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Signal Transmission Products and Systems


Our New Logo and Tagline Embody Our Commitment:

We focus on being the brand you trust for any number of signal transmission solutionsthe brand you can depend on for the right signals.Our Signal Transmission Solutions Exemplify the Reliability and Expert Care You Have Come to Expect from Belden

Belden : The Brand You Depend On

Over and over again our customers tell us that Belden is the brand they trust for dependable signal transmission. No matter the market broadcast, commercial networking, security, industrial or residential the name Belden has become synonymous with high quality and ensured reliability. We have earned our reputation as an expert solutions provider precisely because our customers are now, and have always been, our #1 priority. We make it our job to consistently supply innovative, standardsetting products upon which customers can rely.

We offer the broadest selection of signal transmission products available. We provide all the data and support necessary to help you make the right decision for the intended application. And, Belden products are readily available to you, no matter where around the globe you may be. Belden is also evolving. We are taking our success in cable to all means of signal transmission technology: copper, optical fiber and wireless. And we have expanded our product offering to include complete system solutions, including connectivity, equipment enclosures, cable raceways and racks. Take a look at the first wave of our evolution, embodied within these pages being mindful that even more dynamic products, systems and services are sure to come.

Copyright 2006, Belden Inc.

Welcome to the Most Complete Resource in the Industry for Reliable Signal Transmission ProductsThe Belden Master Catalog is a uniquely distinctive publication. An unparalleled resource for cabling and related product solutions, this catalog represents Beldens commitment to providing you with the most reliable signal transmission products, whatever the application and wherever you are in the world. We believe you will find our Master Catalog to be an essential tool for solving a wide range of application problems. In addition, all of the information contained in this catalog, along with easy-to-use search tools, is available at www.belden.com. Belden cables now meet the requirements of both the Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive and California Proposition 65. This catalog has annotated only those cable products that were non-compliant at time of printing. Other Belden products in sections 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 are in the process of becoming compliant. For updates, please see the Belden Web site or contact Customer Service. More detailed compliance information can be found in Technical Information (Section 22, page 22.23). For definitions of the various environmental regulations involved, please consult the Glossary of Terms, beginning on page 22.24.

S E C T I O NSECTION NAMETable of Contents Cable Finder Guide Hook-Up and Lead Wire Multi-Conductor Cables Paired Cables Coaxial Cables Flat Cable

I N D E XSECTION NO.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Molded Cable Assemblies Portable Cordage Optical Fiber Cables Enclosures and Accessories Open Frame Racks and Accessories Surface Raceway Systems and Accessories PowerSense PoE Products Commercial Networking Copper Commercial Networking Optical Fiber Commercial Networking Training Industrial Cables Brilliance Broadcast Products New Generation Sound, Security and Alarm Cables Residential Cables Technical Information and Glossary Part Number Index

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Environmental Compliance The use of materials that are environmentally friendly is of growing concern to Belden, its customers and to the global community. As a result, virtually 100% of

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We Continue to Innovate with Award-Winning Cables

Beldens cable designs have been singled out for recognition in the trade press, at a variety of trade shows and, most importantly, with our customers. A few are represented here.

Banana Peel : Transforming Composite Cable Installation Chief among these offerings is an entirely new concept in composite cable design called Banana Peel. Belden patented Banana Peel cables* are an installers dream, offering an easy-to-install, fully integrated version of a composite cable construction where the various cables are not just bundled together but affixed to a center spline for easy pulling.Banana Pee l Cable

Safe-T-Lin e Cable

A Whole New Level of Security: Belden Safe-T-Line Cables

But theres more Belden has gone one step further in installation ease by completely eliminating the overall jacket. Without this jacket, a whole step in the installation process is eliminated, plus the individual cable components are all instantly identifiable and ready for termination. Installers can now pull of a variety of cables at once, then simply peel the individual cables off the center spline and terminate them. Its that easy.

Another recent award-winning cable is Beldens Safe-T-Line Circuit Integrity cable a cable that allows the EVAC systems in high-rise office buildings to remain operational for two hours in the event of a fire or other emergency. This allows the building occupants an opportunity to hear either live or recorded voice instructions that will guide them out of the building in a timely and orderly way. Reliability of this kind takes design integrity something that our customers define as a core Belden competency. DigiTruck : An Extremely Small Cable with Big Performance Award-winning DigiTruck is a revolutionary new cable with superior return loss characteristics that has been designed specifically for analog, SDI, HD video and AES/EBU digital audio transmission in broadcast production trucks. DigiTruck is a miniature coaxial cable, weighing just 7.25 lbs per 1,000 feet, or about 60% less than a standard Mini RG 59/U coax. It also requires approximately 40% less space. Only Belden could devise such an innovative and efficient solution to meet the broadcast needs of todays weightchallenged and space-cramped mobile television trucks.

DigiTruck Cable


* Banana Peel is protected under U.S. Patent 7,049,523.

Premier Structured Cabling Systems Both Copper and Fiber Are Now Part of the Belden Line-UpOur full range of Belden IBDN copper and fiber structured cabling products and systems can be found in the Commercial Networking sections (Sections 15, 16 and 17), where youll also find a full complement of training programs for Belden IBDN. All Belden IBDN networking system components are engineered to exacting specifications and manufactured under the most stringent quality controls. The components used in our Belden IBDN Systems including backbone cables, cross-connect hardware, cross-connect patch wires and cords, and horizontal cables have been specifically designed to work together as an integrated system. To complete the installation, our product offering also includes a variety of outlets, connector modules, faceplates, adapters and modular cords. Our flagship system, Belden IBDN System 10GX, is revolutionary not only in its expression as a fully integrated 10 Gigabit structured cabling solution, but in the way it has been designed around a series of dynamic enabling technologies. These technologies help solve the two major performance issues that plague most other manufacturers, yet they are instrumental to 10 Gigabit transmissions: the ability to significantly reduce Alien Crosstalk and the control of key electrical characteristics during high frequency operation. System 10GX and other Belden IBDN structured cabling systems have been widely installed around the world. Their ubiquity is testimony to the proven success of these systems. Other top-performing structured cabling systems in the Belden IBDN mix include: All Belden IBDN Systems Are Fully Certified To be Certified each Belden IBDN system must be designed and installed by a factory-trained Certified System Vendor (CSV), plus the system must be composed of all Belden IBDN components. A 25-year Product Warranty and a Lifetime Application Assurance program accompany each Belden IBDN Certified System installation, including coverage for both parts and labor. Our Customer Training Programs Are an Industry Standard To facilitate our customers understanding of structured cabling and in order to keep both our customers and our CSVs current with new technologies, techniques and industry standards we offer the Belden IBDN Training Center. With classes taught by a highly credentialed staff with over 100 years of cumulative experience in structured cabling, this Center serves the needs of more than 5,000 individuals each year.

The 1.2 Gb/s Category 5eBelden IBDN System 1200

The 2.4 Gb/s Category 6Belden IBDN System 2400 The 4.8 Gb/s Beyond Cat6 Belden IBDN System 4800LX On the optical fiber side of the structured cabling systems business, we offer Belden IBDN FiberExpress. The FiberExpress Solution is a complete end-to-end optical cabling system supporting both centralized and fiber-to-the-desk topologies, as well as backbone and campus cabling configurations. For the ultimate in quick, easy and reliable optical networking, we also offer the FiberExpress Pre-connectorized System. These products are plug and go and their deployment requires no specialized tools, so you can deploy 12 fibers in the same amount of time it takes to connect a power cord to a standard electrical plug!

Our structured cabling systems are comprised of