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Don't feel emotionally or physically ready for Chinese New Year? Don't worry, our 15-day decluttering and organizing plan will get you there in a jiffy. Won't take you a long time, will definitely save you loads of stress, and give your guests a warm, welcoming and organized place to be entertained in.

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  • 15-Day Chinese New Year Decluttering Program to impress your relatives 0
  • Day #1 Gathering stray bottles Preparing to host relatives from overseas? Try this to neaten up your bathroom. Replace your multi-sized and multi-shaped shampoo and body wash bottles with uniformly sized bottles to make your bathroom feel organized, less cluttered and be the envy of all your relatives! www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 1
  • Day #2 Be ready for leftovers Get ready for leftovers. Tackle the Tupperware lids in the kitchen. Get them corralled and neatly organized by using CD racks that you can easily get at Popular or any homeware store. Youll be able to whip them out quickly and send you guests packing (with leftovers of course!). www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 2
  • Day #3 Preparations for cooking up a storm, part 1 Impress your relatives not just with your cooking skills, but your massive collection of pots and pans. Get a few kitchen rails from IKEA and mount them to a wall. Your pot lids will find a great resting place on the rails, and youll get an art installation too! Now, thats killing two birds with one stone! www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 3
  • Day #4 Preparations for cooking up a storm, part 2 Preparing to cook up a storm with your relatives? Get your tools in order first unless you want the head chef to be shouting for the tools all the time. Get a few Command hooks, categorize your cooking utensils, and then plan out where the hooks should go. Remember to test the placement out with blu tack first. www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 4
  • Day #5 Spice up your life If you are itching to add some spice to your cooking, first get them organized. Put the spices into small glass or plastic containers and write down their names using a marker. That way, when no one will mix up the ground cardamom with the nutmeg. www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 5
  • Day #6 Keep the kids occupied To keep the visiting kids from running around and screaming their lungs out, create a craft box for them, filled with pencils, crayons, markers, stickers, etc. Get these inexpensive pull-out drawers from Giant, and fill them with all sorts of craft goodies. And then let the kids imagination run wild (instead of their physical bodies). www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 6
  • Day #7 Hello kids, goodbye toy clutter Get a few colorful boxes from IKEA to hold all your card games and toys. Better yet, cut out the name of the games from their original cardbox box and stick them onto the side of the new colorful plastic boxes! Now its easy for the kids to find what they want and put them back afterwards! No more backbreaking work for you when the guests leave www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 7
  • Day #8 Divide & conquer Cut up cereal boxes and dress them up in festive wrapping paper to turn them into delightful drawer dividers. Use them for the kids stationery, your spices, or just for the miscellaneous drawer. www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 8
  • Day #9 Entertain your guests, the old school way When the conversation dies down, and a newspapers or magazine is the best way to keep your guests occupied. But the last thing you want is to have them lying around on the table, taking up loads of flat surface area. Get a tall and narrow basket, where the magazines and newspapers can go to rest after theyve been read. Your guests can even use it as a foot-rest while reading. www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 9
  • Day #10 Keep the keepsakes Get some file boxes from Popular and create a memory box for each kid. Place all the keepsakes youve collected for each of your children in it, including the pretty red packets that theyve received over the years (minus the money, of course). That way, you can give it to them when theyre celebrating a significant milestone in their life years later. www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 10
  • Day #11 Stop t-shirt piles from falling over If your t-shirt pile keeps falling over, get a few book ends and carve out spaces for different types of t-shirts on your shelves. No more Leaning Tower of Pisa. www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 11
  • Day #12 Ready, steady, pout Do you have a sunnies collection to rival Vicky Beckham? Hang them out (to sun) on a plastic chain suspended between two hooks attached to your closet door. Thread the side stem of the sunglasses through the chain links to prevent them from sliding around. And remember to use Command hooks to save you from drilling into the walls! www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 12
  • Day #13 Finding nemo (earrings) Ice-cube containers has more uses than for making drinks cold. Try corralling your earrings, pendants, rings and any other small baubles into the ice-cube containers and place them in a drawer. Having the bling greet you every morning like this will make your heart sing the whole day. www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 13
  • Day #14 Creating scarf-envy Girlfriends coming over? Give your closet a make-over by turning your scarf collection into installation art. Use disposable drinking cups as individual compartments for each of your scarves. Just remember to stick the bottom of the cups to the drawer with some blu tack. www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 14
  • Day #15 Dont worry, be happy Finally, dont worry if you dont have everything organized. Just go with the flow and enjoy the festivities. Spending time with your family and friends are more important than fussing over how organized your home looks. The best home isnt one that is organized, but one that is full of love and laughter www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 15
  • Need more help? Get in touch with us at: info@edits-inc.com +65 9431 eight-zero-five-seven www.edits-inc.com www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 16
  • Happy Chinese New Year from Edits Inc! www.edits-inc.com CNY 15-day decluttering 17