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  1. 1. We offer services in different Industry Domains & Products Lets review those
  2. 2. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || Great Fast Cost Effective Advantageous Affordable Efficient Engineering Solution
  3. 3. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || v Our excellent services that starts with core engineering activities listed below o Conceptual & Detailed Design o Product Design & Design Validation o Product Engineering to Reverse Engineering o Sustaining & Customization Engineering v Our Unique Service Propositions makes us different, o Intelligent Engineering: efficient execution at unbeatable pace. o Digital Engineering: effective solution through digital technologies. lets review those offerings
  4. 4. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || Incremental productivity improvement and faster delivery Knowledge Based Eng Qualitatively and quantitatively improving the efficiency of process, systems, procedures and products System Efficiency Every $ saved per function in the value chain adds to the profit through improving operational efficiency Value Optimisation Develop using visuals / diagrams and effectively implementing processes and procedures for sustainable global work environment Standardisation Customized, interactive & easy to use digital publications that can be used for product assemblies, manuals and catalogues. eDocuments Ensures streamlining technology, system & operations of manufacturing by applying design engineering techniques. Manufacturing Support v Digital Engineering: effective solution through digital technologies. o Finite Element Analysis FEA o Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD o Multi Physics, Fluid Structure Interface FSI v Intelligent Engineering : efficient execution at unbeatable pace. We do parametric and non-parametric analysis to get optimum solution for client.
  5. 5. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || Please take a note that these services are offered in various Domains & Products in different industry Lets review these domains and products one by one
  6. 6. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || Pumps Valves Fittings Gearbox Motor Power Tools Fans
  7. 7. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || Pressure Vessels Refinery Columns Process Reactors Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Accessories - Manway, Nozzles, etc Ladders & Platforms Reactor Internals Refinery Revamping
  8. 8. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || Fracturing Unit Cementing Unit Chokes Valves High Pressure Pumps Skids Manifolds
  9. 9. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || Packer SSSV Intelligent Completion Flow Control Sand Control Tools Retrievable Tools Liner Hangers Slickline Accessories
  10. 10. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || Down-hole adjustable motors Mud Motor Rotary Steerable Systems Stabilizers design Drilling Jars Motor above Rotary steerable systems
  11. 11. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || Production Logging Resistivity Tool - EWR Porosity Sensors Gamma Sensors MWD / LWD Openhole Casedhole
  12. 12. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || Well Intervention Tools Well Control Tools Fishing Tools Pressure Control Equipment Wellhead BOP Workover Equipment
  13. 13. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || Welding & NDT Equipment Plastic Enclosure Drilling Equipment Lab Equipment Material Handling Equipment Jigs & Fixtures Home Appliances Special Testing Machines
  14. 14. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || Engine Body Chassis Cooling System Seating Interior Transmission Intake-Exhaust
  15. 15. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || Turbines* Water Plant Wind Solar *Wind/Steam/Water
  16. 16. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || v Process Modeling using HYSYS v Process Design using HTFS & HTRI Heat Exchanger Condenser Evaporator Boiler Cooler
  17. 17. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || You can refer case studies for specific domains on our website WHICH section Please feel free to ask for any additional specific case studies of your interest / requirement. We have a long term strategy in place and we will keep upgrading service offering & domain expertise.
  18. 18. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || v We have reviewed service offerings and others are coming soon Unique & Valuable Product Intelligent Engineering Service Digital Engineering Service Software Applications Engineering & Management Consultancy Start Not an End Industrial & Heavy Engineering Oil & Gas Automobiles Special Purpose Machinery Power Generation To be continued Domain We offer solutions by providing
  19. 19. || www.1vorteil.com || contact@1vorteil.com || Stay tuned!! Keep visiting us www.1vorteil.com Keep Following us For specific case studies, send email to contact@1vorteil.com or Neelam.Raysoni@1vorteil.com