20 Travel Differently with Ecomantra - himachal differently

20 Travel Differently with Ecomantra - himachal differently
20 Travel Differently with Ecomantra - himachal differently
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HIMACHAL Differently See & Do Amazing Adventures, Ancient Temples & Villages of the Western Himalayas at Shimla, Raison, GHNP, Kinnaur, Manali, Kangra, Chamba & Dalhousie Sacred Temple & Border Jingoism at Amritsar in Punjab Stay at: Luxury Heritage Hotels & Spa, Camps & Leisure Resorts & Villas Airports: Shimla | Bhuntar | Chandigarh | Jammu | Amritsar Visit www.ecomantra.com/trip/20 for more info Ecomantra nature adventures pvt. Ltd. 501, Skyline Epitome, Kirol Lane, West Vidyavihar, Mumbai 400086 To book this trip call us at 9122.6128 0100 or email us at trips@ecomantra.com

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1. Beginning your holiday in the summer capital of the British empire with its pleasant climate, pine forests, colonial buildings and the mall road Stay in the rich green valley of Kullu, the cradle of the river Beas, among apple orchards, green alpine meadows and tranquil lakes. Visit an offbeat part of Manali, staying in a luxurious native home and your base for GHNP and 4 X 4 overland visits to cliff top temples. Take a bike and pedalyour way past high passes or simply choose a day-adventure on gentle routes. For those seeking adventure, the Trans Himalayan tracts of GHNP & Kinnaur, the highest village areas in the world are perfect to ll the soul. Special Place to Stay in a Comfortable Camp Special Place to Stay - Tents Special Place to Stay in an Apple Orchard Special Place to Stay Landscape See - Ancient Temples of Kinnaur Enjoy the gently owing river passing by Do - Heavenly Hikes in the Himalayas Hikes & Treks in its Pristine Environment See - Ancient Temples & Pastoral Villages Relax, Introspect or Watch the Himalayas Do - Rafting and Treks Kullu has many adventures for the family Kinnaur or GHNP is an untouched region of Himachal and worth the effort to reach here Kullu is the most popular region with the tourists and has something for everybody in the family Special Place to Stay Luxury Accommodation Shimla - The Summer Capital of the Raj Admire the colonial architecture of Shimla Shimla - World Heritage Narrow Railway Reach Shimla in style the old fashion way Shimla, whether in winter or peak of summer has always been a family favourite Himachal Differently www.ecomantra.com/trip/20 * Ecomantra Differently experiential holidays are thoughtfully & intelligently designed. Each module or place typically can be done in 2 to 4 days as recommended above. You can tailor-make your holiday from 2 to 15 days by choosing either 1 getaway or all 6 in the sequence mentioned E C O M A N T R A N A T U R E A D V E N T U R E S P V T . L T D . 501, Skyline Epitome, Kirol Lane, West Vidyavihar, Mumbai 400086 To book this trip call us at 9122.6128 0100 or email us at trip20@ecomantra.com Visit www.ecomantra.com/trip/20 to know more about Himachal Differently PLACES IN HIMACHAL UNIQUE EXPERIENCES STAY FOR 1 Shimla Colonial Hill Station & Heritage Hotels 2 - 4 Days 2 Kinnaur & GHNP Intact Himalayan Landscape 4 - 6 Days 3 Kullu Apple Orchards & Happening Himalayas 3 - 6 Days E X P E R I E N T I A L T R A V E L 2. Kinnaur An Authentic & Pristine Himalayan Experience Kinnaur is for those who like it far away from the madding crowd and their destinations to be pure, unadulterated and not run over by typical travellers. Kinnaur has inspired poetry among its visitors and author Rahul Sankrityayan wrote the Kinner desh Mein on this land See & Do - Walks & Treks, Camping, Kailash Parbat, Bhimakali Temple Stay at - Comfortable Tented Camp in Kinnaur or Sangla Valley Airport - Bhuntar at 204 Km | Shimla at 223 Km | Chandigarh at 324 Km Nearby Towns - Gushaini at 74 Km | Kullu at 224 Km | Sarahan at 86 Km 3. Raison, Manali & GHNP Apple Orchards & Himalayan Adventures Stay in peace in an apple orchard on the banks of the river overlooking the Himalayas. Do day trips to Manali and beyond. Active travelers can go on hikes to the world heritage site of GHNP, ancient temples on cliff top or in the apple orchards See & Do - Rafting, Apple Orchard Hikes, Rohang pass, Hidimba Temple Stay at - Luxury Villas in a Apple Orchard at Raison or Resort in Manali Airport - Bhuntar at 25 Km | Shimla at 245 Km | Chandigarh at 279 Km Nearby Towns - Manali at 23 Km | Dharamshala 235 Km | GHNP at 74 Km 1. SHIMLA Summer Capital of the British Empire They say that Shimla is no more the Shimla it used to be. We agree and we add that despite all evidence to the contrary, Shimla is a still a must see hill station. Hit the Mall road, especially when its snowing or be awed by the