#1NLab14: Reimagine Marketing

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John Simpson, Founder and CEO of One North Interactive, shares his insights on the challenges of modern B2B marketing, how things are changing and what we as marketers can do to keep up. From the 2014 Experience Lab: Reimagine Marketing. To watch a video of the presentation, visit http://bit.ly/1ySQHBP.

Transcript of #1NLab14: Reimagine Marketing

  • 1. Reimagine MarketingChallenging What WeKnow About B2B

2. John Simpson@johnlsimpson3 3. WHY REIMAGINEMARKETING? 4. The world has changed more in the last twoyears than in the past 50.76%Source: Adobe Summit 2014 5. My role will change significantly in the nextthree years.81%Source: Adobe Summit 2014 6. I need to take more risks.54%Source: Adobe Summit 2014 7. I want to reinvent myself.40%but I dont know how to do it.86%Source: Adobe Summit 2014 8. WHAT DOES REIMAGINEMEAN? 9. Large image slide with logo. 10. Large image slide with logo. 11. ASSUMPTIONB2B AudiencesMake RationalDecisions 12. REIMAGINEDB2B Brands EmbracePerson-to-Person 13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9IbTd-I5JU 14. Will We Ever Find LOVE?Source: APCO Insight, www.apcoinsight.com 15. 8 Factors for LOVEOur research shows that emotional attachment, not cognitivedifferentiation of product attributes, is the most reliable predictor of brandchoice and loyalty."Source: APCO Insight, www.apcoinsight.com 16. Emotional LinkingSource: APCO Insight, www.apcoinsight.com 17. Personal Values Matter in B2BB2B buyers see business value in solutions, but not differentiation amongoptions.Therefore, personal value matters for both decision and price.Source: Forget What You Know B2B Emotions DO Influence B2B Buying, Sebastian Vedsted Jesperson 18. A Challenge for B2B...most perceptions of B2B brandsare truly based on peoplesexperiences of them, not themessages they see. In the comingyear, B2B brands have a hugeopportunity to take on a new role -enabling people to experiment withtheir future.Karl Heiselman, Apple 19. ASSUMPTIONB2B Decisions AreBased on Price andProduct Attributes 20. REIMAGINEDB2B Aligns With AGreater Purpose 21. Differentiating Based on PurposeForbes Interview with CMO, Rob PriceAdvertising is about frequency and reach. Well, we have 35 million peoplecoming into stores every week.So if you monetized, if you put into traditionaladvertising terms, all of those are exposures or impressions.Its very large numbers and weve decided to harness the energy of themarketing team in collaboration with IT, Store Operations and Digital. 22. Reimagining the Drug Store CVS Health is a pharmacyinnovation company that isreinventing pharmacy Bound by the commonpurpose of helping peopleon their path to betterhealth and shaping thefuture of health care 23. Reimagining the Drug Store 24. B2C: Dove Finds a PurposeAnd it recognized there is no stronger way to build an intimateconnection with a woman than to see into her real self, know hersecret thoughts, show that you understand, and tell her that you loveher anyway. 25. B2B: Cutting through ComplexityKPMG cuts to the core of the challenges facing its clients, and makessolving those challenges personal. Notice the language they use.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60fK33Lez8Q 26. ASSUMPTIONSocial is a MarketingChannel 27. REIMAGINEDSocial Becomes Catalystfor Marketing &Innovation 28. Marketing as a Social InnovationA partnership between GE and cinelan, FOCUS FORWARD commissioned 30three-minute films from an impressive roster of award-winning internationalfilmmakers. The creative brief was simple: tell a story about an innovator or aworld-changing idea, and do it in about 180 seconds.http://www.focusforwardfilms.com/films/30/solar-roadways 29. Even Geeks Can Be Social: IBM 30. Creating the Future CollaborativelyIBM has found a way toweave itself into our societysgrowth and management. Flexible and alwaysrelevant Align vision & employees Creating the future, notreacting to it Partnered with businessand civic leaders Quite simply: make theplanet smarter 31. Marketing as a Social InnovationTime after time, entrepreneurs haveshown that its not necessarily aboutbeing the only one with an earthshattering idea. Businesses that areclose to their markets maximize theiropportunities for success. 32. How Did You Get Here?More important than your brilliant idea can be your relationship with yourcustomer. 33. Social is Enabling Marketing to Backwards IntegrateNew models bring clients into the value creation exercises, namely service andproduct development. 34. Co-Creation ExplosionRather than market its latest features, SAP includes its customers in the productdevelopment process through its Idea Place. 35. Co-Creation ExplosionWhy it works Transparency aboutthe process Focused on the righttopics Emotionally-linkedcontributors 36. Co-Creation ExplosionLeveraging their brand and marketing prowess, P&Gs connect + develop programlooks to partner with businesses and individuals across their operation, not justproduct development. 37. ASSUMPTIONBuild a Great Product,the Rest Will Come 38. REIMAGINEDNot Just a Product, butan Experience 39. Every Fall, Planning BeginsIn the TV industrial complex, companies can command attention of anyone theychoose, whenever they want. Traditional marketing approaches were built on it. 40. Customer First, Prospect Second(Access to Data) + (Empowered Consumer) = Game Changed Ask How can we better serve and support thecustomers we have? Customer-first, prospect-second mindsetForbes, Peter Shankman 41. Is the Product a Piano?Steinwayunderstandswhy its clientsbuy, andrecognize thatits closely tiedto experience. 42. Beating Apple at its Own GameSecret SauceTechnicians are also trained to understand Measure that facts everything,dont matter a difficult message for a technician to internalize! quantitatively and qualitatively Recognize They that the train beginningthemto begin by acknowledging the problem and and aligning end of services themselvesis the mostcritical to experiencewith the customer before they begin troubleshooting. Plan the entire experienceWhile thisdoes not always come naturally, technicians Engage culturefind employees that doing in thethissets expectations more effectively, and reduces the blame shiftingthat can occur in these situations.Source: http://www.heartofthecustomer.com/tekserve-a-b2b-blueprint/ 43. Customer Experience Online/OfflineAccenture defines customerexperience as how businesscustomers and theirskakeholders perceive theentirety of interactions theyhave with a supplier companyacross all marketing, sales andservices touchpoints 44. The Market Rewards Customer Experience 45. Focusing on Experience, Clients 46. ASSUMPTIONThe Best RelationshipDevelopers are Born,Not Made 47. REIMAGINEDInformation, Not JustInstinct, BuildsRelationships 48. Hollywood Is There; Are We? 49. Slamtracker! 50. Some companies are looking to theleadership of an emerging c-level role here,such as the chief experience officer (CXO).Gartner reports that 19 percent of businessleaders expect to see a chief digital officer by2014 and 17 percent expect to see a chief dataofficer.- AccentureA New Skill Set 51. PRODUCTNot just a product,but an experiencePLACESocial Becomes Catalyst forMarketing & InnovationInformation, Not Just Instinct,Builds RelationshipsPROMOTIONB2B Brands EmbracePerson-to-PersonB2B Aligns witha Greater PurposePRICECustomerIntimacy