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Transcript of 1967-2017 - Hotel Byblos Saint-Tropez · PDF file in saint-tropez Saint-Tropez / Office du...

  • 1967-2017 50 years of magic

    at HoteL ByBLos and Les caves du roy


    The «Palace» hoTel of SainT-TroPez and iTS myThical nighTclub will celebraTe Their golden anniverSary in 2017.

    in just five decades, hotel byblos and les caves du roy have acquired mythical status thanks to their remarkable history, the passion of their owners – the chevanne family – their loyal staff, their amazing guests and their prestigious partners.

    Leaving their mark on history while setting new trends, both are equally demanding when it comes to cultivating the luxury of French art de vivre. Their timeless nature is the secret of their charm and the youthful spirit that reigns within their walls provides a promise of staying young while at the same time ceaselessly looking to the future.

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    fifty years of dreams

    and spLendour!

  • on tHe eve of tHeir 50tH anniversary, HoteL ByBLos and Les caves du roy

    are aLready Looking aHead to tHe next

    50 years in saint-tropez

    The «Palace» hotel of Saint-Tropez and its mythical nightclub have never shone so brightly as today. Bearing testimony to an exceptional way of life that is continuously reassessed and renewed, these two symbolic landmarks of the French Riviera are always one step ahead of their time, creating today the legends of tomorrow.

    impossible to replicate or to duplicate, le byblos welcomes guests to 17 000 square metres of luxury living space, resolutely modern with all the very latest technologies but retaining at all times its unique and indelible charm and character. a new generation of bedrooms and suites has recently been unveiled, each one

    displaying the same attention to detail and the quest for uniqueness. larger and more glamorous than before, the new rooms offer a blend of contemporary interior design and eternal, timeless charm, associated with the very latest technologies to satisfy the needs and desires of international guests who are used to staying in the finest hotels in the world.

    Offering a combination of the very best from the past, the present and the future – such is the promise delivered by this eternally visionary family. Rest assured that tomorrow, as today, Hotel Byblos and Les Caves du Roy will always astound and delight those in search of the true luxury of the French art of living.

    constantly driven by the desire to develop in tune with the times, le byblos Saint-Tropez celebrated in 2002 the inauguration of its iconic restaurant, Spoon by alain ducasse. five years later, the Sisley brand chose hotel byblos as the location to install its very first spa, Spa byblos by Sisley cosmetics.

    2012 was a groundbreaking year in hotel byblos’ history, the 5-star hotel being upgraded to «Palace» status, the ultimate symbol of luxury acknowledging the quality of its 91 bedrooms, including 50 suites, each one different from the other and all fully renovated and refurbished. in 2013, Spoon was replaced by «le rivea», a new restaurant giving pride of place to the finest produce of the riviera, orchestrated once again by alain ducasse, ably assisted by head chef vincent maillard, in an intimate, ultramodern, «bijou» setting designed by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Veil.

    Luxury tHe fruit of unique


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  • designed by prestigious brands and sold exclusively at the hotel.

    indeed, to celebrate our 40th anniversary in 2007, van cleef & arpels, Perrier-Jouët, elie bleue and Jaeger- lecoultre were part of the great adventure. five years later, to commemorate 45 years of luxury hospitality and its entry into the select circle of «Palace» hotels, byblos once again proudly presented a range of magnificent creations by cristal roederer, montblanc, Pinel&Pinel and Jaeger-lecoultre.

    firmly in tune with the times, while at the same time preserving their very own inimitable style and their independent character, hotel byblos and les caves du roy will celebrate their golden anniversary together in may 2017, sharing this unique moment with a select group of prestigious partners, all of whom uphold the same philosophy: to dedicate their know-how to the world of luxury.

    In 2007, in keeping with this historic aura, Antoine Chevanne inaugurated the very first collection of «Byblos Exclusives Series», a limited edition of exceptional items

    compLicit partnersHips witH famous names from tHe worLd of Luxury

    in 2017, to commemorate its goLden anniversary, HoteL ByBLos Has a numBer of magnificent surprises up its sLeeve,

    witH excLusive creations Bearing tHe names of missoni Home,

    audemars piguet, goyard, dom pérignon, sisLey & roLLs royce…

    BYBLOS BY DOM PERIGNON, A truly singular experience...

