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2008No one dreams of the Old West without conjuring up images of six-shooters, lever-action rifles and the celebrated buffalo guns that could shoot a mile. These days, original guns are worth thousands of dollars and most are housed in museums or private gun collections and the thought of shooting one of these treasured collectors items would set a museum curators nerves on edge. In fact, the thrill of shooting a gun from the Old West might have been lost if it were not for gunmaker Aldo Uberti.In 1959, Aldo Uberti founded A. Uberti, S.r.l. in the village of Gardone Val Trompia in the Italian Alps and began making replicas of Civil War era cap and ball revolvers. Over the years, as the experience and skill of his craftsmen grew, Uberti expanded into replicas of classic lever-action rifles, cowboy six-shooters and big game rifles. Not only are the Uberti guns exacting replicas down to the finest detail, but with modern machinery and materials theyre actually better than the originals. From Civil War reenactments to the fast growing sport of Cowboy Action Shooting, the demand for replica firearms has never been stronger, and Uberti has never been in a better position to meet it. Imported by Stoeger Industries, a member of the Benelli USA family of companies, Uberti firearms are now available in America directly from the source. Uberti f irearms marked Imported by Stoeger Industries are warranteed and can be serviced by factory-trained gunsmiths using genuine Uberti parts right here in the U.S.A.6WdjiJWZgi^S T OR E GU N S S O T H E Y A R E NOT AC C E S S I BL E T O U NAU T HOR I Z E D P E R S ON S .Take to the field. Uberti recreations of classic American firearms are accurate in every detail except one theyre better than the originals. Made with stronger materials and modern machine tools, they are far more durable and accurate than any firearm from the era of Oliver Winchester and Samuel Colt. Uberti cartridge firearms will stand up to modern smokeless powder loads and all display the superior accuracy expected by todays shooters. Competitors in the fast growing sport of Cowboy Action Shooting have been quick to recognize that Uberti guns set the standard by which others are judged. Currently the Uberti 1873 lever-action is the sports most popular rifle and the 1873 Cattleman revolver is the hottest selling Cowboy Action handgun. However, Uberti firearms arent just for target shootingthey were designed to take afield. Whether you target shoot or big game hunt, Uberti puts excitement and adventure back into shooting.Giacomo Merlino, Managing Director of A. Uberti S.r.l., oversees the exacting recreation of the numerous historic f irearms manufactured by Uberti in Gardone Val Trompia, Italy. 2 WALKER4 DRAGOON and POCKET REVOLVERS6 ARMY, NAVY and POCKET NAVY8 NEW ARMY, TARGET CARBINE and POLICE10 ARMY/NAVY CONVERSION and OPEN TOP12 SINGLE ACTION CATTLEMAN16 STALLION, BISLEY and CATTLEMAN BIRDS HEAD18 REVOLVER CARBINE and BUNTLINE20 OUTLAW, FRONTIER and POLICE22 ENGRAVED TOP BREAK24 TOP BREAK26 1860 HENRY28 1866 YELLOWBOY30 1873 RIFLE and CARBINE32 1874 SHARPS36 LIGHTNING38 SPRINGFIELD TRAPDOOR40 1876 CENTENNIAL RIFLE42 1885 HIGH-WALL44 ACCESSORIES46 SPECIFICATIONSDOWN UNDER SHARPS1873 CATTLEMAN FRI SCO NMSamuel Colt began production of a revolving-cylinder pistol on the day the Alamo fell in 1836. Produced at his factory in Paterson, New Jersey, Colts new pistol was enthusiastically received by the Rangers of the newly independent Republic of Texas and in 1844 Colts pistol made history when sixteen Rangers held off 80 Comanche warriors with their new revolvers. Former Texas Ranger Sam Walker had been in the Comanche fight in 1844 and became a firm believer in Colts pistols. In 1846, war with Mexico was looming and Walkers U.S. Mounted Rifles needed a powerful handgun for mounted combat. Colt built a revolver for them that held 60 grains of black powder and chambered six, .44-caliber balls. Sam Walker ordered 1,000 of them and rode off to Mexico and into the annals of history. The Walkers massive fire-power needed a much stronger frame and larger overall gun design than earlier modelsthe Walker weighed nearly four-and-a-half pounds and was 15" long. The Walkers reputation assured Colts future success.LVa`ZgThe Walkers large capacit y cylinder allows it to hold up to 60 grains of blackpowder and offers easy access to the percussion caps.The Walker featured a brass square-back trigger guardan improvement over the Patersons guardless folding trigger.A LWAY S BE S U R E OF YOU R TA RGE T A N D BE YON D.1847 WALKER 9" MSRP $429Case-hardened, walnut gripThe Walker was one of the f irst revolvers fitted with a loading lever. Colt later added a loading lever latch near the muzzle. 