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2 Important Attributes To Posses To Win People Over1Today we live in a very fast paced, self centered, instant gratification world. With the internet, it has given us much access to people all over the world so your influence can be made on a grand scale.However, because access is instant and there are thousands of people at your fingertips with social networking sites like Linkedin and Facebook, everyone is talking and no one is listening.How can you possibly win someone over if all you are doing is promoting yourself and trying to be the center of attention? Hey look at me I have the best thing since sliced bread!.Yeah well if you think about it, everyone online has the best thing since sliced bread, that is why they joined the company in the first place. So the last thing people want to hear is why they should leave the company they are with and join yours.Hell that is what they were going to tell you to do join them.So now what?...

How do you get people to become influenced by you? By actually having a sincere interest in them. How do you show sincere interest in others?By obtaining twoobvious, but great qualities

Learn Peoples NamesShakespeares quote is okay for items, but when it comes to people, the name is very important. When you talk with someone and say their name a couple of times, there is a sense of vibration that goes through their body.Always make it your duty to use someones name any time you interact with them.

You will win them over much easier and have a better rapport from the start.

The second thing you must do is

Become A Great ListenerMany of us always want to be heard, but never want to do any listening.

If you take the time to listen to someone elses needs and wants, you will find that you can gain a lot of respect from the person doing the talking.This goes a long way even in personal relationships.

Become the listener when your significant other or family member is talking and not only will you get a new found respect from them, but you will also learn a lot more about that person that you never took the time to find out.When you show this respect to possible customers, clients, and/or team members, they will see your genuine interest in them and want to be a part of you and whatever you have to offer.Imagine how many people you can win over if you treat them with these qualities.Everyone is online trying to be heard, so what better way to win them over than to listen to them.Learn their names, call them by that name and then listen to their problems. Then make sure you respond in a way that helps them either resolve the problem or know where to turn to get it resolved.Whenyou do this correctly, you will win over many and they will love you for it.

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