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  • 8/8/2019 15 Killer Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts



    15 Killer Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts1. Ctrl+Shift+N to Create a New Folder

    Creating a new folder in Windows explorer is something we all need to do on a frequent basis. And until now,

    there was no default shortcut key available for this task. But Windows 7 changed that.

    You could now use Ctrl+Shift+N to quickly create a new folder in Windows or anywhere on your computerwhere a folder can be created.

    2. Ctrl+Shift+Click to Open a Program As Administrator

    There are many instances when just clicking on the icon of the application and opening it doesnt solve your

    purpose. You need to right click on it and click on Run as Administrator so that you can make the required

    changes to the app.

    In Windows 7, this can be done with a keyboard shortcut. You just need to point your mouse cursor on that

    program and then click on it while pressing Ctrl+Shift keys to open it as administrator.

  • 8/8/2019 15 Killer Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts



    3. Shift+Right-Click Enhances Send to Menu

    The above screenshot shows the default send to menu that I get when I simply right click on a program.

    Now, if I press the Shift key, and while having it pressed, I right click on the icon, I get an enhanced send to

    menu. See the screenshot below to check how it looks.

  • 8/8/2019 15 Killer Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts



    4. Shift+Right-Click on a Folder to Open Command Prompt

    If you do Shift+right-click on a folder, youll find an option that says Open command windows here. If you

    love working with the command prompt, this option should come in handy.

    5. Win+Space to Quickly Show Desktop

  • 8/8/2019 15 Killer Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts



    Remember our quick tip on hiding open windows in windows 7 ? Well, this is the keyboard shortcut version of

    that mouse cursor trick. Pressing the Win key and the space bar simultaneously shows you the desktop


    6. W in+Up/Down/Left/Right for Mov ing the Active Window

    If you intend to quickly move the active window to make space for other apps, you could do that by using the

    Win key and one of the arrow keys. Each arrow key would move the window in the direction it is meant to.

    7. For Dual Monitors: Win+Shift+Left Arrow Key to Move Active W indowto Left MonitorIf you are on a dual monitor setup using Windows 7 then you could press the Win+Shift+Left arrow key

    combination to move the active application window to the left monitor.

    8. For Dual Monitors: Win+Sh ift+Right Arrow Key to Move ActiveWindow to Right MonitorSimilarly, if you need to move the current window to the right monitor screen, just press Win+Shift+right

    arrow key.

    9. Win+T to Get to Taskbar Items

  • 8/8/2019 15 Killer Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts



    You could use the key combination Win+T to toggle through the applications pinned on the taskbar in

    Windows 7.

    10. Shift+Click on a Taskbar App to Open a New Instance of the AppLets say youve got a bunch of Chrome windows open. And you need to quickly open a new blank window of

    the browser. Heres the way point your cursor to the chrome icon on the taskbar, hit Shift and click on it.

    There you go!

    11. Win+B to Move Focus to the System Tray

    In a previous article, we talked about a technique to add more clocks to the default Windows clock in the

    system tray. Now, if you need to get there without using your mouse cursor, howd you do that?

    Answer Win+B . That would move the focus on the system tray, and then you could use the arrow keys tocycle through the items, including the Windows clock.

    12. Win+P for Quickly Connecting Your Laptop to a Projector

  • 8/8/2019 15 Killer Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts



    Windows 7 has a nifty projection menu feature which enables you to quickly connect your laptop to a

    projector or an extended monitor. Win+P is the keyboard shortcut for that purpose.

    13. Win+1, Win+2..so on for Opening Taskba r ProgramsWant to quickly open a program thats pinned to your Windows 7 taskbar? You can press the Win key and the

    number corresponding to the location of the app on the taskbar.

    14. Win+Pause helps you check System Properties

    Need to take a quick look at whats the processor model you are using, or may be check the device manager,

    or advanced system settings? You could use Win+pause key combination to open the system propertieswindow.

    15. Ctrl+Sh ift+Esc Can Qu ickly Windows Task Manager

  • 8/8/2019 15 Killer Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts



    I think this was in Vista too, I am not sure. But its a cool shortcut nevertheless. Just press the Ctrl key,

    Shift key and the ESC key simultaneously and you have the task manager pop up right in front!

    So that was about the amazing Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts. I hope you find them useful. In fact, learn them

    if you are on Windows 7. Thats what I did and it has helped a great deal. If Ive missed a cool shortcut, do

    share that in the comments.

    Now, if you are on Windows XP, and would love to get some these shortcuts that are relevant to XP, well

    have you covered tomorrow. We will tell you how you c ould get some of the above sho rtcuts working on XP .