clarinet. When Josh isnt working hard studying for tests, he can be found at his full-time job at the local Hy-Vee, or having a great time with his friends.

    Josh has a sister who is over 40 years old. Josh can name any car on the road and has owned eight cars in two years. Joshs most prized possession is not one of his eight cars, but his dads class ring because his father passed


    Josh does not really have a favorite type of music. He will listen to anything except hardcore, screaming, head-banging rock. The most fun Josh ever had was at his 18th birthday party, Because we played musical chairs and ate cake. Josh is annoyed by hippies and being flicked in the ear while driving. Joshs least favorite word is chalupa, so do not go to Taco Bell with him. Joshs favorite color is red, favorite car is a Cadillac Eldorado, and favorite food is a T-bone from Piccolos. If Josh could be an animal, he would be an eagle, so he could catch fish with his claws and be the U.S. mascot.

    The most interesting place Josh has visited is Tombstone, Arizona. He liked it because it was cool to see a real old western town, and he likes the movie Tombstone.

    I asked Josh about his roommate and he said, His name is Steven Buffalohead, and he is a pretty cool guy. The last comment Josh had is, I am looking forward to four years of mind-numbing bliss.

    Joshua Patrick Phelps is the next in the Spotlight. If you do not like his real name, you can always call him by his nickname, J Pisimo. Josh is majoring in business marketing and real estate. He was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska.

    Josh selected Creighton University because of its prestige, academics, and good internships. Josh says he joined SSS because, Tami Buffalohead made me. Josh has benefited from SSS because he r e c e i v e d h e l p w i t h registration and all the confusing tasks an incoming freshman has to deal with. Josh has received the Jesuit High School Scholarship, Second Honors at Creighton Prep, and the Goodrich Scholarship to UNOwhich he respectfully turned down to come to Creighton University.

    Josh plans to join leadership programs at Creighton. He has volunteered at the Open Door Mission, and the Mount Clair Nursing home.

    Joshs greatest achievement

    Joshua Phelps working hard at the team building event.

    Always smiling, Joshua displays his Nebraska pride.

    Mr. Phelps himself showing off his fun side.

    Josh enjoying chatting on the phone with friends.

    The Freshmen off SSS work diligently together in order to walk across the wooden path they laid out as a group.

  • Page 3 Susan Tracy Theology SI Leader by Sheila Field

    everything about attending Creighton. One of the most exciting things that have happened to her was being asked to do SI. Susan said, It was unexpected. A professor recommended me to do this. She didnt really know what she was selected to do at the time, but she is honored that her professors recommended her and is looking forward to doing SI.

    Susan is a humble person; she feels that she and her family are ordinary. She says, I feel like an ordinary person that had extraordinary things happen to me. I have just been in the right place at the right time to experience extraordinary things.

    Outside of school, Susan loves to take care of her family, garden, read, study, listen to music, and travel, she also really enjoys being a student and just learning. Susan has been married for 31 years to her husband Jim, they have three sons: 27-year-old Jim who lives and works in Sarpy county, 24-year-old Brian who is a recent college graduate from St. John in Minnesota and who is planning to apply to law school, and 20-year-old Dan who is a Junior at

    Creighton. Dan is majoring in musical theatre and was in Creightons production of Westside Story.

    In 1993 Susans husband got transferred to Offutt air force base and she and her family have stayed in the Omaha area ever since. Susan says, We loved it here and this is the longest I have lived in one place in my whole life.

    Besides her family, one of S u s a n s m o s t p r i z e d possessions is her mothers baptismal gown that was handmade for her. The gown was not only used for Susans mothers baptism, but also for her mothers brother, Susans six brothers and herself, all of Susans children, and some of her nieces and nephews baptisms. Susan was very happy when her mother passed the gown down to her so that she could keep it in the family. Susan treasures it because of its long history.

    Even though she has traveled extensively, Susan thinks Italy is the most exciting place she has been. She says, I have been to Italy several times and I love it. I could go there anytime. Recently, Susan visited Alaska. She said, Alaska is exciting and truly different.

    Susans best advice to students is to never stop learning, be a life-long learner and never give up.

    If you would like to contact Susan Tracy she checks her e-mail daily, also watch for SI groups in the SSS office.

    This Fall Susan Tracy will be tutoring and providing Supplemental Instruction (SI) for Theology. Susan is a Graduate student working on her masters degree in Theology. With her degree she plans to continue her study of scripture.

    Susan was born in Jackson, Mississippi but she has not lived there for a long time. Her husband is in the Air force, so she moved around often. Now, Susan and her family call Omaha home. Susan chose Creighton because the opportunity was here. She was encouraged to pursue her g rad uate degree in Theology. She chose Creighton because it was near her home, and had all of the things she was interested in.

    Susan has not had much contact with SSS yet, but she is looking forward to a creating a great relationship with SSS staff and students. In the community, Susan is involved with her church, St. Matthews Parish in Bellevue, Nebraska. She participates in many ways; including bible study. She loves her church and participating in bible study, and she wanted to help others be involved in scripture so she decided to get a masters degree.

    Susan is a mother of three sons, and her biggest achievement by far is having raised [her] sons to be successful citizens.

    So far, Susan has enjoyed