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  • 8/8/2019 (2) Max HGH Training


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    A Training & Diet Program Designed To Stimulate HumanGrowth Hormone Release For Big Muscle Mass Gains



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  • 8/8/2019 (2) Max HGH Training



    Overtraining is the reason that most bodybuilders dont make gains, or only makeminimal gains. This program is designed to stimulate muscle growth by intensely working all themajor muscle groups with the exact amount of intensity, using compound, mass-buildingexercises. This program also stimulates muscle mass increases through training methods thatmaximize the bodys own output of human growth hormone and other anabolic hormones, whileat the same time preventing overtraining, which reduces the release of catabolic (muscle-wasting)hormones.

    Dont make the mistake in thinking that more is better. When it comes to training for hardgainers thats not usually true. More is better usually causes overtraining, increases therelease of cortisol and other catabolic substances, and stops any muscle mass or strength gains.

    Follow this course exactly as outlined. Any changes can lessen the muscle stimulationand hormone-releasing effects.

    Nutrition For An Anabolic Metabolism

    In order to gain ultimate mass you have to eat big, train and rest big. Eating big (andcorrectly) is what we will discuss here. Reducing calories makes no sense if the goal is to buildmuscle mass. After a few days of a calorie-reduced diet, the testosterone level of the bodydecreases noticeably. So be sure to eat plenty. The amount of food eaten is best divided into fiveor six smaller meals. Its difficult to recommend a fixed amount of calories. This can vary quite alot for each individual. As a general rule, eat every two-and-a-half to three hours, andimmediately when you begin to feel hungry. When hunger pangs start, the body is already in acatabolic state; the muscle you have worked so hard to gain is now being used to produce glucoseto stabilize the blood sugar level. Don't lose your hard-earned muscle!

    There are other reasons to divide your food intake into five or six meals. You will keepthe body fat storage rate low (smaller portions are digested much more easily by the body, andmetabolism will also be increased) and ensure a constant flow of nutrients to your body. Proteins

    play a key role in production of hormones in the body. Muscle building is not possible without anample supply of protein. Your diet must be rich in protein to provide sufficient protein building

    blocks for an anabolic metabolism. Therefore combine plenty of protein and complexcarbohydrates during each meal. Eat potatoes, pasta, or rice, with tuna fish, beef, pork, chicken or turkey. If you don't have enough time to prepare all these meals, use ready-made products such as

    protein powder or a weight-gaining supplement.

    Fat should not be restricted too severely while on a muscle-building diet. Anabolichormones, especially testosterone, are built from cholesterol. When eggs are prepared, the yolks

    should be used. Just use some common sense and moderation.

    Estrogens and glucocorticoids are synthesized in the body over the precursor cholesterol.But its production in the body can be kept to a minimum through skilled monitoring of training,recuperation (in the case of the glucocorticoids, such as cortisone and hydrocortisone) and acarefully chosen diet that provides the right amounts of fat and as few estrogens as possible. For instance, some scientists maintain that a very high caloric intake during phases of intensivetraining contributes to an anti-catabolic, cortisol-lowering effect. Considering how cortisol ismetabolized, this hypothesis makes sense. An elevated estrogen level can cause water retention

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  • 8/8/2019 (2) Max HGH Training


    and a "smooth" look of the muscles. Worse yet, it can significantly lower the effect of testosterone. In fact, the effect of free testosterone in the body is dependent on the amount of circulating estrogen. In short, the more estrogen, the less testosterone.

    It becomes clear how strong an influence estrogens have on testosterone when youconsider that women, who already possess a high estrogen level, yet produce testosterone in thelower kidneys, have marked strength improvements when they are given just small doses of estrogen blockers. The higher estrogen level in women is also responsible for their higher

    percentage of body fat. Similarly, men with higher body fat have a lower testosterone level andalso an elevated estrogen level. For both sexes the following holds true: the lower the estrogenlevel, the greater the training effect.

