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Transcript of 1x 2x 3x 4x 5x Latin Global Ecology Community Ecology Population Ecology Is it the Truth? 1x 2x 3x...

  • 1x2x3x4x5xLatinGlobal EcologyCommunity EcologyPopulation EcologyIs it the Truth?1x2x3x4x5x1x2x3x4x5x1x2x3x4x5x1x2x3x4x5x

  • Habito-(a) Migrating(b) Dwelling(c) Surviving(d) Utilizing

  • Nomen-(a) Important(b) First (c) Name(d) Last

  • Nichier~(a) To fly (b) To compete(c) To survive(d) To nest

  • Mortis-(a) Property(b) Food(c) Alive(d) Death

  • Oikos~(a) House(b) Greek Food(c) Changing(d) Organization

  • The small percentage (
  • Which of the following is NOT an abiotic factor that could influence a community?(a) Strength of sunlight(b) Wind circulation(c) Predator reproduction(d) Water temperature

  • Chemicals in the air that prevent heat from escaping our atmosphere are responsible for causing the..? Global cooling(b) Ozone depletion(c) Carbon cycle(d) Greenhouse effect

  • Identify the 3rd MOST inclusive level of ecological organization. (a) Population(b) Community(c) Ecosystem(d) Biosphere

  • By todays evidence, which event has NOT been demonstrated as a result of human activity?(a) Deforestation for farming(b) Decreasing CO2 levels(c) A 6th Mass Extinction(d) Perforation of the O3 layer

  • Some organisms adjust their tolerance levels to abiotic factors through a process known as(a) Character displacement(b) Acclimation(c) Hibernation(d) Resource partitioning

  • Which BEST describes an ecological community?(a) All of the squirrels inhabiting a suburb.(b) All of the plants, insects, and rodents inhabiting a small island.(c) Tropical rainforests worldwide.(d) A school of rainbow trout in the Mississippi river.

  • Which of the following organisms would NOT be classified a conformer?(a) Salmon(b) Salamander (c) Snapping turtle(d) Seal

  • Which of the following is NOT true regarding an organisms tolerance for an environmental variable?(a) Its performance is usually best at intermediate values.(b) Its performance can be shown with a tolerance curve.(c) Tolerance levels cannot change over the lifetime.(d) Tolerance levels can change through acclimation.

  • The BEST example of an ecosystem would be which of the following?(a) All crocodiles in Australian rivers.(b) All snakes, birds, cacti, sand, and weather in a desert. (c) The temperate forests of the biosphere.(d) The squirrels, birds, and other animals of Central Park.

  • Beginning around 1650, the global population of H. Sapiens(a) Displayed a low birth rate but high death rate(b) Reached the earths carrying capacity(c) Began to display exponential growth(d) Had a birth rate equal to the death rate

  • All of the following could be considered density-dependent factors affecting population growth EXCEPT (a) Limited nutrients & water(b) Climate shifts(c) Toxin accumulation(d) Predation

  • F. domesticus is brought into a small island where it grows rapidly feeding on rats BUT then the population eventually levels off.(a) Maximum yield(b) Carrying capacity(c) Tertiary level(d) Climax community

  • (a) Density-dependent(b) Logistic(c) Linear (d) ExponentialIf a populations growth is NOT limited by predation, competition, disease, or any other factor, its growth pattern should appear

  • Which feature is the MOST atypical of an r-selected species (Type III survivorship curve)?(a) Rapid evolutionary rate(b) Large numbers of offspring(c) Short lifespan(d) Extensive parental care

  • (a) True(b) False

    The biospheres human population tripled from 2 to 6 billion in just a 66 year time frame.

  • Regulators have their internal conditions change with the environment.(a) True(b) False

  • A realized niche is the range of resources actually used by a species and fits inside a fundamental niche. (a) True(b) False

  • The U.S. has a stable population size due to the growth rate equaling the death rate.(a) True(b) False

  • Inbreeding within small populations can lead to decreased genetic variability.(a) True(b) False