    From the very beginning, Dom Pérignon champagne has embodied the pursuit of an ideal, with vintages being exclusively assembled only in the very best years and thereafter placed in the cellar for at least eight more before being considered ready for tasting.

    Sampling a Dom Pérignon vintage is a highly sensorial experience which, when placed in the context of Les Caves du Roy or a suite at Hotel Byblos, reaches a whole new level; a singular, exceptional, rare moment of luxury.

    Byblos Saint-Tropez is the ideal location for such a happening: a palace like no other in which to appreciate truly unique champagne.

    BYBLOS BY SISLEY, Beauty above all else…

    The same passion for the Basque country, the same fascination with the French Riviera - the bond of friendship between the Chevanne and d’Ornano families was forged by a mutual attraction for magical, inspirational locations.

    Focused on providing excellence, without any outwards signs of pretention, these two prestigious brands also share a common desire to instil a sense of happiness and well-being. One of the fruits of this long-lasting affinity, the very first Sisley Spa was unveiled to the world at Byblos in 2007.

    A symbol of luxury in its own right, Sisley has attained mythical status in just forty years of existence. Through its will to deliver high-end, hi-tech cosmetics and meticulously prepared skincare programmes, Sisley has made the pursuit of beauty a genuine «art de vivre».

    BYBLOS BY ROLLS ROYCE, A constant quest for excellence…

    A highly sophisticated duo, Hotel Byblos and Rolls-Royce have been playing the same tune together for many long years now. Both brands share the same passion for detail and the same willingness to provide a personalized, made-to-measure service.

    With a close and complicit mutual awareness and understanding, they share the same approach to luxury in its very purest sense. Although their histories could hardly be more different, both strive for perfection and excellence by constantly seeking to renew the exclusive nature of what they have to offer…

    All things considered, isn’t that the key to the long- lasting romance that unites legendary couples? What experience could possibly be more luxurious than climbing aboard a Rolls-Royce cabriolet down by the coast, driving along the winding clifftop «Petite Corniche» and arriving at the gates of Byblos in Saint Tropez for a memorable stay? For car enthusiasts, the interlaced double R is a brand logo that will never cease to inspire those in search of perfection. Rarity, the essence of true luxury.

    BYBLOS BY AUDEMARS-PIGUET, Time has no hold over those

    of a visionary nature…

    With a history dating back over more than 140 years, the Swiss village of Le Brassus, the birthplace of high-precision, high-quality watchmaking, constantly pays homage to the excesses of time. Millenary and Royal Oak are just two of the legendary names that bear witness to expert know-how that is able to give birth to sought-after items that have become real icons. Precision, excellence, sobriety and the desire to create a timepiece that is the epitome of contemporary beauty… this sums up the pleasure-giving philosophy that is shared by Audemars Piguet and Byblos, providing a means of keeping track of time while holiday-making in Saint-Tropez. A highly desirable item with its own discreet charm; a watch that will last a lifetime or more.

    BYBLOS BY GOYARD, Sophistication in its most authentic form...

    It is said that certain marriages are made in heaven. With their family-based organization, their loyalty to French luxury, their quest for the ultimate in contemporary sophistication and their unique know-how and personal way, Hotel Byblos and Maison Goyard are made for one another – two institutions that have never lost sight of their heritage and their values.

    Set down alongside a recliner by the pool or placed upon a seat in the Rivea restaurant, the linen and cotton bags bearing the famous chevron pattern symbolize the love of timelessness that the luggage-maker of rue Saint-Honoré and the Palace hotel of Saint-Tropez both share. A testimony to their mutual exclusiveness.

    BYBLOS BY MISSONI HOME, Living the «Dolce Vita»…

    With a shared passion for the pleasures of the Riviera, the colours of the Mediterranean and an elegant lifestyle, these two family-based luxury houses had every reason to combine their talents.

    Famous for its zig-zag stitch and its vast array of colourful motifs, the Missoni family brand has been disseminating since 1953 a touch of Italian «dolce vita» in the fashion world, and more recently inside the home. The much sought-after Italian chic is gracefully transposed to the domestic environment via a range of household products: Missoni Ho