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Transcript of 2 NEW ARRIVALS - Home - Accessories Spares Centre · PDF file 2020-04-06 · 4 NEW...


    100PCE 15g Clip-On Wheel Weights Alloy Rims C-WW15

    Bumper Repair Kit Light Black A2-BR01

    CDI Mercury 4Cylinders 45-125Hp 332-5772/A / 332-5772A1/2/3/5 MI0725X1

    CDI Mercury 3Cylinders 50-275Hp 332-5524/A/ 332-7778/A1/A3/A5/A9/A12 MG0725X6

    Recti�er Most Models All Fits: 1966 Thru 1997 Mercury Mariner 7.5 MA0720X5

    Recti�er Most Models All YA0720X5

    Rim Silver/Black 14X6/6X140PCD With Center Cap R3-1420SB

    Rim Silver/Black 14X7/4X114PCD With Center Cap R3-1440SB

    100PCE 5g Clip-On Wheel Weights Alloy Rims C-WW5

    100PCE 10g Clip-On Wheel Weights Alloy Rims C-WW10

    Medium Car Cover 432X165X120cm CC-001M

    Medium Car Cover Waterproof 432X165X120cm CC-002M

  • NEW ARRIVALS 3 100PCE 20g Clip-On Wheel Weights Alloy Rims C-WW20

    100PCE 25g Clip-On Wheel Weights Alloy Rims C-WW25

    100PCE 30g Clip-On Wheel Weights Alloy Rims C-WW30

    100PCE 5/10g Stick-On Wheel Weights Strips Blue Tape Galvanized Finish S-WW510

    Thermostat Housing Citroen, Peugeot, Citroen C2/3/4 1.4 / 1.6 Peugeot 206/7 307 308 1007 1.4 /1.6 T9-0032

    Aluminium Roof Bars With 4 Types Of Mounting Brackets No Lock & Key 6007-11-NL

    5pce Impact Drive Socket Set For Mag Rims T7-056

    4X4 Tyre Gauge & Accessories. In Blow Mould Case. G1-009

    Black Powder Coated Hook H-08-B

    Farm Jack Mechanism Cover. HL484-BC

    Telescopic ladder 316 Stainless Steel 870X375X254mm R4-042-WS

    Soft Synthetic Rope Shackle 22026Lbs/10T 8mm Pair With Bag W7-SH08

  • NEW ARRIVALS4 Pair Of Leather Gloves For Winch Operator W7-WG01

    Jockey Wheel With Clamp Max Weight 200Kg JW-25-2

    4pce Spigot Ring Set 58.6mm Aluminium SP-586-A

    4pce Spigot Ring Set 63.5mm Aluminium SP-635-A

    Green Metal Ammunition Box Size 300X170X215mm C7-019C

    Hose With Attachments For C7-019 C7-019H

    Side Mount Hydraulic Steering Kit Multi�ex Up To 300Hp HYD-SM300

    Black 4X2/4 Waterproof Front Seat Covers S14-720B

    Large Grey Caravan Cover 701X250X220cm 200D Oxford Fabric, Waterproof, Limited UV Protection. With Plastic Rings C009-L

    12V Electric Fuel Pump Toyota Etios F1-093

    Interior Exterior


    Steering Wheel Cover Black/Blue Flowers WC-009B-BL

    Steering Wheel Cover Black/Purple Flowers WC-009B-PP

    Steering Wheel Cover Black/Red Flowers WC-009B-R

    Steering Wheel Cover Black WC-008B

    Steering Wheel Cover Black/ Carbon WC-008BC

    Steering Wheel Cover Black/Blue WC-008B-BL

    Steering Wheel Cover Black/Pink WC-008B-P

    SP-5473 SP-561-76 SP-566-76 SP-571-76 SP-581-76 SP-596-76 SP-641-76 SP-661-76 SP-665-76 SP-666-76 SP-671-76 SP-691-76 SP-696-76 SP-706-76 SP-726-76 SP-741-76 SP-671-110 SP-928-112