Viceroys residence, active travelers can go camping See & Do - Walks & Treks, Mall Road, Viceral Lodge & Palaces, Parwanoo Stay at - Heritage Resort in Shimla or Mashobra | Naldehra or Kotgarh Airport - Shimla at 22 Km | Chandigarh at 123 Km Nearby Towns - Mashobra at 10 Km | Naldehra at 22 Km | Manali at 223 20A 2. A Room with a View of the Himalayas Watch the mystical mountains from your patio Special Places to Stay - Interiors Enjoy the amazing views from the room Special Places to Stay Stay in a Heritage Spa Hotel Special Places to Stay - Interiors Rooms & Suites are superbly appointed Walks, Hikes & other Eco Adventures Go on long rambling walks in the Himalayas Har Mandir Saheb - Sikhs Sacred Temple The extremely popular sacred temple of Sikh Redening Rejuvenation In one of the best Spa in India Special Places to Stay Stay in a Colonial Heritage Hotel Dalhousie is the closest Himalayan Hill Station and just 2 hours away from the plains of Punjab The Border town of Amritsar is where the sacred Harmandir Saheb is located Present Capital of Former Tibetan Monastery Popular Centre of Tibetan Way of Life Special Places to Stay - Interiors Luxurious yet Authentic Stay Experience The Heritage Town Walk Explore the charming heritage town in Kangra Special Places to Stay Stay in a 300 year old country side manor Pragpur is a declared heritage village and Dharamshala is where the Tibetans resettled in India Himachal Differently www.ecomantra.com/trip/20 Explore Kangra, one of the most picturesque valleys of the lower Himalayas and western Himalayas only tea growing region. Visit this green and luxuriant valley, easily accessible from the plains of Punjab and yet sheltered by the sublime Dhauladhar range. Enroute to Chamba stop in Mandi, renowned for its eighty one, old and exquisitely carved stone temples. Dalhousie, an old colonial hill station is famous for its views and a favourite hill station of the Punjabis. Visit an offbeat part of Himachal by car or in a narrow guage railway, staying in a heritage villa or country manor in Kangra and your base to explore the Tibetan exile town of Dharamshala and Mcleodganj. PLACES IN HIMACHAL UNIQUE EXPERIENCES STAY FOR 4 Kangra Heritage Village & Tibetan Town 2 - 4 Days 5 Chamba Colonial Hill Station of Dalhousie & Chamba 2 - 3 Days 6 Punjab Sacred Temple & Border Jingoism 1 - 2 Days E X P E R I E N T I A L T R A V E L 6. Amritsar in Punjab Sacred Temple & Border Jingoism Be at peace in Harmandir Saheb, the sacred temple of the Sikhs and a proposed world heritage site and later witness the popular Wagah border sun set jingoism when the Indian and their Pakistani counter parts stage the elaborate closing in ceremony at the Wagah. See & Do - Harmandir Saheb, Wagah Border, Spa & Wellness Stay at - Heritage Luxury Spa Resort in Amritsar Airport - Amritsar at 10 Km Nearby Towns - Kangra at 171 Km | Chamba at 188 Km | Shimla at 292 Km 5. Chamba Colonial Hill Stations of the Raj From the plains of Punjab, Dalhousie in Chamba is just a short drive away. It has fabulous views of the Himalayas and is a good base for long walks and short treks. Dalhousie is best for travellers who wish to catch the views of the Himalayas from their patio in the room See & Do - Walks & Treks, Dalhousie Town, Chamba Temples Stay at - Heritage Luxury Grand Resort in Dalhousie Airport - Jammu at 168 km | Amritsar at 206 Km | Chandigarh at 318 Km Nearby Towns - Dharamshala at 115 Km | Bir at 170 Km | Manali at 231 Km 4. Kangra Heritage Village & Sacred Places Pragpur in Kangra is not on the typical tourism circuit and hence discerning travellers are enamored by its peaceful villages, heritage and around the year pleasant climate. Dharamshala, nearby is popular with culture travellers who wish to see the Tibetans way of life. See & Do - Pragpur Heritage Town, Dharamshala, Mcleodganj Monastery Stay at - Heritage Country Manor in Pragpur, Dharamshala or Mcleodganj Airport - Amritsar: 181 Km | Jammu: 170 km | Chandigarh at 180 Km Nearby Towns - Bir at 81 Km | Manali at 231 Km | Dalhousie at 169 Km 20B 24 TRIPS BY ECOMANTRA ACROSS INDIA Nobody covers India like we do. Click on the destination below to visit the itinerary in detail on our website eBrochures: 1 East & South Rajasthan | 2 North West & Central Rajasthan | 3 Gujarat | 4 Central India | 5 Mumbike | 6 Maharashtra | 7 Konkan | 8 Goa & Karnataka | 9 Beaches & Hill Stations of Karnataka | 10 Temples of Karnataka | 11 Nilgiris | 12 North and Intrepid Kerala | 13 Central & South Kerala | 14 East Coast & Andaman | 15 Orissa | 16 Sikkim & Bengal | 17 Arunachal | 18 Assam | 19 Kumaon & Garhwal | 20 Himachal Pradesh | 21 Kashmir and Ladakh | 22 Agra Differently | 23 Monsoon in Himalayas & Western Ghats | 24 Golden Triangles of India