20 Event Planning Fails Our Guests Hate

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Do you plan events? Don't repeat these trivial mistakes over and over. Make sure your guests enjoy the show! See the original article here -> http://www.eventmanagerblog.com/event-planning-fail

Transcript of 20 Event Planning Fails Our Guests Hate

  • HATE20 EventPlanning your guests Fails
  • Ifyouplan events you will be familiar with failure.
  • of our event It is around the corner at every moment
  • you have to embrace it Failureis your friend
  • The difference between Failure and Repeated Mistakes
  • Repeated Mistakes are not cool
  • 20eventplanning mistakes Here are you can do without
  • the Same Speakers/Performers 1 Always
  • Dont hire always the same people 1 talking about the same stuff
  • 2 not Wor kingWifi
  • Wifi is as much of a requirement for any venue RFP as toilets are. Were having issues with the Wifi is a mantra that does not apply anymore 2
  • PDF 3 schedule
  • having a dynamic schedule can be very easily achieved in hundreds of ways, event mobile apps included. 3
  • 4No Slides in ONE place Collected
  • use slideshare Create a Content Hub on Your website 4
  • 5 NOT KNOWING WheretoGo and WhatToDo
  • 5 Clearly communicate the schedule make sure everybody is informed about what happens next
  • 6 THEHASHTAG Not knowing
  • 6 communicate the Hashtag Clearly Pick an Easy and Short one everybody understands
  • 7 Crappy EVENT Website
  • 7 The event website is your home base. Make it clean, easy and simple to read Make it responsive
  • 8 fromPrevious EventsNo Video
  • 8 technology does a great job in easing the risk we feel when we attend an event. that is especially true for video.
  • 9 Too Much Technology & Social
  • Know what technology and social networks your attendees use Choose wisely where to engage 9
  • 10 No Tech at all
  • 10 Embracing the basic tech that makes events modern is a requirement.
  • 11 White Male Speakers
  • 11 Diversity is Crucial here are some pointers for you to reflect, oneandtwo.
  • 12 Registration Forms Faxing
  • 12 inline event registration is all around us Use this to choose yours
  • 13 Not Catering with Disabilities for people
  • 13 Read the 56 comments in this discussion and change the world!
  • 14 Slow Registration on-Site
  • 14 There is nothing appealing about waiting in line. Nothing. Have you done everything in your power to speed up the registration process?
  • 15 Usual BORING formats
  • 15 All events are special, even recurring ones. What are you changing in your format to make it so?
  • Nervous staff, Manager and Coordinators 16
  • 16 If you are feeling tired it s often times better to ask someone in your team to cover rather than turning up on the show floor to vomit your stress.
  • 17 When Alcohol isthe Objective
  • 17 The promotion of alcohol to compensate for lack of concept or content is upsetting. There are much better ways to foster networking than making everyone drunk.
  • 18 Live Rates NOHotel
  • 18 One of the biggest trends for 2014 is live hotel options. so what are you waiting for?
  • 19 aboutthe Environment NOTTHINKING
  • 19 There are terrific events where you can learn more about green events such as SESfrom GMIC.
  • 20 ATTENDEES DATA Giving Away for Wild Marketing
  • 20 Setting rules and restricting what sponsors and partners can and cant do with data means protecting your attendees and securing repeated business.
  • In conclusion
  • TOCHANGE Its easy these recurring mistakes
  • andeager tolearn. just beinga bit more curious
  • by Julius Solaris
  • Read the article HERE