    4pce Spigot Ring Set Toyota 54.1/73.1mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 56.1/76mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 56.6/76mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 57.1/76mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 58.1/76mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 59.6/76mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 64.1/76mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 66.1/76mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 66.5/76mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 66.6/76mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 67.1/76mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 69.1/76mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 69.6/76mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 70.6/76mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 72.6/76mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 74.1/76mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 67.1/110mm 4pce Spigot Ring Set 9.28/112mm

    Part No. Description:

  • NEW ARRIVALS Steering Wheel Cover Black/Vanilla Flowers WC-009B-V

    Steering Wheel Cover Black/Orange WC-010BK-OR

    Steering Wheel Cover Black/Red WC-010BK-RD

    Steering Wheel Cover Black/Rose WC-010BK-RO

    Steering Wheel Cover Black/Beige WC-011BK-BE

    Steering Wheel Cover Black/Black WC-011BK-BK

    Steering Wheel Cover Black/Grey WC-011-BK-GY

    Steering Wheel Cover Black/Red WC-011BK-RD

    Steering Wheel Cover Black WC-012BK

    Steering Wheel Cover Blue WC-012BL

    Steering Wheel Cover Grey WC-012GY

    Steering Wheel Cover Multi Color WC-012MC


  • LED Solar Motion Sensor Light


    Waterproof Outdoor

    High Brightness LEDs

    Saftey & Energy Saving

    Inteligent Sensor

    Easy To Install

    •Watts: 3w. •Kelvins: 6000K. •Lumens: 350lm. •Delay Time: 30s. •Battery: 1500mAh. •Material: ABS + PC. •Size: 100x138x69mm. •Solar Powered.

    Widely Used In Caravans, Camping, Gates, Balconies, Gardens & Garages.



  • Vanilla Ocean Strawberry

    Each Jar Contains 66 Bottles Of Air Freshener.

    Each Bottle Contains 5mL Of Fragrance.

    Jar Contains 6 Assorted Fragrances. Bubble Gum, Coconut, Black Ice,

    Vanilla, Ocean & Strawberry. 66 Air Freshener Bottles In A Jar

    Bubble Gum Coconut Black Ice



  • carsound NEW ARRIVALS

    Speci�cations •Fixed Panel. •ID3 Tagging. •RDS Protocol. •FM Radio Stations. •Large LCD Display. •4x 25w High Power Output. •Automatic Scanning and Storing Of Station. •AUX/Bluetooth/SD & USB Media Input (MP3 & WMA). •Hands Free Comunication: -Caller ID -Call Answer -Call Reject -Redial Last Call -Built In Microphone.

    •Digital FM Radio With Media Player. •ISO Leads. •User Manual.

