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Transcript of 2002 UBCM News - June News/2002/UBCM...  Councillor George Puil, City of Vancouver First...

NEWSin this issue...UBCM NEWS is published byUnion of British Columbia Municipalities60 10551 Shellbridge Way Richmond, B.C.Canada V6X 2W9 (604) 270-8226 fax: (604) 270-9116

Website: www.civicnet.gov.bc.ca

Number 199 June 2002

Union of British Columbia Municipalities

ISSN 1198-7529

UBCM Page ....................... 2Around the Province........... 3Area Associations ...............4Policy ................................ 7/8Environment ...................9/10Aboriginial Update ........ 13/14Courses and Resources .. 15/16Justice ...............................18


Community Charter .......... 5/6Convention ....................... 12MFA...................................19

2002 Convention Information see page 12

Order your new 2002 UBCM Networkbook -Order form on page 3

CONVENTION WEB SITEEach year a section of CivicNet is dedicated to theUBCM Annual Convention. Information on the con-vention will be posted to the website at the followingaddress: http://www.civicnet.gov.bc.ca/ubcm/con-vention-2002/

The site includes information on the: Convention Theme Presidents Message Convention Brochure and Registration Form Venues and Accommodations Registration and General Business Information Pre-Convention Sessions Convention Workshops and Clinic Series Networking Events Partners Programs Provincial Participation Convention Program

Questions regarding the UBCM Convention can bedirected to ubcm@civicnet.gov.bc.ca or Phone:604.270.8226.

Inside this Issue Support sought for pandemic planning (p.7) Provinces responds to 2001 resolutions (p.7) New act and regulation for Agricultural Land

Reserve (p.7) More infrastructure grants announced (p.7) New drinking water action plan (p.9) Modernizing federal pest control products legis-

lation (p.9) Federal options on climate change (p.9) Provincial legislation on environmental assess-

ment (p.10) Recreation stewardship panel established (p.10) Changes to contaminated sites legislation (p.9) Management program for old information and

telecom products (p.11) Apply for community to community program

funding (p.13) Highlights of report on improving the Treaty proc-

ess (p.13) Powers expanded for land management on re-

serves (p. 13) Update on courthouse closures (p.13) New rules for keep of prisoner program (p.13) UBCM to respond to Discussion Paper on Civic

Liability (p.16) Solicitor General confirms small and rural com-

munities will pay for policing (p.18) Proposals for new forums to resolving minor by-

law disputes (p.18) Treaty Referendum Results (p.19)

T he conference fea-tured presentationson the Charter, commen-tary on each part by amember of the CharterCouncil, an opportunityfor questions from thefloor to an expert panel(Donald Lidstone, JanetErasmus, Dale Wall andBrenda Gibson) and fi-nally, questions to the del-egates in workbook for-mat. This mix of presenta-tions, commentary, ques-tions and opportunities toprovide advice is what thedelegates seemed to reallyenjoy, based on evaluationforms submitted toUBCM. Plus the manychances for discussionduring breaks made for avery productive two daysfor delegates, UBCM,Charter Council and gov-ernment officials. The del-egates themselves addeda great deal to the processby their obvious prepara-tion and the insightfulquestions they contrib-uted. UBCM also ac-knowledges the financialsupport of the Ministry ofCommunity, Aboriginaland Womens Servicesand the Municipal FinanceAuthority.


The delegates gave the con-ference a 4.1 (out of 5) rat-ing with 89% of delegatesrating the conferencegood or excellent. Giventhat there were 15 workingdays to put this conferencetogether makes the evalua-tions even more impressive(see page 5 for more infor-mation on delegates evalu-ations).

Next Steps:Delegates Requests

Delegates were also askedwhat they wanted to seehappen next . Strongthemes were: more oppor-tunities for consultation(particularly regionallybased), more analysis, tobe kept up to date on newdevelopments, and tohave the opportunity fordiscussion at the Conven-tion (see page 5 for moreinformation).


President HansCunningham opened theconference referring to thehistorical timelines (seepage 5) and chaired/mod-erated throughout theevent.

