15 Day Quick Ship Program for Private Offices

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15 Day Quick Ship Program for Private Offices

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Transcript of 15 Day Quick Ship Program for Private Offices

Calibrate Countdown was created to give you
a variety of private office options your people
will appreciate and your schedule will embrace.
Speed is of the essence and your furniture will
ship in just 15 days – and install with ease because
Calibrate Series laminate storage elements ship
assembled. AIS knows waiting isn’t an option.
Our most popular Calibrate Series finishes, materials, pulls and products
are featured in this 15-day ship program – including height-adjustable
tables for greater ergonomic support in the private office. You’ll find all
the essentials and a few extras your people will value.
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You’re going to like how easy it is to select,
specify, install and start working with our
Calibrate Countdown program. You’ll
soon be meeting with team members
and moving things forward thanks to AIS.
We strive to make things convenient –
ensuring your teams can keep their stride.
Calibrate Countdown Products Ship in 15 Days.
fast. You’ll find our Express Seating
with a three-day ship is a perfect
combination for Calibrate Countdown.
to help. Explore all of our quick-ship
programs for expedited solutions
• Calibrate Countdown for private offices with a 15-day ship.
• Divi Fast Track for the open office areas with a 10-day ship.
• Express Seating offers a three-day ship.
21 High BF Lateral
Standard Extended Keyboard Arm (Compatible with Desk Shells. Not for use on Height-Adjustable Tables).
Lock Cores and Keys
28 High Lateral Files
Overhead LED Task Lights
Visit ais-inc.com to view all AIS products and learn more.
Finish samples may be requested to assist with specification. Please contact your AIS Representative.
Grade A Tackboard Material
Engage DenimCape Cod Provincetown
Mirador PacificMirador Neutral
Cape Cod Chatham
Engage Natural
Rainfall Shore
Simplicity Chamoise
E Series Height-Adjustable Table:
QUALITY & DETAILS AIS quality and details make the difference. With robust construction, tight tolerances, precision ball
bearings and heavy weight shelf supports, the Calibrate Series will perform year over year. And with
many design options to support all types of user preferences, creating just the office you need is
easy. Explore the choices, they’re all yours.
Rectangular Pull Loop Pull Calibrate Countdown Office 1 Calibrate Countdown Office 2
PERSONAL CHOICES TO SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL PREFERENCES. Jumpstart your project with our idea starters online.
Calibrate Countdown Office 3
Calibrate Countdown Office 5
Calibrate Countdown Office 4
Calibrate Countdown Office 6
Leominster AIS Headquarters 25 Tucker Drive Leominster, MA 01453
Please request samples to view before specifying as the colors, materials and finishes featured within our printed and electronic literature may vary due to the printing processes and/or viewing screens used. Availability of finishes and materials shown within this brochure may vary due to manufacturers’ lifecycle management.
For additional information on AIS: Dealer Showrooms, Representative Directory, Project Case Studies, Online Catalog & Product Showcase Visit: ais-inc.com
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Calibrate Casegoods: Maritime Dune and True White laminate top. Rectangular pull Day-to-Day Height Adjustable Table: Satin White Paint and True White laminate top with modesty in Maritime Dune laminate Tackboard: Mirador – Rusty upholstery Auburn Executive Chair: Auburn Express Grey Devens Guest Chairs: Express Grey
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Calibrate Casegoods: Maritime Dune laminate. Rectangular pull Tackboard: Cape Cod – Provincetown panel fabric Natick Task Chair: Solid black mesh and Stamper Halo upholstery Paxton Guest Chairs: Gem – Spice upholstery
Page 4-5
Calibrate Casegoods: Looks Likatre laminate. Rectangular pull E Series Height Adjustable Table: Looks Likatre laminate (standard with metallic silver finish) Tackboard: Mirador – Storm panel fabric Natick Task Chair: Wellsley – Ocean upholstery Grafton Guest Chairs: Silver frame and Mirador – Navy Blue upholstery Day-to-Day Round Table: Looks Likatre laminate and Grey Value 1 paint on X-base
Pages 6-7
Calibrate Casegoods: Absolute Acajou laminate. Bar pull Tackboard: Cape Cod – Chatham panel fabric Devens Task Chair: Black mesh and Wellsley – Sandy upholstery Devens Guest Chairs: Black mesh and Stamper – Domino upholstery
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Calibrate Casegoods: Maritime Dune laminate and True White laminate top. Rectangular pull Day-to-Day Height Adjustable Table: Satin White paint and True White laminate top with modesty in Maritime Dune laminate Tackboard: Mirador – Rusty panel fabric Auburn executive chair: Auburn Express Grey upholstery Devens Guest Chairs: Express Grey upholstery