    Digital FM Radio With Media Player For Use In Cars




    SD Card

    Auxiliary Input

    AUX Windows Media Audio

    WMA Radio Band

    FM UTV Golf Cart TractorsJeep

    Hatchback Sedan SUV


    RCA Connection

    ISO Connection


  • RIMS10


    14X6/5X114PCD White Rim (8 Spoke) With Centre Cap (Sold Each) R3-1401

    14X6/6X140PCD White Rim (8 Spoke) With Centre Cap (Sold Each) R3-1402

    14X6/6X140PCD Chrome Rim (8 Spoke) With Centre Cap (Sold Each) R3-1402CH

    14X7/6X140PCD White Rim (8 Spoke) With Centre Cap (Sold Each) R3-1403

    15X7/6X140PCD White Rim (8 Spoke) With Centre Cap (Sold Each) R3-1501

    74.93mm Chrome Centre Cap R3-CC75

    80.77mm Chrome Centre Cap R3-CC81

    83.82mm Chrome Centre Cap R3-CC84

    Tube 155-12" Tr13 155-12

    13"(330mm) Tube With Tr13 Valve 165, 185-70 G13

    14"(355mm) Tube With Tr13 Valve 165, 175, 185, 205-70 G14

  • TUBES 11


    Tube 215-15" Tr13 215-15

    Tube 750-16" Tr15 Short Stem 750-16

    Tube 750-16" Tr75A Long Stem 750-16L

    Tube 1000-20" Tr78A 1000-20

    White Tyre Pencil In Blister Pack K4-016

    Tyre Marking Crayon White 12pce In Box K4-021W

    12pce Yellow Tyre Marking Crayon K4-021Y

    Balancing Pliers / Hammer K4-005

    20pce 38mm Black Tyre Stems TR414-20

    100pce 38mm Black Tyre Stems TR414

  • TUBE REPAIR KITS & ACCESSORIES12 100pce 38mm Chrome Tyre Stems TR414C

    Tractor Valve TR218A

    100pce Silver Valve Caps K4-001

    100pce Silver Valve Caps K4-002

    1000pce Green Valve Caps K4-003G

    Valve Cap With Valve Tool K4-014

    4 Way Valve Tool For Truck/Bus K4-010

    Pencil Tyre Gauge JD7101A

    2"(50.8mm) 400Kpa/80Psi Dial Type Tyre Pressure Gauge G1-007

    Dial Type Tyre Gauge(400KPA) TGHISO-1H

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System 4X4 K4-020N

    Tyre Pressure Monitor System Smart Phone App Available For Android And iPhone K4-020SP

  • TUBE REPAIR KITS & ACCESSORIES 13 Air Chuck With Rubber Grip JF3208

    Ruler Type Heavy Duty In�ator Gauge SB-4

    CO2 Kit Bottle Air, Pipe And Valve K4-018-7

    12pce Per Box 20cc Rubber Solution Tube TS-20

    20pce Per Box Radial Patches 78X152mm Oval RP-14

    48pce 34mm Tube Patches TP-001

    8pce 100mm Tube Patches TP-004

    100pce Per Box Tube Patches 29mm Round TP-129

    50pce Per Box Tube Patches 35mm Round TP-135

    40pce Per Box Tube Patches 43mm Round TP-143

    30pce Per Box Tube Patches 60mm Round TP-160

    50pce Per Box Tube Patches 31X40mm Oval TP-3140

  • TUBE REPAIR KITS & ACCESSORIES14 30pce Per Box Tube Patches 39X62mm Oval TP-3962

    24pce 50mm Oval Cold Patch K4-009-2

    Cold Patch Applicator Roller K4-011

    25pce Per Box No.0 Gaters K4-013-0

    20pce Per Box No.1 Gaters K4-013-1

    10pce Per Box No.2 Gaters K4-013-2

    10pce Per Box No.3 Gaters K4-013-3

    10pce Per Box No.4 Gaters K4-013-4

    10pce Per Box No.5 Gaters K4-013-5

    25pce Per Box 200mm Long Tyre Seals For Tubeless Truck & Bus Tyres YP802-L

    50pce Per Box 100mm Tyre Seals For Tubeless Car Tyres YP802-N

    Heavy Duty Tubeless Plug Inserter K4-006

  • TUBE REPAIR KITS & ACCESSORIES 15 Tubeless Plug Hole Maker K4-007

    Bicycle Repair Kit Tubeless K4-BRK01

    Bicycle Repair Kit K4-BRK02

    20pce Patch Kit YP-3401

    Bicycle Patch Kit RS1205C

    Bicycle Patch Kit RS1208

    Patches And Plug Kit YP-805

    9pce Tubeless Tyre Plug Repair Kit YP-811

    8pce Tubeless Tyre Plug Repair Kit YP-816

    Tubeless Tyre Pressure In�ator And Plug Set In Plastic Case K4-018-6

    Heavy Duty Tubeless Plug Set K4-015

    10pce Heavy Duty Tubeless Plug Kit K4-015B


    SP-5476 SP-5673 SP-5773 SP-93108 SP-106108

    4Pce Spigot Ring Set 54/76mm 4Pce Spigot Ring Set Opel 56.6/73.1mm 4P