1848 WHI TNEYVI LLE DRAGOON 7" MSRP $429Case-hardened, walnut gripModern machinery and improved materials result in a stronger and more precise metal-to-metal f it on Ubertis replica firearms.The Dragoon featured many design improvements over the Paterson, and included many parts identical to those used on the Walker, like the brass square-back trigger guard, making it a unique hybrid of old and new.The Walker and all Dragoon models have integrated loading cut-outs for easy and secure seating of the percussion caps.The Dragoons were the first Colt revolvers to feature a latch for the loading lever. This prevented the loading lever from falling during f iring. 9gV\ddcVcYEdX`ZiGZkdakZghWith an improved loading lever, shorter cylinder and lighter weight, the Dragoon was an improvement over the Colt Walker. Of the four Dragoon models, the first was manufactured for Colt by Eli Whitney. Small enhancements separate the four Dragoon models; the 1st model uses oval cylinder bolt slots, the 2nd model uses squared cylinder bolt slots, and the 3rd model incorporates a round trigger guard. The Whitneyville model is made like the original Walker, but uses a dragoon barrel and cylinder. Encouraged by an ongoing military contract, Colt turned his eye toward the civilian market in 1848. Civilian pocket revolvers, such as the Wells Fargo or 1849 Pocket, were .31 caliber pistols that fit easily in a coat pocket. With the introduction of these models Colts success in the civilian market was assured.BE F OR E C L E A N I NG YOU R GU N MA K E A B S OL U T E LY S U R E T H AT I T I S U N L OA DE D.1849 WELLS FARGO 4" MSRP $339Case-hardened, walnut grip1849 POCKET 4" MSRP $339Case-hardened, walnut grip1848 1ST MODEL DRAGOON 7" MSRP $409Case-hardened, walnut grip1848 2ND MODEL DRAGOON 7" MSRP $409Case-hardened, walnut grip1848 3RD MODEL DRAGOON 7" MSRP $409Case-hardened, walnut grip1860 ARMY 8" MSRP $339Case-hardened, walnut grip1860 ARMY FLUTED 8" MSRP $349Case-hardened, walnut gripTo seat loads in the cylinder, the loading lever is freed from the latch and pulled downward. This causes the ram-rod to move through the frame and ram the load home.The 1851 Navy was a scaled up, .36-caliber version of the 1849 Pocket Model. The handy, more powerful revolver immediately found a following among soldiers and civilians alike and was eventually adopted by both the U.S. and the British military. By the start of the Civil War, Colt had refined the Navy into a sleek, streamlined weapon with an improved loading lever. The 1861 Navy is often acclaimed as Colts most handsome pistol. Colt worked to perfect his cap and ball revolver, designing the 1860 Army around a lightweight frame, but chambered for the more powerful .44-caliber ball. The first models featured fluted cylinders, while later models incorporated a belted cylinder for added strength and a creeping loading lever for easier loading. The sleek 1860 Army is considered to be the ultimate combat handgun of the percussion era. 6gbn!CVknVcYEdX`ZiCVkn!A LWAY S S T OR E YOU R F I R E A R MS I N A S E C U R E A R E A , I NAC C E S S I BL E T O C H I L DR E N.1862 POCKET NAVY 5" MSRP $349Case-hardened, walnut grip1851 NAVY 7" MSRP $329Case-hardened, walnut grip1851 NAVY SQUAREBACK 7" MSRP $329Case-hardened, walnut grip1861 NAVY CI VI L BRASS 7" MSRP $329Case-hardened, walnut gripA rear view of the 1861 Navys hammer and cylinder shows the frame cut-out and nipples in the rear of the cylinder that allows percussion caps to be seated. The 1858 New Army features an octagonal barrel with a dove-tailed front sight and loading lever latch.The 1858 New Army is offered with a stainless steel frame, cylinder, barrel, hammer and backstrap. All of Ubertis revolver cylinders are machined so that the nipple recesses and cylinder notches are cleanly cut and precise.The 1858 New Army is f itted with a brass trigger guard on both the stainless and blued models. 1858 NEW ARMY STAI NLESS STEEL 8" MSRP $429Stainl ess steel, walnut gripCZl6gbn!IVg\Zi8VgW^cZVcYEda^XZThe Remington Arms Company began production of the large frame .44-caliber, Remington-Beals revolver in 1861. The rugged, solid framed Remington quickly became popular and the improved New Army model was purchased by the U.S. Army in 1863. In the years following the Civil War, Remington manufactured a carbine version in small numbers. Responding to civilian demand for pocket pistols, Colt designed scaled down versions of its 1851 Navy and 1860 Army revolvers, both chambered in .36 caliber. The Navy retained the larger pistols octagonal barrel while the Police model featured a fluted cylinder. R E GU L A R C L E A N I NG I S A N I MP OR TA N T PA R T OF GU N S A F E T Y. C L E A N YOU R F I R E A R M OF T E N.1858 NEW ARMY 8" MSRP $349Blued, walnut grip1858 TARGET CARBI NE 18" MSRP $549Blued, walnut stock1862 POLI CE 5" MSRP $349Case-hardened, walnut gripThe Remington 1858 New Army Conversion was among the f