2 nd September 2014 Sean White – Tourism Intelligence Unit (ONS) Measuring Tourism Locally in...

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Transcript of 2 nd September 2014 Sean White – Tourism Intelligence Unit (ONS) Measuring Tourism Locally in...

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  • 2 nd September 2014 Sean White Tourism Intelligence Unit (ONS) Measuring Tourism Locally in Northern Ireland
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  • Background to the TIU "existing [tourism data] sources are no longer fit for purpose and the potential economic, social and environmental contributions of the tourism sector will only be realised if priority is allocated to better measurement." (Allnutt Review, 2004) The Allnutt review a tipping point for tourism statistics One of the recommendations to set up a Tourism Statistics Unit (preferably in ONS)
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  • The Result : Tourism Intelligence Unit The Tourism Intelligence Unit (TIU) was set up in ONS on August 1st 2008. Was developed through the English Tourism Intelligence Partnership made up of RDAs, VisitEngland, tourism organisations and academia The aim of the unit is to make improvements to tourism statistics, especially those that relate to the tourism industry, the visitor economy and the economic impact of tourism. the committee is encouraged by the plans to develop a Tourism Intelligence Unit. We support the proposal for the Unit to review the Allnutt recommendations with a view to their development and implementationIt is of vital importance to the industry that this should not be merely another false dawn. (House of Commons CMS Committee on Tourism, 2008)
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  • Original TIU Work Programme 1- Measuring the supply-side of tourism. 2- Piloting a new day visits survey. 3- To develop Best Practice in collecting data locally. 4- Development of a tourism satellite account.
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  • Key Outputs The Economic Importance of Tourism: The UK Tourism Satellite Account for 2010 and 2011 (August 2013) Key Outputs: Tourism Direct GVA, Tourism Direct Employees and FTEs, Internal Tourism Consumption, Tourism Ratios The Supply Side of Tourism in 2009 (February 2012) Key Outputs: GVATI, Output, Employment characteristics, Tourism industry demography The Sub-Regional Value of Tourism in the UK in 2011 (April 2014) Key outputs: Tourism Direct GVA and expenditure data at NUTS 2 and 3 A Review of Sustainable Tourism Indicators (October 2011) Key Outputs: A set of indicators for monitoring sustainable tourism at the national and local levels
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  • Examples: Direct GVA and Expenditure Estimated Tourism Expenditure 2008 (m) by UK NUTS3 Area and Visit Type (top 20 shown) Tourism Direct GVA in 2008-2011 by tourism sub sector
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  • Tourism Employment Characteristics of Workers in Tourism, 2011 (June 2013) Key outputs: Age, Sex, nationality, educational attainment characteristics of tourism workers Employment Characteristics of Tourism Industries, 2011 (March 2013) Key outputs: FT and PT employment, temporary working, self employment, workplace characteristics, occupations The Geography of Tourism Employment, 2011 (Nov 2012) Key Outputs: regional and sub-regional employment estimates
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  • Employment Examples Age profile of Employment in Tourism and non-tourism Main and Second Job Employment in Tourism Industries as a Percentage of Total Employment (NUTS 3, 2010-2011)
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  • Guidance on Measuring Tourism Locally Measuring Tourism Locally: Guidance Note One This guidance note is the first of six updates to the original series produced by the TIU with the aim of providing local tourism officials a consistent framework within which to measure and collect data on various facets of tourism activity. The other 5 guidance notes are now being scheduled for update, namely: Guidance Note 2: Local Economic Impact Modelling Guidance Note 3: Undertaking Visitor Surveys Guidance Note 4: Tourism Benchmarking Guidance Note 5: Measuring the Supply Side of Tourism Guidance Note 6: Event Analysis and Evaluation
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  • Guidance Notes
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  • VisitWales Authority Profiles 22 local authority profiles covering detailed analysis of visitor data from surveys, economic data, census information, occupancy data, value of tourism Published Today!
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  • International Context Strong links with UNWTO, OECD, ILO, Eurostat, EC Return of Tourism data to Eurostat Adherence to international recommendations in analysis of tourism industries and compilation of Tourism Satellite Account
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  • NI Project Requirements Need to engage with local LGD representative to gain a clear picture of their requirements with a view to matching this with what is achievable. Share expertise in measuring the local impact of tourism activity. Identify gaps in current availability of information. Suggest alternative approaches or methodologies that would deliver a consistent approach. Suggest alternative approaches or methodologies that would enable comparison across events and areas, taking local information into consideration. Identify resources required for different options to deliver consistent and comparable approach to measuring local tourism activity
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  • Project Options Option 1: Scoping Exercise Review of best practice in measuring tourism at the local scale Assessment of available sources of information (national and local) Would include tourism statistics and economic/social statistics with relevance for tourism Data inputs needed for event analysis and assessment of best practice in measuring impact of events
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  • Project Options Option 2: Best Practice Guidance with worked examples for selected areas As option one but to include analysis of data provided by local organisations in NI (e.g. To build economic value estimates, event analysis worked examples etc) Could be based on a VisitWales type of local area profile Would depend on the input of data from local organisations
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  • Project Options Option 3: Analysis based on provided data for all areas and selected events As option 2 but to cover all LGD areas in NI Event analysis dependent on relevant information being made available
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  • Resources Needed Verbal discussion (SW to update)
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  • Discussion Contact Details : Email : sean.white@ons.gsi.gov.uksean.white@ons.gsi.gov.uk Phone : 01633 455687 http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/taxonomy/index.html?nscl=Economic+Value+of+Tourism