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20 top tips & tricks Andy Priestner & Meg Westbury2013Check out all the NEWprofile sections and fill them in

(LinkedIn has changed for the better)

Personalise your invitation to connect

Id like to add you to my professional network

Say hello after connecting

Manage both your profiles



Find a role modelnetworkerand learn from them

Join a group and actively contribute to it

If job-searching, success will come from networking and sharing NOT desperation

Connectyourconnections (if you think they could collaborate)

Update yourstatus withmeaningful & appropriate content (this is a professionalnetwork)

Use anestablished connectionto get introduced

If job-searching,find a companyinsider to give you thelowdown

A complete profile and smart use of keywordswill improve your findability

Write arecommendationor endorse a skill(dont sit and wait to be recommended)

If there is not a group around your area of interest or expertise, start one

Promoteyour profile(customise your URL, get a badge, and add to your email signature)

Check outcontacts at your alma mater, via the alumni search facility

Download and explorethe sleek new mobile apps and use it on the go

Check out company pages (theyre cool)

Make your home page feel less cluttered by customisingyour news feed

Connect, share, like become a good LinkedIn citizen

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