The first session was apresentation on the proc-ess to develop the Charterand discussion on howto build a CommunityCharter. Richard Taylorprovided the backgroundon the process and theseven steps to building aCharter (he referenced thebackground paper avail-able on UBCMs websitethat described each ofthese seven steps.) MayorFrank Leonard com-mented on some of thechallenges facing theCharter Council the tighttime frame; the balancingof local, public and pro-vincial interests; and thebalance between requiredor desirable content. Hestressed that the CharterCouncil moved the focusfrom a council-ministerrelationship to a council-

citizen relationship.The conference then

began a review of each Partbased on the format of: summary of highlights(by a staff member) commentary by a Char-ter Council member. question & answer ses-sion. opportunities for feed-back.

(See page 5 for statuson CivicNet access toabove segments).

Parts 2/3 Municipal Purposesand Powers

UBCMs Alison McNeilprovided the highlightsand Lois Leah Goodwinfrom the Ministry of Com-munity, Aboriginal andWomens Services gavethree examples of how touse the tools from thenew toolkit to tackle somereal life problems. Char-ter Council member JoyceHarders comments in-cluded the rationale ofproviding natural personpowers, the creation of 15spheres of jurisdiction, thecreation of four areas ofconcurrent local and pro-vincial regulatory author-ity and the decision tomaintain the status quo onbusiness regulation andprohibition.

Parts 4/5 PublicAccountability andMunicipalProcedures

UBCM staff HarrietPermut, presented the sig-nificant points of these twoparts.

Marilyn Bakers Char-ter Council commentaryspoke about the need inthese Parts to achieve bal-ance between the munici-pal and public interest. Insome cases the reductionof provincial supervisionand increased municipalpowers were balanced bynew accountability meas-ures. She also discussedsome of the work that isstill to come respecting per-formance measures andethical conduct matters.

Parts 6/7 TheFinancial Sections

Dale Wall from the Minis-try provided the over-view. Mayor Leonard,wearing his Municipal Fi-nance Authority Chair hat,talked about the continu-ing work underway on fi-nancial liability and theborrowing process. Coun-cillor Pat Wallaces Char-ter Council commentarytouched on the need topreserve the excellentcredit rating of the MFA,the streamlining of vari-ous financial, taxation andexemption processes, thedebate about a permissivetax exemption for indus-try, and the need for newrevenue sources for localgovernments.

The conference ad-journed for the day afteran intensive review of 6 ofthe 9 parts of the Charterand began the next morn-ing with remarks from theHonourable TedNebbeling, Minister ofState for CommunityCharter.

UBCMs Community Charter Conference, held June 19-20 in Vancouver, was like a mini-UBCM convention. Over 400 local government delegates attended the two-day conferenceat the Vancouver Convention Exhibition Centre. Approximately 140 of UBCMs 182members were represented (small communities and regional districts accounted for thebulk of the absences.) This event was about one half the size of a regular UBCMconvention (900 local government delegates).

Community Charter Conference startsConsultations on a Positive Note

Continued on page 17



Chair Hans CunninghamPresident


Circulars List

Circulars List


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Strategic Financial Plans Project Management

Tax Policy/Fiscal Policy Restructure Studies

Retreat Facilitator Interim Management

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e-mail: garyw@netidea.com

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10 Executive Meeting High-lights

22 In The House - Open Cabi-

Visit CivicNetCivicNet, the UBCM website, is regularly updated tokeep the content current and relevant. We have re-cently established some featured topics so that mem-bers can access new information. The following cur-rent policy topics can be found on the home page: Community Charter Forestry Energy Civil Liability Police Costs in Small Communities Liquor

If you require information on the 2002 UBCM Con-vention to be held September 24 27 at the WhistlerConference Centre, check out the information on theCivicNet home page under the 2002 Convention link.


A t the recent Federation of Canadian Munici-palities conference in Hamilton the followingBC representatives were elected to serve onthe National Board of Directors for 2002-2003 :Ma