20 Motivational Sales Quotes to Amp You Up!

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Take it from the pros, sales success takes time, dedication, passion and hard work, but these motivational quotes should amp you up to close that next deal. Hear from the best in the business including Zig Ziglar, Seth Godin, Patricia Fripp, Malcolm Forbs and many more. To get started on your road to sales success, register for our free webinar with Daniel Pink: http://bit.ly/13TjZ4Y

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  • 1.20 Motivational Sales Quotesto Amp You Up!#movingothers

2. Success in sales is the result ofdiscipline, dedication and sacrifice.~ Thomas Roy Cromwell#movingothers 3. Value the relationship more thanmaking your quota.~ Jeff Gitomer#movingothers 4. You dont close a sale, you open arelationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise.~ Patricia Fripp#movingothers 5. Expect the best. Prepare for the worst.Capitalize on what comes.~ Zig Ziglar#movingothers 6. Success seems to be connected withaction. Successful people keep moving.They make mistakes, but they dontquit.~ Conrad Hilton#movingothers 7. In order to succeed, we must firstbelieve we can.~ Nikos Kazantzakis#movingothers 8. Obstacles cant stop you. Problemscant stop you. Most of all, otherpeople cant stop you. Only you canstop you.~ Jeffrey Gitomer#movingothers 9. How you think when you losedetermines how long it will be until youwin.~ Gilbert K. Chesterton#movingothers 10. It is impossible to win the race untilyou venture to run, impossible to winthe victory unless you dare to battle.~ Richard DeVos#movingothers 11. Dont sell life insurance. Sell what lifeinsurance can do.~ Ben Feldman#movingothers 12. It is not your customers job toremember you. It is your obligationand responsibility to make sure theydont have the chance to forget you.~ Patricia Fripp#movingothers 13. Catch a man a fish and you can sell itto him. Teach a man to fish, and youruin a wonderful business opportunity.~ Karl Marx#movingothers 14. Selling to people who actually want tohear from you is more effective thaninterrupting strangers who dont.~ Seth Godin#movingothers 15. Nobody likes to be sold but everybodylikes to buy.~ Earl Taylor#movingothers 16. You were born to win, but to be awinner, you must plan to win, prepareto win and expect to win.~ Zig Ziglar#movingothers 17. Most people think selling is the sameas talking. But the most effectivesalespeople know that listening is themost important part of their job.~ Roy Bartell#movingothers 18. If you work just for money, youll nevermake it. But if you love what you aredoing, and always put the customerfirst, success will be yours.~ Ray Kroc#movingothers 19. Sales are contingent upon the attitudeof the salesman, not the attitude of theprospect.~ William Clement Stone#movingothers 20. Victory is sweetest when youveknown defeat.~ Malcolm Forbes#movingothers 21. Sales success comes after you stretchyourself past your limits on a dailybasis.~ Omar Periu#movingothers