19 diy clever halloween party decorating tips

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Transcript of 19 diy clever halloween party decorating tips

19 DIY CLEVER HALLOWEEN PARTY DECORATING TIPSTheres Halloween decorating and then theres DIY clever Halloween decorating. Hang ghostly spirits from the ceiling with cheesecloth and styrofoam heads, or give your family portraits haunted red eyes. These creepy spider pods full of skeletons and things that go bump in the night are sure to give your guests the heebie-jeebies. Before you run out to spend a fortune at the party store, check out these 19DIY Clever Halloween Party Decorating Tips1.Kid-Sized Skeleton: Your kids will love this life-sized skeleton! Perfect for Halloween and teaching your little one about the body.

2.Haunted Terrariums:Fill empty jelly jars with twigs, crows and spiders to make a haunted terrarium.

3.Buggy Legs:Glue creepy crawly bugs to a pair of sheer tights or directly onto your leg to make it look like theyre crawling up.

4.Pumpkin Cooler:Carve out a pumpkin and place a bowl inside with some ice for acreative way to keep drinks chilled.

5.Broomstick Stirrers:Make broomstick stirrers with raffia and bamboo skewers.

6.Toilet Paper Roll Bat:Paint toilet paper rolls black and fold to look like a bat.

7.Pumpkin Secrets: Hide spooky messages or candy treats inside pumpkins made from egg cartons.

8.Freaky Family Portraits:Make a copy of a family portrait and poke holes for the eyes. Insert Christmas lights to make them glow.

9.Spider Cubes:Fill ice cube trays with plastic spiders.

10.Glittery Webs:Make an Elmers glue spiderweb on wax paper and cover it in glitter. Lift and use when dry.

11.Mummy Candy Cups:Glue goggly eyes to the sides of cups and wrap them in gauze for a fun candy display.


12.Bloody Handprints:Spook your guests with bloody handprint on the door using poster paint.

13.Scary Spirits:Cover styrofoam heads with cheesecloth and hang from the ceiling.

14.Vent Pipe Pumpkins:Turn dryer vents into pumpkins.

15.Vampire Pumpkins:Cut out a rectangle in your pumpkin and add sharp vampire teeth.

16.Spider Pods:Place a glow stick inside a water balloon and hang from the ceiling inside a stocking.

17.Ghost Hands:Fill a latex glove with water to make a ghost hand for your punch.

18.Bat Fan:Make paper bat wings to attach to your ceiling fan.

19.Chicken Wire Ghost:Scare your neighbors by placing a chicken wire ghost in your yard.

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