    Now that you know what to eat, the important thing is to eat. This cannot be emphasizedenough. You have to eat big to get big. For experienced trainers eating large amounts is generallynot a problem. However, beginners who want to gain muscle mass fast may have to forcethemselves to consume sufficient quantities of food. Without a lot of food you can't grow. Weighyourself at the end of the first week of Maximum HGH Training . If you have adhered strictly tothe training program and have eaten appropriately, but have not gained at least 3 to 5 pounds, you

    are not consuming enough calories. Eat more. Don't forget: You are asking everything of your body in three hard training sessions per week. As a rule of thumb, during the four weeks of Maximum HGH Training , you should consume at least 5000 to 6000 calories per day, but youwill probably have to experiment and adjust this according to your own needs.

    This amount of calories is also recommend for athletes who have slow metabolisms. Themore food the better. In the phase of "normal" training that follows, the caloric intake can bereduced, but during your Maximum HGH Training , eating large quantities of food is essential.Lets summarize one more time: You should eat at least 5 to 6 smaller meals per day, and eachmeal should deliver complex carbohydrates as well as high quality protein and fat. Take in atleast 5000 to 6000 calories.

    Sleep is something else to consider. After sleeping eight hours, you'll need a big breakfast. This is the longest period of time that you'll experience without food. When you get upin the morning, you will probably be in a catabolic state. Only with a fresh supply of nutrients canyour system continue to regenerate and build muscle.

    As far as training goes, eat two hours prior to your workout and abstain from food untilyou're finished. Drink plenty of fluids while you're training. By lowering your blood sugar levelduring your workout you will make possible a secretion of growth hormone in response to thestress of training.

    After the completion of your workout, consume 50 to 100 grams of carbohydrates. Thenwithin one and a half hours after training take in a substantial amount of protein and

    carbohydrates. A protein shake loaded with carbohydrates (bananas or other fruits) is probablythe best way to consume these nutrients. Eating immediately after working out will keepcortisone secretions down and shorten the catabolic state, getting you quickly back to an anabolicstate.

    The last meal of the day should be consumed about three hours before bedtime. By doingthis you will receive an increased secretion of the bodys own growth hormone in response to thefalling blood sugar level.

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  • 8/8/2019 (2) Max HGH Training


    Training For An Anabolic Metabolism

    As already mentioned, the secretion of anabolic hormones can be increased by training.However, training in any form is, at first, a stress factor that has to be compensated for by proper diet and a period of recuperation. Unfortunately, training is not the only stress factor that youhave to consider if you want to achieve an optimal level of performance. All stress, whether it is

    physical or psychological, has to be compensated for by nutrition and rest.

    This training program demands a lot from you, both physically and mentally. To succeedin Maximum HGH Training, you must eliminate as many stress factors as possible. Simply makea list of stress factors and cross out all the ones you can avoid during the four-week period. Theshorter the list, the better the chances for muscle growth. Keep the list with the crossed-outfactors for future reference. During the weeks to come you should frequently go back to your listto see if you are staying away from the stress factor you have eliminated and to see if you caneliminate any others. Of course, the idea is to create the optimal conditions for training and/or muscle building.

    To achieve maximum muscle growth, your training has to be of the highest efficiency.

    You must train as much as possible in the shortest period of time, and then give the body plentyof time to recuperate. For this purpose, heavy strength building exercises should be performed.The master power lifts, such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and military presses, are the bestexercises to use because they stimulate large muscle groups. Since several muscle groups areinvolved, heavier weights can be used. At the same time, the training duration is kept short

    because time-consuming isolation exercises are eliminated.

    It is precisely this high intensity, short duration training that maximizes the body's own production of anabolic steroids. The higher the intensity, both in respect to the weight employedand the intensity used, the more testosterone is secreted. To quickly summarize, avoid stress of allkinds, train short and hard, treat yourself to as much rest and recuperation as possible, eat anutritionally balanced diet, and above all, eat a lo